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   Chapter 3 No.3

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He didn't know what it was, but there was something about him that got under his skin. He had seen delinquents before, but this…

His mood brightened only when he reached the school gates and found Alyssa waiting for him.

When she saw him she broke into a smile, looking ever more beautiful.

Ken smiled at her in turn.

The rest of that day was normal.

'Bowling?' Ken asked. 'Tonight?'

'Now' Chris grinned at him. 'You're not doing anything are you?'

'Um' Ken hesitated. 'No?' he smiled. 'Let me just call home…I don't want my family to worry.'

'Do it on the way' Chris said taking a step back and beaconing him to follow. 'Come on. Anthony and Neil are coming too, and Sue…oh and Lisa is coming too.'

'Oh right' Ken mumbled, pulling his mobile out and dialling for home.

Chris fell silent as Ken spoke to his mother, telling her he will be home late.

'I love you too mum' Ken sighed happily at her. 'Bye now.

'Why don't you invite Alyssa?' Chris asked him, as Ken put his phone back in his pocket.

'No she's busy' Ken said to him, 'she's got other plans.'

'Aww, that's a shame.'

Chris grabbed onto a lamppost as they went, swinging around it once before walking ahead again.

'So are you any good at bowling?'

Ken grinned at him.

'Not really…sorry. I haven't played since I was a kid. I bet I'll be rubbish.'

'Nah' Chris waved away at him. 'I'm probably more rubbish than you are. So was it a birthday party last time you played?'

'Yeah' Ken said. 'My own.'

'At least this time you can drink, just be careful on the way home ok?'

'Sure whatever' Ken smirked. 'I could say the same back to you.'

They reached the brightly coloured building in the shopping centre, Chris jogging in through the doors to meet Lisa, lifting her in his arms and planting a kiss on her lips.

'Looks like we're all here' Neil said as Ken approached them.

'Hey Ken' Sue smiled sweetly at him, 'how are you doing?'

'Great' he nodded with a smile.

'Aw?' Sue whined. 'Alyssa couldn't make it?'

'Sorry she's got other plans' Ken replied.

'It doesn't matter' Neil said, 'there's always next time right? Come on sis' he said to Sue. 'The food there is delicious and I'm hungry. Let's go.'

They spent hours that evening at the bowling alley, playing several games, talking and eating at the café nearby.

Life was

normal, and Ken was happy.

It was dark by the time they left. Ken said his goodbyes, and made his way home alone.

It was quiet in the town, so still and peaceful. When he got home he found his mother waiting for him.

'You're back' she smiled at him.

'Of course I'm back' Ken laughed. 'Why wouldn't I be back?'

'I was just worrying for you' she said hugging him.

'Mum I'm fine' Ken told her flatly, frowning at her in amusement. 'I'm not a kid anymore.'

'You'll always be my baby' she gleamed happily.

Ken groaned loudly at that.

'Alright. I'm going to bed now' she said to him letting him go. 'Goodnight my dear.'

'Night mum' he said, smiling at her.

He watched her go, listened to her footsteps up the stairs, then silence.

Ken stayed in the kitchen, making himself a bowl of cereal before going to bed.

The next day, Ken saw Mustang again. Not in the streets, but in his classroom.

Ken turned to glance behind him, seeing Mustang sitting a few seats back from him. The moment Mustang noticed Ken watching him, he flashed him a grin and a wink.

Ken glared at him, turning back around to face his desk.

That's it Ken thought bitterly. I remember him now. He's the one who asked in sex ed. a few years ago why sperm tastes salty.

A look of revulsion crossed his expression.

Disgusting. He is an abomination. For being gay, for being so crude…and having no self respect. He doesn't even bother coming to school at all on most days. Ken turned back to glance at Mustang. Why did he come now? I haven't seen him in years.

After class finished, Ken went to one of the fountains in the corridor to drink. When he straightened again, he saw Mustang before him.

He gritted his teeth angrily, turning away from him sharply and storming off.

It was several seconds later, when Ken realised there were footsteps following him.

He paused, turning around he saw Mustang was following him.

'Go away!'

'But I want to talk to you' Mustang said innocently.

'About what?'

'I was wondering why you wanted me to come to school. You know…the other day when we spoke. I was wondering…' he paused. 'Were you worried about me?'

I shouldn't even be talking to him.

'Of course you have to go to school. Have you no care for the future?'

'Actually' Mustang said shrugging, 'not really. I live for the now.'

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