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   Chapter 2 No.2

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He composed himself before answering, wiping away a tear.

'My name? It's Ken. My parents call me Kenneth.'


Mustang doubled over, holding his sides. His laughter was so hysterical, that he actually fell on the floor and started rolling around.

'Hey it's not funny' Ken glared angrily, as Mustang rose to his feet.

Mustang swayed on the spot for several seconds, before finally straightening.

'I'm sorry…' he gasped. 'I'm sorry….I…..AHAHAHAHAHAAAHAWWWWW!'

'You're so annoying' Ken grumbled at him, gritting his teeth.

Mustang faltered then. He suddenly gave a look that Ken couldn't read, and one he didn't like.

Mustang reached for him then, taking him by the shirt.

He pulled him closer, and kissed him on the lips.

Ken's eyes widened in shock. He couldn't believe what Mustang had just done.

Ken shoved him away, hand going to his mouth.

'What are you doing?!!!'

'Kissing you' Mustang said casually, in a tone that suggested it was obvious. 'You know what that is right?'

The window of the apartment on the second floor suddenly opened then and a head popped out.

'Mustang? Is that you?' a man called down to him. 'Hurry up and get in here. I've been waiting!'

'I'll be there is a moment' Mustang called up to him. He looked back at Ken then. 'He's my boyfriend.'

Ken's heart jolted at the casual way he had said this.

As if it were normal?

'How can you say such things to me?' Ken spluttered, hand still covering his mouth as if to protect himself, as he if thought that Mustang might do it again.

'I thought you might be wondering who he was' Mustang said innocently.

'I don't care' Ken spat angrily. 'Why do you think I would care?!'

His voice was muffled as he spoke behind his hand.

'Well' Mustang smirked at him as he turned to go. 'I'll see you around.'

Yeah right Ken thought angrily. As if I'd ever want to see you again.

He watched as Mustang ascended the stairs to the next level above him. Only once he had entered the apartment and closed the door after him did Ken move his hand, breathing a deep sigh of relief.

That jerk. What was that all about? I can't believe he did that to me!

He picked up the grocery bag he had dropped and turned back to his own home, cheeks red with rage.

It was silent in the house when first he entered, and the lights were all off. He took off his

shoes and quietly put the bread and milk away, finding his mother in the next room watching TV with the lights off.

'Oh honey' she said in a sleepy voice. 'You're back…good. Is everything alright? Did you get what we needed?'

'Yes' he answered shortly. 'Everything fine. I'm going to my room ok?'

'Goodnight dear' his mother smiled wearily after him.

Ken closed the door after him, leaning back against the door with a hand over his mouth.

I can't believe he did that…

'Who was that kid?' Justin asked as Mustang entered the room.

'Oh…' Mustang thought. 'He's…a kid in my class I think. I saw him earlier today.'

'Does he live here?'

'I think so. I mean I guess he does.'

Mustang's hands came up, holding Justin's face tenderly as he kissed him.

'I'm glad it's just us again' Justin said seductively as Mustang moved his lips down his body.

'Yeah' he spoke between kisses. 'Me too.'

Mustang turned him over, bending him over the sofa and trailing kisses down his naked back.

'Do you want the safe word?' Mustang asked him quietly.

'You never tell me what it is' Justin replied with a smirk.

Chapter Two

The next morning Ken went to school.

Along the way he came across a familiar figure.

Ken's lip curled in disgust as he sneered down at Mustang, half-asleep on a bench and blinking blearily up at him, dribbling.


'You're a disgrace' Ken spat down at him.

Mustang's vision must have cleared somewhat then, because his face suddenly lit up.

'Kenneth! My man!'

He tried to rise, instead his hand slipped and he face planted the bench, before rolling off the side and onto the floor.

He rolled onto his back, gazing up at Ken.

'You're hung over' Ken told him.

'No' Mustang slurred. 'I'm still drink.'

'You mean drunk.'

Ken watched as Mustang struggled to his feet, flailing about on his back for several seconds like a tortoise flipped over, before using the bench as support and finally standing.

'Shouldn't you be going to school?' Ken asked him.

'I only go when I feel like it' Mustang grumbled, clutching his head with a hand. 'And today…I just don't feel up to it.'

'You make me sick' Ken spat at him. 'Don't you care about your future?'

Mustang stared at him in shock, suddenly frozen, still holding onto the bench for support.

Ken turned on his heel, walking away. He left Mustang behind.

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