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Sam took Leroy by the hand, walking upstairs with him.

Sam opened the door for Leroy, closing it quietly once they were both inside. He leant back against the door, smiling at Leroy shyly.

Leroy watched him; reaching out to Sam and pushing him slowly back onto the bed, crawling forwards onto the bed, leaning over him on all fours.

'Are you sure you want to do this?' Leroy asked him.

'Yes' Sam breathed. 'I want to…love you…to feel you…' he smiled. 'I want this' he whispered, 'I want to…feel you inside me.'

Sam reached up, brushing Leroy's cheek tenderly, running his fingers through his hair, before letting his hand fall back down to the bed, laying there beneath Leroy, calmly, simply waiting.

Leroy leant forwards, caressing Sam's cheeks with both hands as he moved forwards, his lips hovering over Sam's. He paused only briefly before kissing him.

Sam moaned as Leroy moved his tongue inside him, grasping Sam's arm with one hand, and with the other, slipping beneath his belt.

Sam broke away from him, craning his head back, his body shuddering, his breath in shallow gasps.

Leroy withdrew his hand, unbuckling Sam's belt, with the other hand he lifted Sam's shirt to expose his bare chest.

'You're so handsome' Leroy whispered, running his tongue across naked skin. 'So perfect.'

He leant back, sitting up so that he could see Sam's face clearly.

'Don't worry' he said. 'I won't mark you.'

'I wouldn't mind if you did' Sam mumbled back, cheeks flushed as Leroy continued to touch him down below, caressing him so tenderly. 'I am yours…' he breathed, 'after all…'

Leroy pulled his hand back, grasping the top of his trousers and pulling them down, freeing Sam from them and throwing them aside.

He leant over Sam again, kissing him briefly, before whispering into his ear.

'Turn over.'

Sam did so, and Leroy ran his hands over his body, nuzzling into his shoulder and smelling his scent as he unzipped his own trousers.

'Relax' he told him. 'I'll be gentle.'

Sam drew a sharp intake of breath, balling the sheets up in his hands as Leroy pushed forwards, reaching further into him as he leant over Sam, weaving his fingers between Sam's, as he moaned in pain, and in pleasure.

Leroy's body began to sweat in the hot room, but he did not slow his pace as he thrust into him.

Leroy continued, enjoying every inch of Sam's body, owning him. Controlling him.

He quickened as he began to climax, throwing his head back as his finished.

They lay on the bed together after that, holding each other close.

'I love you Leroy' Sam told him. 'I love you...'

Leroy squeezed him tighter, closing his eyes content as he felt a strange emotion inside at hearing these words.

'I know' Leroy whispered quietly to Sam.

A lot has changed throughout my life, and I haven't always been as happy as I am now.

I love Sam dearly, he is everything to me, and meeting him was one of the best things that has ever happened to me….

However…my story began not with him

But with another…

Part 1

Three years ago

Chapter One

'I like this one' she said, pointing to the picture of green curtains in the magazine before her.

Ken leant his elbow on the table, resting his chin in his palm.

'Isn't it a bit too early to start planning things like this?' Ken asked her happily.

'It's never too early' Alyssa giggled, closing the magazine and pushing it to the side. 'I can't wait for us to get a place together; your parents say it will be soon.'

'And are your parents still ok with this?' Ken asked her. 'I mean…they don't think I'm taking you away or anything do they?'

'You're a good man' Alyssa gleamed at him, 'and your family are good people.'

'Oh stop' Ken mumbled shyly, picking up his cup of coffee and sipping at it. 'You're really too good to me.'

'You're good to me' Alyssa said to him, reaching for his hand across the table and grasping it firmly in her own. 'Very soon we'll have a house of our own and children. Our parents have it all planned out.'

'And…' Ken asked slowly. 'Is that what you want?'

'Yes of course it is' she gleamed without hesitation, looking ever more beautiful as she smiled. Her long corn coloured hair fell about her shoulders, as her blue eyes shone from the light through the window outside. 'My parents said to me it's what a woman should do. Find a good man to marry and have children with. This is my life's dream.'

'As is mine' Ken smiled, grasping her hand in both his own now. 'Have you finished?' he asked her as she dabbed at her lips with her napkin, doing so in a very feminine fashion. 'Would you like anything else?'

'No thank you' she replied, folding up the magazine and slipping it into her bag and rising. 'Let's go.'

He offered her his arm like a gentleman should, and together they left the coffeehouse.

It was a gentle day outside. It was midday. The sun was warm and the air still. Everything was peaceful around them, even t

he town itself seemed hushed.

Everything was calm….well….almost.

Ken suddenly heard a ruckus coming from across the road. He turned to glance back behind him, seeing what it was.

From the entrance to a club that Ken was unfamiliar with, out stumbled a small group of male figures, the liveliest of which was a young man with rose red hair Ken would have described as being like a woman's. Short at the top and long at the back, long enough to tie into a ponytail. Ken paused for a moment, watching this lively and rowdy figure as he clung to several of the men around him; clearly he was drunk, as were the men around him.

At midday! Ken thought.

He watched as the man with long black hair straightened suddenly, pulling himself up against the man closest to him. He then kissed him, hand travelling down the man's body and touching his crotch.

Disgusting. Ken visibly flinched at the sight of this. Such sordid behaviour is bad enough behind closed doors…but to do it out in the open….?!

'Are you alright Ken?' Alyssa asked turning back. She then gasped at the sight of the men, hand going to her mouth in shock.

'Don't look' Ken said to her in a sharp tone. 'Lost souls deserve only hell. We shouldn't have anything to do with them.'

He pulled her away.

They parted ways hours later when the light began to fade.

'I had fun today' Alyssa said. 'I hope we can do it again soon.'

'I hope so too' Ken smiled warmly.

She reached forwards and kissed him, Ken held her in his arms tenderly, his hands around her waist.

They broke apart.

'I love you Ken' she whispered to him. 'I always will.'

'I know.'

'Will we see each other again tomorrow?'

'I hope so.'

She giggled shyly, hand going to her mouth.

'Bye then' she said.

'See you.'

She turned and skipped away. Ken watched her until she reached the front door to her home, waving at him one last time before closing the door.

Ken waved back, before letting his hand drop. He moved away, heading to his own home on the other side of town.

He insisted on walking her home every time they parted ways, as every gentleman should. He would treat her right, and give her the life she deserved.

I love her Ken thought. I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

The sun had just dipped below the horizon by the time Ken reached his home. He lived on the ground floor in a small apartment block. It was a modest home, but comfortable. He lived here with his family, and had everything he needed. He was happy.

He rang the doorbell before he entered, just to let his parents know he'd come home. As was his habit.

They looked up as he entered, both smiling at him.

'Welcome home Ken. Did you have fun out with Alyssa?'

'Yeah' he said taking off his shoes.

He sat at the table opposite his older brother and younger sister. Their names were Walter and Sue.

'What's for food?' he asked.

'Lasagne' his mother said, placing it on the table. 'You timed it well.'

'Just lucky I guess' Ken smirked, picking up his fork eagerly.

His father sat at the head of the table silently as his mother dished up a portion for each of them. When she was done, she sat in the chair beside her husband and placed her hands together. The others followed suit.

His mother said a quick prayer and amen before allowing her family to eat.

When they were finished, Ken helped his mother clear the table.

'Ken' she said to him. 'I know it's late, but can you go out to the shops and get some bread and milk.'

'Sure. But are they still open at this time?' he asked her.

'They're open til ten' she told him. 'If you hurry…'

Ken was already heading towards the door. 'Don't worry' he said grinning back at her. 'I'll make it.'

He ran from his home, his pace slowed to a jog as he reached the shop. He made it just in time, five minutes before closing.

He bought what he needed and walked home slowly.

It was dark now, and only by the lights from the street lamps was he able to see as they lit his path.

It was silent in the town now, peaceful. Ken loved this place he lived. His life was perfect, his future bright.

Everything is planned out Ken thought happily to himself as he strolled home.

He had nearly reached his front door when he came across a figure.

The figure stopped. A flicker of recognition crossed his face.

'Hey it's you' the figure said. 'I saw you earlier today.'

Ken frowned. The stranger was perhaps only a little older than him. His red dyed hair was short and spiked at the top, and on the bottom it was long and tied in a ponytail that grew at the back.

Ken recognised him.

'You're that guy I saw earlier outside that club.'

'The name's Mustang' he said, tilting his head at him.

Ken stared at him for several seconds, before bursting out into hysterical laughter.

'Mustang?!' he cackled. 'That is the stupidest name I've ever heard!'

'Oh yeah?' Mustang glowered indignantly. 'Then what's your name then?'

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