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   Chapter 240 No.240

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'And now that you've got him back' Carl said, 'you are yourself again.'

'Yes' Amaia said letting White Feather go. 'When I died again, to escape Tristan, I woke alone, and without White Feather, I was missing something, but I didn't know what it was……because I lost my memory. White Feather was the piece I was missing.'

'It's good to see you smile again' Carl told her.

'It's good to be able to smile again' Amaia replied.

She moved away from White Feather then, stepping towards Carl and leaning forward to kiss him, holding both his hands in hers.

'Hey' White Feather said moving close to Arlen again. 'Do you want to see mine?'

'What?' he stammered.

'Oh White Feather' Amaia frowned, rounding on him with her hands upon her hips. 'Stop teasing people.'

'But it's so much fun!'

'White Feather' Amaia said sternly. She spoke to the others. 'He wants to show you his wings.'

'Wings?' Farrell echoed.

White Feather closed his eyes. A white light grew from his back and he smiled, revealing four, long thin glass-like wings. They were beautiful, with black veins running down them, looking almost like spider web patterns, or the patterns on a leaf.

The others stared at them in awe. Arlen reached out to touch one.

'Extraordinary' he breathed. 'They're absolutely incredible.'

A few days later, Farrell and Arlen both bought Amaia a gift.

They walked down the street towards Amaia who waited, the beautiful black mare they led following after them. Standing either side of Amaia were White Feather and Carl.

Amaia gasped at the sight of it. 'A black horse? I thought they were really rare.'

'Not if you know where to get one' Farrell told her smugly.

'Happy birthday' Arlen beamed, handing the reins over to her.

'My birthday?'

'It's today' Farrell grinned. 'Don't you know?'

Amaia gazed up at the beautiful black creature before her, a striking horse with a muscular build and a coat that shone like silk

'Do you remember when you were very young' Farrell said to Amaia, 'many years ago, I promised to buy you a horse of your own one day?'

'I like to play with the toy animals' Amaia giggled, moving one of the decorative painted horses across the floor and pretending it was galloping.

'Would you ever want a real horse?' Farrell asked her.

'Not one big and scary like Alastor. He's so scary!'

Farrell chuckled to himself in amusement, reaching forwards and patting

her hair.

'Maybe I will get you one when you're old enough to sit on one' Farrell said.

'Can I have it now?' Amaia asked hopefully.

'No' Farrell told her sternly. 'You're still too young.'

'I hate it when grownups tell me that!' Amaia cried indignantly. 'I can't wait to grow up!'

'Now don't say things like that. You shouldn't wish your life away.'

'But I want to be taller and smarter' Amaia complained. 'Mama is so clever. I want to be like her.'

'Well you just have to wait' Farrell said.

'I can't wait to be tall and beautiful like mama' Amaia went on. 'She's so beautiful.'

'She is' Farrell smiled warmly.

'So when can I have my own horse?'

'I told you' Farrell said. 'When you're old enough to sit on one without falling off.'

'Ok' Amaia said becoming quickly distracted. 'And I don't want a scary one like Alastor. I want a nice one.'

'Then I nice one you shall get.'

'Good' Amaia said shortly. 'Just don't forget about your promise.'

'What a handsome creature' Amaia said in awe, running her hand down the horse's mane. 'Not at all scary as I remember.'

She withdrew her hand, stepping back.'

'I used to be so frightened of Alastor when I was young' Amaia mumbled, almost speaking to herself. 'Now I see he was just a horse.'

'Where did you get it from?' White Feather asked as he hovered beside Amaia.

'We bought it' Farrell shrugged. 'Arlen and I.'

'Aren't they worth a lot?'

'Yes' Arlen said. 'But we just happened to be in the right place at the right time. She was supposed to be a warhorse' he explained admiring the mare, 'but she didn't quite make the grade, so she was sold on. That's where we came in' he winked.

'Thank you' Amaia said to the both of them. 'It's a wonderful gift.'

'What are you going to name her?' Carl asked.

Amaia hummed to herself thoughtfully.

'Lucy' she said after a time.

'It's a wonderful name' Carl smiled.

White Feather sat on the rooftop above their heads, watching happily as Amaia rode away with Carl, mounted on a horse of his own. They rode side by side out of the town and across the open plains. Below him Farrell and Arlen parted ways.

'At last' White Feather sighed with contentment, 'after all this time, Amaia finally has the life she deserves.'

He glanced around him then, expression darkening as he recognised a figure that stood on the edge of the tree line in the woods that grew near the town.

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