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   Chapter 239 No.239

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Amaia had been taken away after that, after being forced to witness all the horrible things the king had done to him, and the suffering he was forced to endure. The king had not gotten what he wanted; Amaia did not know how to help the queen.

The king had stormed out in fury after that. White Feather was left alone in that hall with the sleeping queen, thanking the gods the king had forgotten about him, and praying to them to be allowed to escape, so that he could return to Amaia once more.

He stayed here for long while, weak from hunger, in pain and in constant fear of what might happen to next.

Eventually, sometime later as his eye began to slowly heal, he saw Tristan enter the hall alone, and approach the sleeping queen.

He watched as Tristan slit her throat. He watched as the king in his grief, took his own life.

The prince stared down in disbelief and shock at what the king had just done, broken from his trance only when he noticed White Feather, sitting hunched against the wall and nursing his injures.


White Feather with a great effort rose to his feet, using the wall for support. Doubled over, each step was an agonizing task as he made his way towards the great window at the back of the hall.

Tristan watched him unmoved as White Feather drew closer to the window, breaking the glass that tinkled to the floor like falling rain.

White Feather stepped forwards, and vanished from sight.

'Who is this?' Farrell asked Amaia, glancing from one to the other in confusion.

'This?' Amaia looked happily to him. 'His name is White Feather. He is my guardian angel.'

Chapter Seventy One

The Scary Horse

Amaia was reunited with Arlen and Carl the next day, after spending the night at the healers. Farrell insisted on this, just to be safe. Although White Feather argued that she was fine, he followed Amaia to the healers and stayed with her overnight to keep her company. In the morning, the two of them met Arlen and Carl.

'I have something to tell you' Farrell said to them.

'What happened?' Carl asked with concern. 'Why was Amaia at the healers?'

Farrell was about to speak when White Feather, who had until that point been invisible, suddenly appeared right before him.

Carl cried out in shock, stumbling and falling back. White Feather threw his head back in laughter, holding his sides as they began to ache. 'That was so much fun!' White Feather cackled, wiping tears from his eyes, bent doubled over. 'Why haven't I done that before?'

'How did you…?' Carl gasped in astonishment.

Arlen went to help him up, watching White Feather curiously with a frown.

Carl stood, dusting himself off.

'What's going on?' Arlen asked Amaia slowly. 'Who is this man?'

'Oh I'm not a man' White Feather sang to him. He moved close to Arlen almost seductively, humming happily to himself and brushing Arlen's cheek with the back of his hand.

He giggled suddenly, jumping back and vanishing.

The others glanced about them, looking for him, but he was nowhere to be seen.

'Is he always like this?' Farrell asked Amaia.

'I think he's in an unusually good mood' she explained.


'Because' White Feather answered reappearing between them, 'I've found Amaia again' he said, turning towards her and squeezing her in a tight hug.

'Who is this?' Arlen asked Farrell. 'Where did he come from?'

White Feather vanished again, the others at first thought he had just disappeared, until they realised he had shrunk down in size. They saw him; he was tiny now, sitting on Amaia's shoulder.

His familiar place.

He stood, holding her earlobe to stop himself falling off, reaching up on tip toes and whispering into her ear, giggling and disappearing again.

'His name is White Feather' Farrell told Carl and Arlen. 'He's a fairy.'

'A fairy?' Carl echoed.

'A guardian angel' Farrell explained. 'Some Weather Makers are followed by fairies.'

'Annabel wasn't' Arlen replied.

'Not all of them are followed by fairies' Farrell went on. 'They appear to Weather Makers that are in danger….apparently.'

'If they are able' White Feather added having returned to normal size and coming to stand beside them. 'If there is one nearby. We are bound to Weather Makers, we sense their presence; we feel their pain and joy.' He sighed happily, moving to Amaia and holding her around the waist, resting his head upon her shoulder. 'We love them' he sighed again, becoming still as if he were falling asleep.

'White Feather was the one who helped me escape the place where Tristan kept me imprisoned' Amaia explained. 'He helped me and protected me when I needed him. He stood between the king and myself and protected me from him, protected me from harm…….that's what happened to his eye, and where the scars that cover him now came from. I owe him my life. If he hadn't protected me, I might not be here now.' She held him back, holding him tight. 'I love him too.'

'He was the one you were praying for' Farrell realised. 'When you went by the name Layla, back at the temple.'

'Yes' Amaia said. 'And I realise now what was wrong with me earlier. Weather Makers and fairies are bound to one another, and without White Feather watching over me when I was reincarnated, I became lost.'

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