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   Chapter 238 No.238

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Updated: 2018-07-12 12:03

And then she heard a voice.

'I like your hair like that.'

Amaia turned towards the voice. She gasped in shock at the figure she saw, hands over her mouth.

'Is that really you?'

She lowered her shaking hands, eyes wide with astonishment as she uttered a word.


Ramana stepped towards her, smiling widely. Beautiful she was, wearing her red dress that ran across her shoulders, with her long black hair cascading down her body.

She was just as Amaia had once known.

'I remember' Amaia spoke in a trembling voice. 'I remember you, I remember everything that happened.'

'And what about me?' another figure said, appearing by her side.

Amaia turned to the male figure now, staring in surprise.


Alan grinned, eyes warm and gentle.

'Hello sister.'

The scene around them changed suddenly. Amaia felt a strong wind about her, felt a tightness in her stomach. Then everything calmed.

When she opened her eyes next, she saw they stood in a forest, like the one Amaia had so often wandered through with Ramana when she was a child.

'What is this place?' Amaia asked. 'It looks like home.'

'It is' Ramana beamed. 'You see that?' she pointed towards one of the trees. 'That's the tree house I built for you and Gracie.'

'Tree pirates' Amaia smiled, a tear running down her cheek. 'I remember.'

Amaia noticed suddenly, a little green bird walking by their feet, a long beaked creature, chirping and tilting its head up at them.

Amaia looked back at Ramana and Alan. 'Why are we here?'

'You brought us here' Ramana said. 'You must have been thinking about this place. It is your home after all.'

'I like this place' Alan spoke. 'It's peaceful….quiet…'

Amaia glanced at him. 'I'm sorry about what happened to you' she said, tears streaming down her face now. 'I'm sorry…'

'Hey' Alan smiled kindly. 'I chose this……to protect you.'

'I never wanted anyone to die for me.'

'My sweet daughter' Ramana said, gliding towards her, caressing her cheek with a hand. 'My precious treasure.'

'Oh mother' Amaia whispered, sobbing now. 'All this time….I've missed you so much… hurts…'

'I know' Ramana replied sadly. 'But I'm sorry.'

'For what?'

'There is no place for you here' Ramana told her. 'At least not yet.'

Ramana embraced her one last time, before pulled back. She turned and walked


'Goodbye my dear sister' Alan nodded to her, 'it was good to see you one last time' he said, before turning to follow Ramana.

'Wait!' Amaia called after them. 'Just tell me one thing!'

The two paused to glance back to her.

'Who is my real father?' Amaia asked.

Ramana and Alan shared a look.

'It doesn't matter anymore' Ramana answered. 'Things are the way they should be.'

Amaia watched as they walked away from her, their profiles glowed white for an instant, before fading away.

Amaia felt a strange sensation in her stomach, as if she was being suddenly lifted. And then everything went black.

White Feather pulled away from her, hunching over and coughing hysterically. His body shook violently as he leant back against the wall behind him, gasping; his skin pale and beaded with sweat. The magic he had used to draw out the poison from her had been a great drain on him.

He lay back breathing heavily and watching Amaia. She began to stir.

Farrell moved close to her again, leaning over her.

'Amaia?' he spoke tentatively.

Amaia opened her eyes, sitting up to face him n