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Back at her old home, Carl had set out to find her. The first place he could think of looking for her, was back where Farrell and Arlen lived, in a town far away.

When he completed the long journey on horseback and entered the town, he found Farrell and Arlen at the blacksmiths where they worked together.

'Farrell, Arlen' Carl said as he approached them. 'I'm afraid I've got some back news.'

'This is all Tristan's doing' Arlen sneered as they all sat around a table a short while later.

'Tristan?' Carl spoke the name. 'Who is Tristan?'

Farrell and Arlen glanced at each other.

Farrell heaved a heavy sigh, running a hand wearily down his face.

'Arlen' he grumbled. 'Why don't you explain?'

'Well' Arlen said turning to Carl. 'It's a very long story. Where do I begin?' he asked himself. Arlen scratched his chin as he thought; then opened his mouth to speak. 'You know how Amaia is different from others?' he said to Carl.

'You mean her powers?'

'Yes.' Arlen lowered his eyes. 'I think that is the best place to begin the story. It started a very long time ago, with her mother Ramana. It started before Amaia was even born.'

Chapter Sixty Nine

Mothers and Fathers

Carl walked the world now with a wider heart, and a different perspective on everything he saw. He helped Farrell and Arlen search for Amaia, finding her weeks later in a town far from their home.

'Amaia' Carl said to her. 'What happened to your hair?'

'Who are you?' she replied to him. 'And why do you call me that?'

'It's your name' Carl replied hurt, 'and you know who I am.'

'Carl' Arlen said beside him, placing a hand upon his shoulder. 'There is one last thing we forgot to tell you.'

'Reincarnation?' Carl repeated. He glanced across the courtyard in which they sat, gazing towards Farrell and Amaia who spoke quietly together on the other side.

'Yes' Arlen said. 'It's one of her powers. If she dies, she is reincarnated and looks slightly different. When she was very young she had black hair, like her mother. But…something happened after she was taken from us, and she died, and when she woke again….well….that's where the green hair came from.'

'But why green?'

'She said she fell from a tower' Arlen explained, 'and into a bush. The green from the leaves was absorbed in her magic as she was reincarnated….or something like that.'

'So' Carl said thoughtfu

lly. 'Who exactly is her father?'

'I don't know' Arlen replied sadly. 'In truth. It could be me….' he glanced up, 'it could be Farrell………hell it might even be Tristan.'

'You?' Carl frowned. 'How might you be the father?'

'I uh…' Arlen began. 'Farrell's wife….Ramana….before she married him, we were…..well…….we were….'

'You were lovers?'

Arlen shrugged. 'I convinced her to marry Farrell because I believed he could give her a better life than I could.'


'Well…' Arlen went on. 'The night before she was to marry Farrell….we…..well…'

Carl looked away.

'It must have been difficult for you' he said. 'Letting go of her I mean.'

'I loved Ramana with all my heart' Arlen told him. 'I still do. Even today I think of her……I know I shouldn't be sad because I have Amaia. We've found her at last after all those years, and she has a happy life now…with you…' he glanced towards Carl. 'The king is dead, and she is no longer being hunted….I'm happy for her.'

'But you still miss Ramana' Carl finished.

'Yes' Arlen bowed his head. 'I shouldn't be sad I know. I know she wouldn't want me to be sad, I have Amaia after all….but even after all this time…..' he drew a shuddering breath, holding back his sobs. 'I miss her so much….more than I ever thought possible…even after all this time' he whispered. Arlen turned to Carl with tears in his eyes. 'If you lost Amaia forever…….how would you feel?'

Carl stared back at him for a moment, before looking away towards Amaia. 'My world would crumble' he muttered back.

Arlen looked towards Amaia also.

'She is the last thing I have left of Ramana' Arlen mumbled.

'So…' Carl began slowly, 'where does Tristan come into this? Did he love Ramana once?'

'No' Arlen shook his head. 'He believes Amaia is his daughter by his own wife. I believe her name's Olithia. I've never met her, Amaia….didn't like her…or so she told me.'

'So her mother could be one of two women' Carl clarified. 'Her father could be one of three men.'

'Yes' Arlen said quietly.

The two sat together silently, watching Farrell and Amaia talk.

Chapter Seventy

A Familiar Face

They spent the next few weeks after that teaching Amaia, helping her re-learn everything she had forgotten of her past. But she wasn't the same as she had been before. It was as if she had lost a piece of her, a piece they could not find nor replace.

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