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The two headed away from the town and to his new home, a long way away.

'I think this counts as a happily ever after' Arlen grinned, lowering his hand.

Beside him Farrell looked sullen.

'Oh cheer up' Arlen nudged him roughly. 'Come on' he said putting his arm around Farrell's shoulders and walking with him. 'Let's go and have a drink to celebrate a happy ending.'

Tristan sat alone in the dark of his home, staring at the empty bottles piled up on the table before him. He had lost a lot of weight over the months that had passed. Once healthy and fit and handsome, now he looked gaunt and skeletal, with pale skin and sunken eyes.

He sat miserably where he was with eyes out of focus; the same memory, whether he was sleeping or awake, would cycle over and over again in his mind.

He was leaning over Olithia, holding her hand in his and shaking her.

'Olithia! Olithia stay with me.'

'I'm sorry' the midwife told him. 'She's gone.'

'And the baby?'

'Still born.'

Tristan rose to his feet, letting go of his wife's hand and walking away.

A tear shimmered in his eye, and ran down his cheek silently.

Tristan stared at the bottles, thinking the same thoughts over and over; until at last a new thought struck him, as he remembered someone he had almost forgotten.


He rose to his feet and left the room behind him.

Chapter Sixty Eight

The Man behind the Mask

Many months passed, and on this night, in the town that Amaia now called home, there was a great celebration.

'This is all so beautiful!' Amaia cooed, hanging onto Carl's arm and squeezing him. 'Where should we go first?'

'It doesn't matter' Carl squeezed her back. 'It's all so wonderful, the whole town is celebrating. No matter where we go, we'll see things worth seeing.'

All around them people were laughing and drinking and dancing and having fun. Amaia watched as a small group played music, on violins and drums and lutes, as others dressed in the most striking and flamboyant clothes danced around them. And people flocked the streets now, as many coming out of the inns and drinking houses as went in.

'Let's go to the town centre' Amaia beamed, casting her head back as fireworks danced in the sky above them, their glowing lights exploding in bright flashing colours before dissipating the fading away. So beautiful, yet so brief. 'I hear there is a masquerade happening there' Amaia went on, facing Carl again.

'How mysterious' Carl said, raising an eyebrow at her seductively.

'How fun!' A

maia added.

She held his face tenderly, kissing him deeply, before grabbing him by the hand and moving off, dragging him after her.

The closer they drew towards the town centre, the more figures they saw who hid behind masks. First there were few; then there were many. As they reached the centre, nearly everyone around them wore a mask.

Carl bought one for each of them from a stall selling them nearby. The masks were the most beautiful and ornate designs. Colours of burnished gold and purples and greens and blues, some with great plumes at their head.

They danced together under the firelight of the touches that burned all around them, smiling at each other from behind their masks as they moved through the crowd of dancing couples.

'I love you so much' Amaia said to him from behind her mask when the melody ended.

'I love you more' Carl gleamed back; eyes shining as the fireworks whistled in the night.

They removed their masks for a moment so that they could reach a kiss, locked in each other's arms as the lights exploded above their heads.

Carl cast his head up as the sparks crackled over the town. He noticed then in the crowd dancing around them, a single figure that stood alone, standing still and facing them, wearing a white mask with black eyes and a great crest of black feathers at the head. It was clear by the clothes and build that the figure was male.

Seeing he had been spotted by the figures that he watched, he extended a hand silently.

'I think he wants a dance' Carl said to Amaia, still holding her in his arms. She had noticed the figure also. 'Go on' he smiled at her. 'I'll wait.'

'Are you sure?' she asked him tentatively.

'Go on' he repeated. 'I don't mind.'

Amaia kissed him on the lips one last time, before gliding away from him and towards the mysterious figure. She went to replace her mask, but the stranger placed his hand gently on hers to stop her.

'Such beauty should not be hidden' he spoke.

Amaia lowered the mask again, instead tying it to her side and leaving it to hang there.

The strange figure took her hand in his, and placed his other hand around her waist.

They began to dance.

Moving in the firelight, they never took their eyes off one other as they danced amongst the crowd.

For a moment Amaia felt safe, felt comfortable, even though she didn't know who hide behind the mask.

After a time, before the music had stopped, the figure slowed gradually, letting go of her hand and withdrawing his other from her waist.

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