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   Chapter 233 No.233

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She placed the tankard down heavily, hand going to her lips as she hiccupped.

'So' Farrell asked, staring at his own tankard before him, 'the question remains. Where should we go from here?'

Arlen and Amaia glanced up at him uncertainly.

'I think we should all stick together' Arlen said, 'if that's ok with everyone. I feel we have spent far too long apart. We've each got a lot of lost time to make up for. And after all…I think family should stay together.'

'I think that's a great idea' Amaia beamed.

'But where should we go?' Farrell asked. 'What should we do?'

'Well we could go anywhere' Amaia thought aloud, 'anywhere at all, and do whatever we want.'

'Did you have any particular place in mind?' Arlen asked her.

'I know, let's go everywhere!'

Arlen threw his head back in laughter.

'I'm serious' Amaia frowned furiously. 'I've stayed too long rooted to one place or another, too long stuck where I didn't want to be. Unless I have a good reason to stay, then I want to move on, perhaps see the world.'

Arlen and Farrell looked to one another. Arlen's eyes glinted, his smile stretched into a wide grin.

'Well…' Arlen said, 'wherever the wind might take us, from now on, I want us to enjoy every step.'

He lifted his tankard again to toast.

'To the future' he said.

'To the future' Amaia and Farrell mimicked.

That night, they all slept at the inn in separate rooms, Amaia woke early, feeling happy, feeling excited. She couldn't sleep, so rose, and went to wander alone, at long last in her life feeling safe to do so.

It was still quiet in the streets of the town they had come to, and Amaia ambled between the houses, breathing in the fresh morning air, still cool from the night.

She came to a fountain, behind which grew a beautiful tree, with little flowers blooming from the tips of every branch.

Amaia paused here for a moment, picking up a handful of the fallen petals and blowing them away across the water in the fountain. They landed lightly, the pink petals floating gently on the surface.

A flurry of petals fell over her head then, and she glanced up, seeing a curious thing. A man in the tree hanging upside-down was watching her. He offered her a tiny flower picked from the tree, and she took it from him tentatively.

He climbed down from the tree, turning upright with fluid smooth motions, as at home in the tree as a spider in its web. He landed lightly before her, straightening up and facing her.

'Such skill it must take to hang in the tree like that' Amaia told him.

'I w

as an assassin' he said, 'such skills were expected of me. But that is a dark past that is far behind me. I wish for a better future, a brighter and happier future.' He offered her another flower, not one from the tree, but a secret one hidden up his sleeve, a beautiful white, trumpet-shaped flower, which he offered to her.

'Dare I ask' he began, 'the lady her name?'

'Amaia' she breathed.

He smiled kindly.

'Mine is Carl.'

A year passes

'You want to take her away from me?' Farrell hissed under his breath.

'No no' Carl said defensively. 'It's not like that. I love her, and I want to spend the rest of my life with her.'

'How do I know you're good enough for her?'

'I promise' Carl said, placing his hand upon his heart, 'in the name of each of the seven gods that will be good to her, always…'

Farrell stepped back, frowning in thought.

'Please' Carl said. 'I never knew how dead I was until I met her.'

'Farrell' came Arlen's voice from behind him. 'Will you stop tormenting the poor man?'

Farrell turned to him. 'You shouldn't be sneaking up behind me like that.'

'Oh please' Arlen smirked, uncrossing his arms and stepping forward. 'Amaia means as much to me as she does to you, and I believe he will treat her well' he said nodding towards Carl. 'I know…I can see in his heart that he truly loves her.'

Farrell gritted his teeth then as he considered Carl before him.

Farrell walked down the street, holding Amaia's hand in his. Together they moved slowly towards Carl who waited for them at the end of the street.

They stopped when they reached him, letting go of each other.

'Thank you for everything' Amaia said to Farrell, glowing with joy. She leant forward and kissed his cheek, turning then to Arlen who had followed behind them and giving him a firm hug. 'Both of you' she said.

'I trust you will take good care of her' Farrell spoke firmly to Carl.

'To the best of my abilities' Carl bowed low.

'Goodbye Amaia' Arlen said, wiping a tear from her cheek and holding back his own. 'We will still see each other won't we?'

'I'll visit you' Amaia told him, 'whenever I can.'

'I know you will.'

Amaia stepped back from him, turning now towards Carl and taking his hand.

Farrell and Arlen watched as Amaia and Carl walked away together, down the street and towards the two waiting horses. They both mounted them; Amaia pulled her mare around to face Farrell and Arlen, who waved to her. She smiled and waved back, one last time, before sending her horse around to follow after Carl's.

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