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Amaia approached him nervously as Arlen rose to his feet.

'Amaia' he sighed with relief. 'I knew you'd come back.'

'I had to' Amaia said. 'Tristan…he…' she drew a deep breath. 'He let bad things happen, innocent people….'

'Hey' Arlen smiled stepping towards her, and grasping her lightly by the shoulders. 'It's ok.'

Amaia bowed her head. Her hands went to the hood that covered her hair; she lowered it, and faced him again. For the first time, she revealed her light green hair to Arlen.

Arlen blinked curiously at the sight. But instead of questioning it, he simply smiled.

'It's good to have you back' he said.

Chapter Sixty Seven


'Amaia' Farrell said to her when the two of them were alone.


'Why is your hair green?'

'Oh.' Her hand went to her hair unconsciously as she spoke. 'I've changed much over the years' she answered vaguely. 'My powers….they've made me this way. I've…..been reincarnated.'

'You died?'

'It wasn't meant to happen' Amaia told him. 'When I was younger, mother….Ramana…made me hide my powers. You might not have known this, but she too was a Weather Maker.'

'Yes' Farrell spoke slowly, turning his head away. 'I had my suspicions, after I began searching for you, after I first heard of the word Weather Maker, I would remember her back when she was alive. Things happened….' He scratched his itchy palms. 'You can do magic then?'

'Yes' Amaia said quietly. 'My affinity….it's frost. Ramana's was wind.' Her heart jolted then as she remembered White Feather. He taught me so much she thought sadly. I still can't believe he's gone.

'I would love to see it' Farrell said. 'If you don't mind. If it's ok with you.'

Amaia hesitated, chewing her lip. But she knew it was safe for her now, with the king dead.

She was no longer hunted.

Amaia leant back; placing her hand into the water of the fountain behind them.

The water instantly began to cool, and then freeze. Ice formed from where she touched the water, trapping her hand there, and growing outwards. The very air around them also began to cool, and snowflakes fell from the air above.

After a few seconds, Amaia withdrew her hand from the pool, jerking back sharply to break the ice and brushing away the shards that remained stuck to her skin.

'This power' Farrell spoke sadly as the snowflakes that had gathered around them began to melt, 'it's the reason the king wanted you.'

'Yes' Amaia mumbled. 'H

e believed that Weather Makers had the power to save his wife. She was also a Weather Maker. She fell into a coma.' Amaia's hand reached up to her face, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. 'I don't know what was wrong with her, and I suppose none of the other Weather Makers that came before me knew either.' Her eyes grew distant, grew sad. 'They're both dead now' she mumbled, 'the king and queen.'

'Yes' Farrell said under his breath. 'I knew the king at least was dead.'

'What happens now?' Amaia asked him. 'Do we go home?'

'Home?' Farrell tensed at the word, becoming suddenly uncertain. 'I don't have a home, not anymore. I've been on the road for so long…' he faltered then, as a dark thought suddenly struck him. 'Maybe' he spoke reluctantly, 'it's better if you stay with Tristan. He could give you the life you deserve…I don't even have a place to live anymore.'

'No' Amaia shook her head firmly. 'I grew up with you, and here is where I wish to stay.'

Farrell moved closer towards her, embracing her. Amaia held him back, resting her cheek on his shoulder, sighing happily.

'I love you Amaia' Farrell said to her. 'You mean the world to me.'

She held him tighter, mumbling into his shoulder.

'I love you too.'

That evening, Amaia, Farrell and Arlen found a table at an inn where they sat down together to eat, nestled in their own little corner, away from the other tables, Amaia sat between Arlen and Farrell, smiling at each of them.

'This is nice' she said happily. 'It's like we're a real family.'

'We are a real family' Arlen told her firmly.

'Of course we are' she beamed at him. 'I'm just…I'm just so happy.' She reached out to Farrell and Arlen either side of her on the bench, pulling them both close in a hug. 'These have been the happiest days for me. I know I made the right decision coming back. I'm just…so so happy.'

'We're glad you're so easily amused' Arlen chuckled.

'Amused is not the right word' Amaia frowned at him, letting them both go again. 'I've just…it's been such a long journey I've endured. I feel it's finally come to its end.'

'A happy end?' Farrell asked her.

'A happy end' she repeated, turning and smiling at him.

They all looked at each other, and together raised their tankards in a toast.

'To happy endings?' Arlen said.

'To happy endings' Farrell and Amaia echoed.

They all drank deeply then, even Amaia who was a match for either man drank heavily.

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