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   Chapter 228 No.228

The WeatherMaker Hearts Desire By Lady Lilium Characters: 4708

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Ramana smiled proudly at Arlen. She leant forward to kiss him.

Amaia threw her head back, laughing heartily.

'Is that what you said to her when she asked? That you fell in love with my mother because of her fingers?'

Arlen laughed with her, unable to stop himself, feeling within him a joy so pure and strong; he had felt nothing like it since the day Ramana died. Amaia reminded him so much of the woman he had fallen in love with all those years ago, and to hear her laugh, and to know that she was happy…...

Arlen grinned widely to himself.

It was the best feeling in the world.

'No' Arlen replied to Amaia, frowning in mock annoyance. 'I told you, it's what the paint on her fingers said about her.' He chuckled to himself. 'You know, she found that funny too when I told her.'

'I'm sure she did' Amaia smiled.

Arlen stared at her. He lifted a hand to brush her cheek.

'Amaia' he said, his tone turning serious. 'I just want you to know, that I never stopped looking for you, since the day you first went missing. I never gave up hope.'

'I believe you' she whispered.

'And I've felt regret every day for not….' He swallowed the lump in his throat, glancing away from Amaia and withdrawing his hand, before briefly looking back at her. 'I sorry I couldn't protect your mother. I should have been there.'

'It's not your fault' Amaia said, taking his hand in hers and holding tightly. 'You did everything you could.'

Arlen opened his mouth as if about to protest.

'You searched for me' Amaia spoke over him before he could interrupt. 'You never gave up on me. That's all that matters.'

Arlen sighed, resigning to smile again, biting back his words.

'Yeah' he said. 'I guess you're right.'

Amaia beamed back at him, glowing, she looked so beautiful, so perfect, as if she was created by the gods themselves.

'I've missed you' Arlen said to her. 'So very much.'

'As have I' she replied.

She let go of Arlen's hand suddenly, catching sight of a figure standing in the doorway, she gasped, leaning back away from him.

'You!' Arlen snarled at the prince, rising to his feet. 'What are you doing here?'

Tristan's eyes slid from Amaia to Arlen and back again. Behind him stood a small group of armoured soldiers bearing the crest of the prince, a wolf running up a mountain side.

Arlen calle

d for his brother, who was not far away. Seconds later he appeared.

'What is this?' Farrell demanded of Tristan, glaring angrily. 'Where did you go and why did you leave us? And why are you here now?'

'I've come for my daughter' Tristan said.

'You deceived us! You knew where she was……I knew it was wrong to trust you' Farrell spat baring his teeth. 'She is not your daughter! Your own lies you've twisted to truth in your mind.' He fell silent, breathing heavily, shoulders rising up and down as he cracked his knuckles in anger. 'She is not your daughter' Farrell said defiantly at him. 'She is mine, and I will not let you take her away from me.'

Arlen quickly rushed up to him, placing a hand upon Farrell's to stop him drawing his sword.

'We cannot fight here' Arlen spoke loudly to everyone. 'Not in this holy temple.' He turned to Farrell, speaking quietly in a whisper. 'Not in front of her.'

Farrell gritted his teeth mutely, moving his hand away from the hilt and straightening up again.

'There will be no bloodshed here' Tristan spoke up. 'At least not by me or my men, and I've not come to fight nor waste any more time with you.' He spoke to Amaia now. 'Come here Amaia.'

Amaia hesitated. Farrell and Arlen watched her expectantly.

'Amaia?' Farrell uttered as she began to move closer to Tristan.

She turned her back on him, walking towards the prince.

'Amaia!' Farrell called after her, his voice breaking and heart tearing in his chest.

Beside him Arlen placed a firm hand on his shoulder.

The two exchanged a glance; then looked back at Amaia.

'We'll wait for you' Arlen called out to her as she moved away with the prince and soldiers that surrounded both of them. 'We'll be here!'

Farrell began to quiver as he watched Amaia walking away and out of sight. Once again being taken away from him.

'How…' he uttered when they had gone. 'How could she….why….I don't understand?'

'I don't like it either' Arlen said firmly turning back to him. 'You don't know what he's told her. You don't know what has happened between them in the years she's been gone from us.'

'How could she leave?' Farrell whispered, placing a hand over his eyes, shoulders racked with sobs. 'How….?'

'Farrell' his brother spoke harshly. 'I have every confidence that if we stay here……she will return to us.'

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