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   Chapter 226 No.226

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Farrell smiled widely at the sight, unable to stop himself. He saw now in his brother a reflection of his old self, the brother he used to know. He still had the scars, the broken nose, but without the beard and black paint around his eyes, Farrell could see Arlen again. He had aged, as had Farrell, but he was still there.

'I don't want to scare her now' Arlen smiled, 'do I?'

'You look…' Farrell began, '…great.'

'I'd settle for presentable' Arlen smirked. 'But thank you.'

He took a slow and steady breath.

'Lead the way' he said to Farrell. 'I am ready to see her.'

They walked slowly out of the healing rooms and through the temple, Arlen's heart racing in his chest as they went. He could not remember feeling more nervous in his entire life. His palms were sweating, and there was a lump in his throat that he could not swallow. And his mind was ablaze.

They rounded a corner, and then he saw her.

Amaia turned towards Arlen, and their eyes met.

Arlen's hand went to his mouth at the sight of her, freezing on the spot for a moment and holding his breath, tears coming to his eyes.

No he thought to himself as he fought back the tears. I mustn't cry. Ramana wouldn't want me to cry.

Arlen lowered his hand, and forced himself to breathe steadily.

Arlen and Farrell approached her.

'Amaia' Farrell said to her. 'This is Arlen. Your uncle.'

Arlen smiled widely, looking down on her.

'Hello Amaia. It's so good to see you again.'

Farrell left them to be alone together, allowing the pair to get to know each other again. Arlen spoke to Amaia, as Farrell had done so before him.

'Before you were born' Arlen was saying to her, 'your mother and I were very close. I don't know if I should tell you this, but…before your mother loved your father, she loved me, and I loved her.'

'Really?' Amaia said, surprised at this. 'I never knew.'

'I never wanted you to, but now that you're old enough….well…some things should not be kept a secret forever.'

'Then what happened?' Amaia asked. 'Between you and my mother.'

'I convinced her to marry your father' Arlen explained.

'But why? Didn't you love her?'

'I did love her' Arlen smiled with distant eyes as he thought of Ramana. 'I loved her very much. But…I could never give her the life that she deserved. I had very little back then. No reputation

, barely any money, and a home that was fit only for a beggar. How could I possibly raise children in such a way? How could I have married a woman knowing that I could not give her a good home or care for her properly?'

'If you truly loved each other' Amaia said, 'then that shouldn't have mattered.'

'No' Arlen shook his head. 'It was because I loved her so much that I asked her to marry my brother. And it was only because my brother cared so much about me that he agreed.'

'You mean they did not love each other?' Amaia asked him in shock.

'Not in the beginning' Arlen explained. 'My brother did not want to marry Ramana, and Ramana did not at first like Farrell. Not at all. But the years have a way of changing people, and over time, their love grew.'

'I know' Amaia beamed, arms wrapped around a knee as they sat on a stone bench before a great statue of the goddess Kachi. 'I don't know much about love, but I knew my parents loved each other very much. I remember how happy they were together.' She glanced sideways towards Arlen. 'What was it that made you love my mother?' Amaia asked him.

A smile flickered across Arlen's face then. 'You know' he said facing her. 'Your mother asked me exactly the same thing when we were still new to each other. Let me see if I can remember. Gods she was so beautiful' he sighed, fighting back tears, 'just like you.' He turned to Amaia. 'You look so much like her; I feel…that in a way…I am talking to her, through you.'

He laughed then, covering his eyes with a hand.

'This feels so strange to me' he said, 'speaking to you after all this time……after I thought I had lost you forever. It's almost too much for me. But I know that if she were here, she would tell me not to cry, so I'm trying hard not to, for her.' He sighed, lowering his hand again. 'I fell in love with your mother, from the very first moment I lay eyes upon her. I remember that day so clearly, it was one of the best days in my life. The day I first met her...'

Arlen was just leaving the temple at this time, walking with eyes down and staring at his own feet. He lifted his head, just as a woman was approaching him.

The world seemed to slow. Arlen turned towards the woman just as she passed him by, so near to him she was.

His heart stopped, his eyes grew wide, and his breath was completely stolen away.

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