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'Yes' Olithia smiled sweetly back at him.

The many long hours of riding on horseback for days on end had not fazed her or seemed to have tired her in the least. Not even sleeping out in the wilderness. It was as if she thrived in the challenge.

Tristan turned away from her uncertainly, leaving his wife and son to wait in the woods a short distance from the cottage, while he went to inform Amaia of his return.

He came back to them minutes later, and left again with Alan following after him. Olithia waited patiently.

Amaia sat nervously just outside the door of the cottage for her brother to appear, seated on a wooden bench in the garden that was now well tended and beautiful. In her arms she held some gifts she had made for her brother. A handful of beautiful and unusual flowers she had picked deep in the woods, they were tied together with brown string. And sweets she had made herself. They were chewy on the outside, with sweet liquid in the middle, and were dusted with sugar. She rose as Tristan reappeared; walking behind him was another figure.

He was a large figure, built like an ox with muscular shoulders and beefy arms. He was taller than Tristan. There was not much resemblance between the two, but as Amaia watched them approach, she saw their mannerisms were alike. The way they walked, the expressions they gave. Tristan stopped before her smiling.

'Amaia' he said. 'This is Alan your brother.'

Amaia glanced nervously up at him. He was an intimidating looking figure who towered over her, wearing light leather armour that was well worn, and a sword at his side. Amaia felt a twinge of nervousness at that, wondering if they were expecting to be attacked. She gazed back at his large profile, thinking that he could snap her like a twig if he wanted. But another thought quickly followed that one. He could surely overpower any other man with ease, including his father, including anyone who might want to harm them.

'Alan' Tristan said to him. 'This is your sister Amaia.'

'Hello' Alan said.

'I…hello' Amaia replied nervously. 'I brought you come gifts.'

'I don't like sweets' Alan said instantly.

Amaia faltered. She waited uncertainly.

Alan reached towards her, pulling one of the flowers tied in the bundle. He brought it to his face, smelling the sweet scent.

'I love this flower' he said. 'It's one of my favourites.' He kindly smiled down at her, offering the flower back. 'Come with me' he said. 'Let's walk in the woods where these flowers grow. Let's talk and catch up on all the years we've missed.'

Tristan took the gifts from her as she made to leave. He gave her an encouraging wink as she went. Alan offered Amaia his arm, and together they walked away fro

m the cottage and into the woods.

'I think they will get along just fine' a voice said from behind Tristan.

'I told you to wait' Tristan glowered at Olithia as she came out of hiding.

'No you didn't' Olithia replied teasingly. 'You said no such thing. You said you will introduce Alan first, then me. You said nothing at all about waiting.'

'You know what I meant' Tristan scowled.

'I did' Olithia said, coming to stand beside him. 'And I didn't let her see me, did I?'

Tristan turned away from her resentfully, unable to think of anything to say in response. So he said nothing.

It was several hours later when Amaia and Alan returned, and when they did, they both seemed happy. And then Olithia introduced herself to Amaia, speaking over Tristan as he was about to do so.

Olithia smiled at Amaia. 'I'm sure we will get on well together' she said.

It was many weeks that the family lived at the cottage together. Despite having lived for so many years in large and lush halls with numerous servants, all of them fit well into the tiny cottage with only two servants, and Amaia found that she was feeling more at home here than she had anywhere in years. She was growing accustomed to the people that lived with her now, and they all started feeling like a family to her. Even Olithia.

Over the days that passed, Amaia regularly used her magic. For fun, or for practical purposes. She would help to light fires, warm rooms, grow flowers, and used her magic to make it rain. Other times, she would play games to make the others rejoice. She one day made it snow indoors. Another day she created the most beautiful displays of light in the night's sky. For a short time, Amaia felt nervous for using her magic, in case someone came to take her away from this good life. As had happened before. But the more she used her magic and nothing happened, the more she wanted to use it. For the longest time things went well. And then one day, Alan was called away.

Amaia went downstairs several days after that to find Olithia sitting at the kitchen table; her face looked as if it were carved out of stone, and Tristan, just stood in the middle of the kitchen, staring at nothing.

'Father?' Amaia asked him uncertainly. 'What's wrong?'

'Amaia.' Tristan turned to her. 'Your brother's dead.'

Chapter Sixty Three

The Soldier

Weeks later, and life at the little cottage was not the same. Amaia asked to be taken somewhere else, a place that did not remind her of the time she had spent with her brother in the few short weeks she had known him. The woods where they walked; the kitchen where they had laughed and shared jokes. And before the fire where they played games for hours and spoken for hours.

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