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   Chapter 222 No.222

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'Don't tempt me' Tristan scoffed. 'I've been busy doing things, nothing that concerns you.'


'Where's Alan?'

'He's out hunting. He brought home a fine boar the other day. A large beast it was.'

'Do you know when he will be back?' Tristan asked.

'Sometime tomorrow' she said. 'Looks like it's just the two of us' she added seductively.

He strode away from her before she could say another word.

A short time later, he sat at a desk in the master bedroom, writing several letters to several of his brothers explaining his absence, lying in every sentence near enough. It was a boring task, as he had so many brothers.

'Too many…' he grumbled under his breath, huffing as he dabbed the tip of the quill back into the ink pot and continued to write.

Minutes later, and the door to the bedroom opened.

Tristan glanced up with disinterest only briefly, seeing Olithia standing in the doorway, wearing a robe and leaning against the doorframe. He returned his attention back to the letters.

Olithia sauntered into the room, reaching out to him as she did so, and running her fingers through his hair as she went by.

Tristan put down the quill, sitting back in his chair and staring up at the ceiling. Olithia leant over him from behind. Holding his face in her hands and kissing him. He kissed her back.

She ran her hands over his body, over his shoulders and down his arms, beneath his shirt and over his chest and lower, reaching far beneath his belt.

Tristan made a sigh of pleasure, closing his eyes as his wife touched him. She stopped suddenly, withdrawing her hand and moving back.

Tristan opened his eyes again, looking forward towards the wall.

He turned his head towards Olithia, seeing her standing there with her robe hanging open. He saw that she was naked underneath.

Never taking his eyes off her, he rose slowly to his feet, moving closer. She smiled at him seductively, knowing that he wanted her. He grabbed her roughly with a predatory lust, kissing her deeply and running his hands over her naked skin to all places.

He stepped forwards, pushing her back onto the bed and moving on top of her.

She laughed as he bit her neck and shoulders, knowing she could control him, knowing he was in her power then. His teeth sunk hard into her skin, causing her to bleed. She did not seem to notice, but attacked him back with the same primal fury, clawing at his chest in her haste to get his clothes off, scratching him; cutting him.

Tristan pushed her forcefully down, before straightening and unbuckling his belt. Seconds late

r, he moved towards her again, bearing down on her and kissing her, as his hand moved between her legs.

Olithia tensed suddenly, throwing her head back and moaning in pleasure and Tristan thrust forwards, each taking their pleasure from the other.

When he had finished, he pulled away from her, rolling onto his back and lying beside her, breathing heavily as she did.

Olithia beside him sighed in contentment, smiling up at the ceiling. She giggled then, hand going to her mouth. She rolled over on her side, caressing Tristan and rubbing her hand over his chest as she lay propped up on an elbow.

She leant forward to kiss him, but Tristan turned his head away from her, to face the wall instead.

She smirked at this, running her hand down his body and between his legs, clutching at him firmly. Tristan flinched slightly, but did nothing.

She giggled again, kissing him on the cheek swiftly before getting up to leave.

Olithia closed the door behind her, leaving Tristan alone.

He grabbed the sheet beside him and pulled it over to cover his body, waiting for sleep to come to him, and feeling thoroughly unsatisfied.

The next day, at midday, Alan returned.

'How was the hunt?' Tristan asked him when he entered the room.

'Fruitful' Alan nodded, but did not elaborate.

'Do you fancy another long ride?' Tristan asked him.

'What for?'

'We're going to meet your sister.'

Alan hesitated, becoming uncertain. 'That's where you've been all this time' he said to his father. 'You've found her.'

'I have.'

'What's she like?'

'You'll know when you see her' Tristan said. 'When are you ready to leave?'



'What about mother' Alan asked. 'Is she coming?'

'I….don't know. I'm worried she will cause problems. Last time she met Amaia…'

'I wasn't there last time she met Amaia' Alan finished. 'Things will be different this time, I promise. You know you can't keep mother away forever. If you invite her, she will be a lot more complacent.'

'I suppose you're right.'

'She'll be thrilled when I tell her' Alan said.

'I don't doubt' Tristan replied dryly, his tone unconvinced.

And so, when Tristan returned to the little cottage in the woods many days later, he did so with not one, but two figures that accompanied him. His son Alan and his wife Olithia.

'Now Olithia' Tristan said carefully to her. 'Amaia is only expecting me to return with Alan. She must be nervous enough as it is, so I am going first alone to tell her that I'm back; then I'm going to introduce Alan, and then you. Do you understand?'

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