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   Chapter 221 No.221

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Tristan began to laugh at that. 'Your mother does the exact same thing when she doesn't get her way' he said, '...which isn't often enough' he added under his breath. 'Alright. I will get you a pet. What do you want?'

'I don't know really.'

'How about a bird?'

'I don't want something caged.'

'A dog then' Tristan suggested. 'Lots of people like dogs.'

'Alright' Amaia nodded growing excited. 'A dog it is.' She hugged herself suddenly, giggling in delight. 'Oh I can't wait!'

A few days later, one evening after Tristan had returned from being absent for several days, the four of them were sitting quietly in the living room before the burning hearth. The two servants resting with their eyes closed, Tristan reading a book, and Amaia sitting holding a little dog that slept on her lap. A grey coloured, long nosed skinny dog. The dog had instantly taken a liking to Amaia, and anyone else that came in his vicinity. Amaia had named him Markus.

'You know' Amaia spoke up, 'this place is starting to feel like a home.'

Tristan closed the book with a smile, putting it down on his lap.

'Good' he said. 'Are you happy here?'

'Yes' Amaia replied without a pause.

'Good' Tristan said again. 'That makes me very happy.'

'Father' Amaia said glancing towards him. 'Do you think we could stay here forever?'

Tristan fell silent at the thought. 'You know, I never really thought about that.'

'Do you think we could?'

'I…don't see why not. Things seem to be going well here. I don't see there any need to leave.'

Amaia squeaked in delight, she rose to her feet, causing the sleeping dog to slide off her lap. She kissed Tristan on the cheek, before straightening again.

'Thank you' she said eagerly. 'I'm going to bed now. Come Markus.'

The little dog pranced after her as she made her way upstairs. Her bedroom door closed and things became silent again.

'Are we really to stay here?' the younger servant asked Tristan.

'Sure' he said. 'Why? Don't you like it?'

'I thought I would miss your other home' the older said. 'It was grander. But this place…' she glanced about her. 'It feels different. Better. More…homely.'

'I agree' the younger said. 'I like it here. I would like to stay...if that is what you wish.'

'It is' Tristan sighed, leaning back and closing his eyes with a smile on his face. 'Things are as they should be…at last.'

More days passed, and the four of them w

ere slipping into a familiar routine each day. Tristan and Amaia would spend hours together; then they would go off and do their own thing, or spend some time alone. Tristan thought Amaia was happy, and when he asked her if she was, she would smile and agree.

But there were some times, when she thought he wasn't watching, where she would look away into the distance with a glazed expression. She would look sad; even have tears in her eyes. After several days Tristan asked her what was bothering her, demanding her not to deny that something was wrong. Amaia eventually, reluctantly replied.

'I miss White Feather.'

Tristan's heart sank at hearing this.

'Hey' he said to her after a time. 'I know what might cheer you up. How would you like to meet your brother?'

Amaia blinked at him. 'Really?' she said. 'Do you mean it?'

'Of course.'

'When can I meet him?'

'As soon as I can bring him back.' Tristan leant forwards and kissed her forehead. 'I will leave first thing in the morning.'

The next morning, as Tristan had promised, he was up early and ready to go. He went into Amaia's room to wake her.

'Having a lie in are we?' he asked nudging her.

Amaia opened an eye, smiling up at him and wrapping the blankets tight around her.

'Are you going now?' she asked him.


'Don't be long' she said, sitting up so she could hug him.

'I'll try not to be' Tristan laughed as she hung off his neck.

He gave her a tight hug, and she lay back down on her bed with Markus curled up by her belly.

'Goodbye Amaia' he said to her.

'Goodbye father.'

'Try to be awake when I get back.'

'I'll not promise' she laughed, snuggling in the blankets again and hiding Markus beneath the sheets to keep him warm.

Tristan left the room, feeling a warm glow in his heart. He left the small cottage and mounted his horse, which had already been saddled up and carried food and supplies for the journey.

He travelled swiftly, wasting little time and resting only when he had to. It seemed that in no time at all, he was at his large home again, the one north of the town of Blackrain. It was a long journey.

'Where do you keep disappearing off to?' Olithia asked the second he had entered the door. It was as if she had been keeping a look out for him. 'If I didn't know better' Olithia went on, 'I would say that you've got another little woman hidden somewhere. Are you cheating on me?'

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