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   Chapter 220 No.220

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Amaia lowered her gaze, unsure of what else to say. Finally she asked, 'How do you find Weather Makers?'

'Rumours. People speak of strange things they have seen, women growing flowers at a mere touch, frost appearing in the midday sun, fire burning underwater. Word spreads from person to person until it reaches one of the king's men, and he has many ears across the land, simply waiting for these rumours to come to them. They close in, until they eventually find the person they are looking for; then they take them away. I try to get there before my father does, but he is far more resourceful than I, and has far more men at his command. And if he catches me, who knows what he will do to me when he finds out I've been intervening. I have twelve older and more important brothers. I wouldn't be much of a loss to him.'

'And what does your father do to Weather Makers that he finds in the end?'

'I don't know exactly, but I've never seen any of them again. That is why I wanted to hide you, to keep you away from my family that was such a threat to you. The day the woman you knew as Ramana died, was the day the king found you. I intercepted his men, and took you away before they could reach the palace. But I was too late to save her.'

'And…did Ramana and Farrell both know that I was not really their daughter?' Amaia asked, reluctant to hear the answer.

'Yes' Tristan nodded. 'Ramana had given birth to a stillborn. She was more than happy to accept you when you were still a baby.'

'What would things have been like had that day never happened?' Amaia asked him. 'Would I have grown up and lived in that town forever and lived my entire life not knowing you?'

'I don't know' Tristan said. 'You are my daughter. I loved you, and I missed you dearly. But I stayed away to keep you safe, but I still kept watch over you……that's how I……was able to save you when…..that day….' Tristan rose to his feet suddenly. 'You should get some rest, I'm sure you need time to think about all of this.'

He made to leave the room, but Amaia called out to him.


Tristan turned back.

'What happens now?' Amaia asked. 'I mean…to me.'

Tristan opened his mouth, hesitating. 'I haven't planned that far in the future' he said. 'But for now, I want you to stay and live here, be safe, be happy…that's all I want.'

'That's what I want too' Amaia bowed her head. 'Goodnight then' Amaia said. 'Father.'

Tristan smiled warmly.

'Goodnight Amaia. It's good to have you back.'

Chapter Sixty Two

Sorrow and Heartache

Over the days that passed, Amaia was changing. She was slowly becoming the person Tristan thought her to be, happy and full of life. Over the days, she was showing her true personality, and so was he to her. She would lean out of the window and watch as Tristan would work in the garden at the back of the cottage, fighting to tame the overgrown bushes and tall grass that surrounded them. It was not something he normally did, being a prince, but he did it out of boredom, and later out of pride. Over the days that passed he began to help the servants more and more in their daily tasks around the old cottage. Growing up he had never done any form of cleaning, tidying or any job a woman or servant was expected to do. But now that he was doing it, he found he rather enjoyed it. Amaia would help him when she felt like it. Together they would help to paint different rooms in the cottage, find ways to make the place look nice by adding decorations and fixing the furniture, dusting the old rooms and making them look new again. Amaia had requested some fresh paint and canvases, vases for flowers they would pick in the woods; and anything else that Tristan needed to travel for. He would be gone for days at a time, and in his absence, Amaia would find that she missed him. When he would return, he would do so with a whole host of treasures. Paintings, decorations and ornaments, small carpets, cutlery and plates for the kitchen, pillows and blankets for the beds.

'When are you next leaving?' Amaia asked him eagerly one day.

'Are you trying to get rid of me?' Tristan laughed ruffling her hair.

'No!' she cried indignantly, slapping his hand and dancing away from him.

'You just want more presents. Is that it?'

'Yes!' Amaia said, bouncing on the balls of her feet. 'Hey!' She said suddenly. 'I know what would make this place feel more homely. A pet of some sorts.'

'A pet?'


'You have the horses.'

Amaia scoffed at that, making a face at him. 'Horses are not a pet' she frowned. 'I want something I can fit on my lap. When I was young my friend and I would share a pet bird we found in the woods.'

'Is that so' Tristan said scratching his chin thoughtfully. 'Well…we're in the woods. Maybe you should start looking.'

'Father!' Amaia huffed moodily, planting her hands on her hips and glaring in amusement.

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