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   Chapter 218 No.218

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Amaia dismounted the horse, walking away from Tristan who remained in the saddle.

She moved slowly to the tip of the rocky pinnacle where there grew no trees. Amaia stood at the very highest point of the mound that jutted out of the earth, overlooking the forest that grew below. She leant over the edge, for a moment contemplating what it would feel like to fall and hit the ground below.

She could do it, she thought. If she had to.

If she wanted.

Amaia raised her head to the sky above her. So vast. Never ending. Amaia thought then how immense the sky was, how big the world was they lived in. No matter what happened, life would go on. No matter how important a person was to someone, if they died, their absence left a gaping hole in the hearts of those they loved. But life still carried on. It had to. All these years, Amaia had been forced to endure her life after the woman whom for so long she thought to be her mother, died so violently. Murdered, trying to protect Amaia. There was so much she didn't understand. So much she still longed to know.

But more than anything in her life, she longed to see Ramana again. The woman she grew up with. The one she called for the longest time, mother, and who in turn, had called her daughter, my precious treasure.

Amaia took a deep breath. The breeze blew back her light green hair from her face.

How can it be true? She thought. But what if it is true? She turned to face Tristan then, with her back to the drop. Would I want this man to be my father? Would it be so bad?

She thought again of Ramana.

Even after all these years, she still missed her terribly. There was nothing in the world Amaia longed for more in her life than to see her again, to hold her, and tell her that she loved her and how much she missed her.

It would only take one step backwards Amaia thought. I did it once……I can do it again.

'Amaia' Tristan said from atop his horse. Perhaps he suspected her thoughts, for he had become suddenly tense and uneasy. 'White Feather would have wanted you to be happy. To live.'

Amaia sobbed then, balling her fists and bowing her head.

'White Feather…I'm so sorry…'

Tristan dismounted his horse, striding up to her. He embraced Amaia firmly, holding her close, with the tenderness of someone who truly loved.

'It will all be alright in the end' he told her in a hushed voice. 'I know it's hard. I know you must have a lot of questions, but you must trust me. I would not have done so much, had you not meant so much to me.' He let go of her, stepping back. 'I wa

nt you to be happy. To be free.' His expression was that of sadness, of desperation, of loss and grief. 'Don't hold it in anymore' he told her, waiting for Amaia to react. 'Be free.'

She turned her back to him, facing the drop.

Then she lifted her head, feeling now she had nothing left to lose.

'To hell with it' she said. Then summoned her magic.

First the frost grew outwards from her feet, and the air grew cold. Tristan sighed deeply, his breath fogging in the air before him. The earth began to crackle as the frost spread outwards from the rock to the grass and then to the trees and their leaves.

Amaia groaned, furrowing her brow and squeezing her eyes tight shut as her body hunched over. She threw her arms open, casting her magic out wide. The strong breeze turned into a violent gale. Behind her Tristan braced himself, throwing an arm up to cover his eyes. The horses reared up in fear, bolting away towards the trees that sheltered them against the wind. But Amaia didn't notice this; she knew nothing other than what she was doing.

She drew her hands together, fingers tickling the air before her, flurries of cold air and moisture forming snow before her. She threw it outwards, again and again in all directions, casting showers of snow all around her in arcs.

The clouds above them began to shift, growing heavy, growing thick.

The sun was blocked out as more clouds began to form out of nothing, turning black and ready to fall.

A great mist grew around them so that the horizon could not be seen, and by the time Amaia was finished, she and Tristan were trapped in an icy world. When before they see far into the horizon around them from atop the rocky hill, in the clear and warm sunny day, now there was little to be seen beyond a short distance. It was as if they had been transported into another world. Now what they saw was a closed world, a cold world. The horizon was blocked from view by wisps of cloud. Above them the clouds were heavy and thick and black, blocking out the sun which was only visible as a golden haze. Other than the snow that fell lightly around them, all was still; even the wind had stopped blowing. Amaia glanced around. Everything was frosted with a white layer, all the trees around them, right to the tips of every leaf.

'Amaia' Tristan said with a smile to her as he observed their new surroundings. 'From now on, I want you to call me father.'

Amaia faced him reluctantly, watching him with silence.

'I'll go get the horses' he said. 'I'll be back shortly.'

Then he was gone.

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