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   Chapter 216 No.216

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Amaia gazed about herself at the room again, taking in her surroundings and becoming familiar with them. It was a small room, and at a glance, it looked like it had been left unoccupied for several years now. Through the open window, Amaia could see the forest beyond thrived, the trees grew thick and the leaves were lush and green.

She drew a deep breath, hugging herself against the chill as she padded lightly across the room, the wooden floor cold against her feet. She shivered as she opened the door.

Amaia stepped out into the corridor, glancing over the balcony to the ground floor below where the kitchen was. Amaia descended the wooden stairs, seeing Tristan sitting at the table. He looked up as he heard her footsteps, smiling widely at the sight of her.

'Amaia' he beamed. 'You're awake at last. How do you feel?'

Amaia reached the last step, turning and facing him in silence.

'Here' Tristan said, rising and pulling a chair out from the table, opposite from where he sat. 'Come on' Tristan said encouragingly to her when she didn't move. 'Have a seat.'

Amaia hesitated, then took a step forwards towards the chair offered. She took a seat, and Tristan moved back around the table, returning to his own chair.

Amaia observed the man sitting opposite her as he called for one of the servants.

'What do you want?' he said to Amaia.

'I'm sorry?' she whispered.

'To eat' he said. 'What do you want to eat? You must be starving.'


'When was the last time you ate a good meal?'

'I…' Amaia began, 'don't remember.'

'What would you like?'

'I don't know' Amaia said.

'I suppose it doesn't matter. Diana' he called to the servant.

The elder one hurried up to him.

'Could you bring here some breakfast? Anything would do.'

'Of course' the servant bowed.

A short time passed, in which Amaia and Tristan waited in silence, listening to the sounds of food being prepared in the kitchen, plates being moved, cutlery being moved, sausages spitting in the pan. Then Diana returned with a full plate of food. A good breakfast, eggs and bread and meat, and some fruit juice on the side. She placed these before Amaia and went away.

'Eat up' Tristan told her.

'Could you explain to me what's happening?' Amaia said to Tristan, ignoring her food completely. 'Who are you really?

What am I doing here?'

'I've told you who I am. I'm your father. You're my daughter. I brought you here for your safety.'

'It's not that' Amaia said. 'I want to know the whole story. There is so much I feel I do not understand. If you're really my father, who are the people I grew up with? If you're really my father, why didn't I grow up with you? And who is my real mother?'

Tristan sighed deeply, leaning back in his chair. 'We have been through a lot, both of us have, but you most of all…' he broke off. 'What you have suffered…it was so unfair. You didn't deserve any of it.'

'Why?' Amaia asked Tristan, her voice breaking. 'Why have I suffered so much?'

Tristan sighed again, averting his gaze.

'I miss White Feather' Amaia mumbled.

Tristan looked back at her.

'I will tell you everything you want to know…in time. You have been through so much. I want you to stay here, to heal. Then I will answer all of your questions, but for the meantime, you need to rest…please.'

'Alright' Amaia submitted. 'But do you promise to tell me what I need to know, and answer all of my questions truthfully?'

'Yes' Tristan said bowing his head. 'I promise.'

'Alright' Amaia said.

'You need to eat' Tristan told her again. 'You must be starving.'

'I'm too upset to feel hungry.'


'I miss White Feather…'

Tristan slumped in his chair wearily, watching her mournfully.

'If you do not eat, you will waste away and become ill. Is that what White Feather would have wanted?'

Amaia glanced up at him with tears in her eyes.

Tristan pursed his lips, but said no more. Instead he waited in silence.

Amaia began to eat. The food was good, but a short time later, Amaia was throwing up.

'You've eaten too fast' Tristan told her with concern.

'No' Amaia chocked, turning away from him. 'It's too rich.'

'You're just not used to it' he said. 'You've spent several days living on prison food, and it's been too long since you've eaten properly. Come on. Just have a bit of bread if you can.'

Amaia attempted to eat a little more. When she was done, she pushed the plate away from her, hand placed over her mouth as she forced herself to keep it down.

'Come with me' Tristan said.

'What for?' Amaia asked straightening.

'I…think we should become familiar with each other.'

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