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   Chapter 214 No.214

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'Amaia' Ramana smiled, unable to keep back her own tears. 'You mean more to me than life itself. My own daughter….I have missed you so terribly…'

'I can't do this anymore' Amaia sobbed into her mother's shoulder. 'I can't…I would rather die…'

'Don't say that.'

'I mean it' Amaia said, still not letting go of her mother. 'You were the best mother in the world….you were everything I had….'

'Amaia' Ramana said more firmly now. 'You have to find your father.'

'I can't, I don't know where he is! But I don't care! I just want to stay here with you.'

'Life goes on Amaia' Ramana said slipping from her grasp. 'Life goes on for everyone. It always has.'

'No!' Amaia cried as her arms slipped through thin air. 'Please don't leave! Please don't leave me! I need you!'

'You have to carry on' Ramana said fading away. 'You have to find him.'

'I love you!' Amaia called to the fading shadow. 'I can't do this without you!'

'I will be here' Ramana told her. 'I will always be watching.'


She was woken abruptly from her dreams by the sound of a key turning in the lock. But she felt no fear; she felt nothing at all, as the dream in her mind began to slip from memory.

She had lost White Feather, both her parents were long gone……nothing else mattered to her now.

She was not afraid.

The door opened and Amaia sat up, seeing a man standing there. He was unlike the other men she had previously seen. He didn't wear armour; he didn't even look like a soldier.

Amaia blinked at him, tilting her head towards him. The man spoke.


'You know my name?' she mumbled.

'You have to come with me' the man said, stepping into the cell and kneeling before her.


'I'm going to get you out of here, take you somewhere safe.'

Hope slowly kindled in her heart as the information sunk in.

'Why would you help me?'

'I'm your father' Tristan said hastily to her.

'No' Amaia shook her head. 'You look different to the man who stood next to my mother in that painting in my home.'

'She is not your mother' Tristan spoke harshly, taking her by the wrist.

Amaia flinched at this sudden action, but relax slightly. His grasp wasn't threatening.

'You're Tristan' Amaia said to him as it suddenly hit her. 'White Feather told me about you.'

'Your fairy, I know. Now hurry' Tristan said briskly, pulling her gently to her feet. 'We have to go.'

Amaia allowed herself to be pulled out of the cell and down t

he corridor; she saw something curious as she went. Walking in the other direction towards the cell she had just come from, another young woman was being taken by a guard wearing a crest of a wolf running up a mountainside. The woman looked strangely similar to Amaia, she even had green hair. Amaia saw the expression on the young woman's face as she passed by.

It was terror.

Amaia glanced quickly behind her as she was pulled forwards by Tristan, seeing the woman being pushed into the cell she had just left, and the door slammed shut and locked behind her.

She looked ahead again, stumbling as she followed the prince.

They ran this way and that down the corridors that split and turned and twisted. White Feather had been right, this prison was a maze.

Minutes later as they were reaching the end of the corridor, Amaia saw the mouth of the tunnel was growing larger, opening up to the outside world that shone in a pure white light, beyond which nothing yet could be seen.

'We have to be quick' Tristan said hurriedly back to her. 'The guards will be gone only for a moment. We cannot let ourselves be seen, or else…' he broke off, and never finished his sentence.

They reached the end of the tunnel and Amaia shielded her eyes at the bright day outside, having become so accustomed to the dark prison behind her, she was temporarily blinded.

'Come on' Tristan hastened, pulling her along.

The dazzling open world was a welcoming thing to experience after the cramped and murky cell Amaia had been forced to endure for days. But she left that all behind her now, as the two of them ran across the muddy ground. A narrow river trickling water followed them as Tristan led Amaia towards a lone horse that waited. Amaia glanced back at the tunnel entrance briefly, gasping in shock at the size of the building which sat atop the prison.'

'The king's palace…' she breathed.

Tristan grimaced, pursing his lips but not pausing. The palace was built high into the sky, and was unmistakable. No other building in the kingdom came even close to the prestige and extravagance the king's home possessed. It was a striking, powerful looking building, but even though Amaia had never seen it before with her own eyes, there could be no mistake. This was the back of the building.

'The king kidnapped me' Amaia said. 'A secret passage to a prison at the back of the palace… what it this?'

'We cannot linger' Tristan urged her. 'The longer we stay…'

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