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   Chapter 213 No.213

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'But…I can't' Amaia shook her head backing away, starting to panic now. Her voice breaking as she spoke. 'I have no idea what's wrong with her, how would I?'

'Because you are a Weather Maker like her' the king answered simply. 'Help her' he said. 'Or die.'

Amaia's heart grew cold.

The king made the briefest indication to a figure that stood at the edge of the hall, a figure that had stood utterly still until now, one that Amaia had not noticed before. He was a soldier of some kind.

He grabbed Amaia by the shoulders, hurting her as he pulled her away from the queen and back towards the centre of the hall, drawing a knife as he did so.

'Stop!' White Feather cried.

'If you speak again I will put you in chains' the king told him.

'Coward!' White Feather spat. 'To hurt innocent women like this, and force others to do your dirty work? You're a dam coward!'

The quiet soldier hesitated, glancing towards the king for instruction.

The king did not break his attention from White Feather, but continued to watch him coolly.

'Amaia is weak' White Feather told him. 'She is young. I am far older than her. More powerful. At least have the courage to do it yourself.'

White Feather stood rigid as he spoke these words, staring back at the king in defiance, waiting to see what he would do.

'You're right' the king said at length. 'It's not the girl I should pay my attentions to. It's you.'

He grabbed the knife from the soldier, and in a few strides was upon White Feather. He swung his fist, knocking the fairy onto his back. The king sat on his chest, using his knees to pin down the fairy's arms, he held White Feather's throat with one hand, the other he raise the knife. White Feather was too weak to fight back or attempt to free himself.

'Coward am I?' the king said in a deadly whisper.

The king brought the knife closer to White Feather's face, forcing the point through his left eye.

White Feather began to scream.

Amaia watched silently the whole process, until she was dragged away sometime later, and put back in her cell.

She was unresponsive when food was brought to her, and didn't respond to the voice of the man who had pushed her tray through the gap beneath the door. She stayed where she was in the centre of the room on the cold hard floor, shaking and sweating uncontrollably.

Amaia sat in her prison, feeling alone and miserable, and desperately worrying for

White Feather, who had remained in the hall when she was taken away.

How she hated being parted from him so forcefully.

Amaia gave a steady sigh, feeling ever more depressed and wondering what had happened in her life to make everything go so wrong.

'I just wanted a normal life' she sobbed, burying her face in her arms as she held her knees against her chest. 'White Feather is wrong……my powers are a curse…'

She clamped a hand over her mouth.

'Oh gods…' she breathed. 'I don't even know if he's still alive. Would it be worse if he was?' Tears streamed down her cheeks. 'What could they be doing to him now…if he is still….?'

That night, she dreamed.

Amaia stepped forward, towards the shadowy figure. She squinted, but could not make out who it was.

And then the figure moved towards her.

Amaia gasped.


Ramana smiled widely. She was exactly as Amaia remembered her in her childhood. Beautiful and full of life, with long black hair cascading down her back.

'Oh gods…' Amaia whispered. 'Is this real? Please, please let it really be you.'

'I am as I stand before you' Ramana answered. 'As you see.'

'So…you really did die that day?'

Ramana bowed her head. 'Yes…'

Amaia bowed her head too, the muscles around her eyes twitching as the tears began to rise.

'I had hope…longed…….with all my heart…….that I would see you again…' Amaia raised her head. 'I was looking forward to returning to a family. But without you…and father being the way he is.'

'Your father was not a perfect husband' Ramana said. 'He was not a perfect man………but he had a good heart, and he loved the both of us very much.'

'I miss you so much…' Amaia sobbed, tears spilling down her cheeks. You were everything I had…'

'Oh Amaia…' Ramana sighed, tilting her head sadly at her. 'I'm sorry…'


Ramana opened her arms and Amaia rushed up to her, embracing her tightly, as if scared she would be taken away again. Ramana held her calmly back, hand resting on Amaia's head.

'Amaia…' she said. 'My precious treasure.'

'I love you…' Amaia whined. 'I love you so much……I never want to be away from you again! You were the best thing in the world to me.'

'You have your father' Ramana answered.

'But he…'

'I know' Ramana whispered. 'I know…'

'I couldn't bear to lose you again…it would destroy me…..I could never…….could never….' Amaia held her tighter. 'Mama……I'm sorry….'

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