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   Chapter 210 No.210

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She came around just as she was being lifted into the carriage. Her arms were tied behind her back, and the last thing she saw before the door to the carriage closed on her, sealing her in, was Simon, staring at her in shock a short distance away, pale as a ghost.

And then the door was slammed shut.

Chapter Sixty

A Guardian's Sacrifice

Lying on her side on the floor inside the carriage, Amaia struggled helplessly against the ropes that bound her arms behind her back, sobbing into the carpet. The carriage jolted as it was pulled forwards along the road, and she felt the vibrations through the carriage floor as the horses carried her onwards to places unknown.

Helpless, alone and terrified, Amaia lay there and waited for her fate. She lay there and cried. For the grief she had caused, for the pain she had suffered. When she had thought she was just picking up the beginnings of a normal life, it had all once again been ripped from her.

And now she cried, because everything felt hopeless again.

But she was not alone as she first thought. Her guardian angel was with her, her fairy White Feather. He sat atop the carriage as it trundled along, invisible to the soldiers mounted on stallions that rode around the carriage, never breaking formation as they guarded it.

'I'm here' White Feather whispered, stroking the roof of the carriage below him. 'Don't be afraid. I'm here with you.'

The horses were not allowed rest, and the carriage only stopped hours later, coming to an unknown place.

The door to the carriage was opened and a soldier moved towards her. Amaia was pulled roughly from the carriage and blindfolded. She stumbled as she was shoved forwards, through her blindfold she could see nothing, but she noticed the environment darken around her considerably as she was led onwards, what little light that penetrated through the cloth now faded.

She was in a dark place now. Somewhere inside.

Amaia was led down what must have been a corridor, the noise from the heavy footsteps of herself and the soldiers around her echoed back at them. She heard the screech of a door open, and she was shoved forwards again. The rope around her arms was removed, her blindfold was whipped off and she found herself in a tiny bare room with no window. Amaia turned and stared fearfully at the soldier that stood before her, her eyes red, skin blotchy and tears streaking her face. She drew deep breaths as he stared back at her, she wondered what he would do, and

if he would speak to her. He didn't.

The soldier stepped back silently, closing the door after him. Amaia heard the sound of a key turning in the lock, the lock clicking in place, and the key being withdrawn again.

The noise was final.

The footsteps of those that had brought her here receded into silence and Amaia dared to approach the door. There was a tiny barred window set in the door at head-height. She peered through it tentatively, but saw nothing beyond but an empty and gloomy corridor, dimly lit by burning torches.

It was very dark in the room, it smelt filthy, and she dared not approach the corners for fear of what might be there. She examined her meagre surroundings, squinting and blinking in the shadows. She saw with a sinking heart, that were was not even a bed.

Amaia stood in the centre of the room, shoulders hunched and holding herself. Her body sagged as he knees weakened. She allowed herself to fall slowly to the floor, head hung and crying into her knee.

'Simon…' she sobbed, his pale face and expression of disbelief burned into her memory. 'I'm sorry...'


Amaia lifted her head slowly, blinking tears from her eyes and gazing blearily about her in confusion. Had she heard a voice? Or was it in her mind?

'Amaia' came the voice again.

Amaia felt a tug at her ear. She looked down, seeing the tiny form of White Feather standing on her shoulder.

'White Feather' she hissed under her breath. 'I'm so glad…'

'What? You couldn't possibly think that I would leave you?' he hugged her neck. 'Never' he said. 'Never.'

She opened her hands out for him, and he floated through the air to land on her open palms.

'Oh White Feather' she sighed miserably to him. 'What I am to do?'

'I don't know' White Feather admitted, 'but don't worry' he said quickly to her. 'I will protect you.'

'Where am I? What is this place I've been brought to?'

White Feather hesitated. 'You are safe here for the meantime at least' he told her.

'What was that noise?' Amaia gasped suddenly.

Her voice trembled as she spoke. The sound they both heard was a low moan, rumbling through the walls and floor of the cell. Amaia could feel the sound vibrating in her very chest. It sounded as if it had come from a great beast of colossal size.

'There is a creature' White Feather explained, 'somewhere in this place, imprisoned like you are. It's in one of the cells' he whispered, 'a long way down the corridor. This place is like a maze.'

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