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   Chapter 209 No.209

The WeatherMaker Hearts Desire By Lady Lilium Characters: 5519

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Simon grabbed Amaia around the legs, lifting her up so that she sat on his shoulder. She threw her arms into the air, squealing in delight.

'I can see the whole world from up here!'

'Stay still' Simon huffed. 'Or else I'll drop you.'

'You wouldn't dare.'

Amaia screamed as Simon tossed her from his shoulder, catching him in his arms before she fell.

'Oh you' she scowled.

'Do that again' he grinned slyly. 'You look so cute when you're angry.'

She kissed him passionately, allowing herself to be placed back on the floor.

'It's hard to part' Amaia said. 'But you must let me go. I've got work to do. I have to milk the cows and feed the goats…'

'Alright' he relented, letting go of her. 'We'll meet up later won't we?'

'Of course we will' she smiled, holding him by the front of his shirt and standing on her tip toes to reach him for a kiss.

The next day, Amaia was tending to one of the horses. Brushing him and cleaning his shoes after many hours of work.

'Amaia!' came a loud voice all of a sudden. 'Amaia!'

She tensed suddenly, straightening up. 'What is it?' she said to the elderly man scurrying up to her. 'What's wrong?'

'My daughter's fallen from her horse!' he explained hastily. 'She's hurt real bad. Injured her head…maybe broken bones…please come quick.'

Amaia threw the brushes down, rushing to meet the old man.

'Where is she?' Amaia demanded.

'By the well' the old man puffed, unable to keep up with Amaia's long-legged pace. 'I told her to wait there while I find you.' He clutched the stitch at his side as he spoke. 'The horse is lost. Ran off somewhere. Something must have spooked it. When I found her I went to get you right away…'

'I'll go on ahead' Amaia said hurriedly to the old man, before jogging onwards and out of his view.

She ran for several seconds, through the narrow roads between the homes, weaving by the quickest route to the well. By now, she knew this village like the back of her hand, and knew this was the quickest way. She passed a home that was near the field where Roy and Anya were working that day. But she paid no heed to anything else, thinking only of reaching the well as quickly as possible. The poor girl could be seriously hurt.

And then she heard a scream of terror.

Her heart froze. She wheeled around, eyes wide, recognising the voice.


In her mind she completely forgot her task in reaching the well, instead without a second thought she ran to the field where the sound had come from. The field where Anya and Roy were working.

Amaia rounded the corner of one of the houses, seeing a strange sight indeed. Soldiers of all things were here, armed and armoured; one of them had grabbed Anya and was shaking her roughly,

demanding something of her. There was a red mark on her cheek where she had been struck. Now she was screaming and shaking her head, hysterical. Roy nearby was trying to get to her, but was held back by another soldier who was interrogating him also. Roy was shaking his head angrily at the soldier that pushed him back, baring teeth and pointing furiously, though Amaia couldn't hear clearly what they were saying over the commotion.

She ran forwards. 'Stop' she cried, coming to a halt steps away from them. 'Leave them alone!'

All of them instantly froze, staring at her in shock. And then one of the soldiers spoke to another, one of several that were present.

'This is her?' he said in a flat tone.

'A green haired young woman? Lucky for us she's easy to spot. Yes it's her.'

The soldier nearest made a lunge for her.

'No!' Amaia jumped back, but was quickly caught. Despite the armour, the soldier was surprisingly quick on his feet. 'Let me go!' she snarled.

'Leave her alone!' Anya screeched, starting forwards towards Amaia and the soldier to intervene.

Another soldier blocked her path, backhanding her hard and sending her sprawling. Roy was by her side in an instant, shielding his wife from further blows from the soldier who towered over them both. He did not try to fight back, fearing to anger the soldier further, but cast his body over his wife's, staring helplessly up at him and showing his hands in submission, begging. The soldier quickly backed down, turning away from him to face Amaia, who was struggling in vain against the soldier who held her firmly.

'White Feather!' she screamed. 'Help me!'

Amaia felt herself being dragged backwards, thrashing furiously against the hands that held her. She screamed, throwing her head back. Frost began to cover the ground, growing from her feet outwards. The man who held her winced in shock at the spectacle, but still did not release his vice-like grip, not even when the frost began to creep up his arms.

A distance away, White Feather landed on the roof of one of the houses, he watched silently with wide eyes as Amaia was dragged towards a carriage that waited nearby.

On the ground, the wind began to pick up, growing stronger as it blew violently in circles around Amaia. The earth began to crack at her feet. Amaia grimaced, squeezing her eyes tight shut as she concentrated on using her magic in any way she could. She forced herself to think clearer, forced herself to channel her magic, instead of flailing it around. She turned it on the man behind her, aiming for his heart, and beginning to freeze it. The man swiftly let her go, but before she could complete her task, she was struck hard over the back of the head, and knocked out cold.

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