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   Chapter 208 No.208

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'I was just thinking' Simon relented. 'Wouldn't it be great if we could get away and start a new life together? Somewhere new. Just the two of us.'

'That would be wonderful!' Amaia beamed, holding her hands over her heart. 'Do you really mean it?'

'I do' Simon nodded. 'I've never felt this way about anyone before…not since…well…that didn't work. But I feel confident about us now.'

'You do?'

'Yes' Simon gave a firm nod. 'I do.'

'Enough to ask me for us to start a new life together?'

'Yes' he said gently taking her hand. 'You're like a shining light to me Amaia. You make me feel so happy when I'm sad…and all the time really…oh….I'm not that good at words.'

'It's alright' Amaia giggled, leaning into him. 'I understand what you're trying to say.'

'It's just you make me feel so happy' Simon went on. 'Happier than I can ever remember feeling. When I'm not with you I think of you, when I'm with you….my heart is overflowing.'

'Stop' Amaia chuckled lightly, placing her fingertips over his lips. 'I understand what you mean. You don't have to…'

'I know' Simon interrupted. 'I just can't help myself. I'm so happy you feel the same way. I'm just….so excited now.'

'Good' Amaia smiled, poking his nose. 'I'm excited too. But we had better leave here soon, or else the others will begin to worry about us.'

'They won't worry' Simon shrugged her off. 'They've got the picture by now I'm sure. They know we are…you know…'

'Even so' Amaia said rising to her feet. 'If we're gone for too long they might send out a search party.'

'They won't' Simon fumbled, rising to join Amaia. 'White Feather I'm sure would ease any worries they might have.'

'Of that I do not doubt. But still…Roy and Anya might get concerned if we don't return soon.'

'Alright' Simon sighed in exasperation. 'We'll go back.'

'Good' she said satisfied, leaning forwards and giving him a quick kiss. 'I can't be lounging around here all day, as tempting as that is. There's lots to do today' she sighed, throwing the dress over her head and straightening her clothes.

She mounted her horse, blowing Simon a kiss, before pulling the reins around and sending the beast into a canter. She travelled out of the forest, back across the plains and towards the village, leaving Simon to follow after her.

Some days later, when Amaia had finished her work, she went to find Simon, waving at him as she approached.

He waved awkwardly back at her, stepping forwards onto a rake and causing it to smack him in the face. White Feather sitting on Amaia's shoulder laug

hed hysterically at this, falling silently quickly as Amaia glared at him.

'Did you put that there?' she asked him seriously, speaking quietly so that only he could hear her.

'No' White Feather said in a tone that clearly indicated that he was lying.

Simon rubbed his face where the rake had hit him, grinning at Amaia sheepishly as White Feather, invisible to him, flew off Amaia's shoulder and away.

'Are you ok?' Amaia asked him.

'Y-yes' Simon fumbled awkwardly. 'I'm fine. Really. How clumsy of me.'

'Listen, I wanted to just ask you something.'

'Come over here.' Simon led her away. 'We can talk where it's quieter.'

'I was just wondering' Amaia began when they were alone, 'when did you want to….start these plans?'

'What plans?'

'Of getting away and starting a new life together, remember? Just the two of us.'

'Oh' Simon fumbled.

'Honestly' Amaia sighed dramatically rolling her eyes. 'You can be so dippy sometimes.'

He smirked at her, grabbing Amaia suddenly and tickling her. She tried in vain to escape from him.

'No! Help! Let me go AHHHHHHH!

'You make the most dreadful noises when I tickle you' Simon spoke loudly over her screaming and cackling.

'Please no more I can't take it!' Amaia sucked in a lungful of air, drawing as deep a breath as she could in order to express the fact that she could take no more.


This might have alarmed some people to hear a sudden scream and such commotion and noise come out of a young lady's mouth. But by now the people of the village knew the couple, and had become familiar with their banter. They only watched in amusement as they passed by, feeling the happiness radiating from the couple, and catching some themselves. They would laugh and shake their head, remembering when they themselves acted in such a way when they were younger and their love new.

White Feather watched with a wide smile, sitting silently above them on the edge of one of the rooftops. He had made less of a presence now, the closer Amaia and Simon became. But he was always there watching over Amaia, but this time from a distance, feeling her happiness inside him.

From their home Roy and Anya would watch also, feeling the same. They would look to one another, grasping the others hand, squeezing tightly. And they would utter the words I love you to one another. Anya and Roy were childhood sweethearts, and they had lived and stuck together through thick and thin. Seeing Amaia and Simon so happy together, made them feel young again, their love rekindled stronger.

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