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   Chapter 207 No.207

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Simon lowered his arms that he had been seconds earlier waving around as if about to take off. Now he watched Amaia with a relaxed demeanour.

'I know it sounds weird' Amaia went on looking away. 'But…I've never been in a relationship before. I've never been…in love with someone. I don't know how it feels.'

'It feels good' Simon told her.

'I'm sure it does' Amaia said glancing back. 'Have you been in love before?'

'Yes' he nodded.

'What happened?'

Now Simon looked away. 'Sometimes….people change' he answered simply. 'She was a childhood sweetheart….but….the more she grew, the more she wanted something else.'

'She wasn't happy here?'

'No. It was something I wished I could have changed…but….some people….are just the way they are.'

'You can't change people' Amaia said. 'It would be wrong to try.'

'That's why I didn't' Simon faced her again. 'I figured….that it would work…if it was right. If it didn't work….then it wasn't meant to be.'

'So…' Amaia began. 'What happened to her?'

'She moved to the city' Simon replied.


'I don't know. I haven't seen her in ages.'

'And you haven't tried looking for her?'

'No.' Simon lowered his eyes. 'She became a different person to the one I knew growing up.'

'Was it hard to let go?'

'It was. It took me years to stop regretting, years to stop doubting myself. But I got over it in the end.'


'I met you.'

Their eyes met for an instant, before Amaia turned away, blushing.

'Oh gods' she said. 'I've never done this before.'

'Well' he shrugged. 'There's always a first time for everything. I just….hope I'm worthy of your affection.'

Amaia looked back at him. 'You shouldn't put yourself down like that.'

He shrugged at her again. 'I don't mean to…I just….you know.'

Amaia smiled at him.

'Why don't we talk somewhere more private?' he suggested.

Amaia felt a twinge in her heart at this, her stomach flipping over.

'Alright' she said.

'Would you like to hold my hand?' Simon offered.

'Um…' Amaia drew back.

'It's alright' Simon laughed as he lowered his hand again. 'Just follow me if you like.'

Amaia walked in Simon's footsteps, glancing back at White Feather who stood on the other side of the field. He hadn't moved since she last saw him, and was now waving jovially to her and shaking his hands in the

air in a celebratory fashion. Amaia scowled at him, turning her back on him and his teasing.

She trailed after Simon. The two left the village, walking into the open plains and becoming dots in the distance.

'You know what would be a great idea?' Simon suggested after a time of walking alone together. 'We should leave the village for a day. And ride away on horses.'

'You mean to get away?' Amaia asked. 'Just the two of us?'

'We work so hard every day' he sighed. 'I just wish…I don't know…' he shook his head. 'There's always so much work to do…always. It leaves little time for anything else.'

'Do you wish to move to the city as well then?' Amaia questioned.

'No' Simon turned to the side, his hair blowing back from his face. There was a firm breeze upon the unsheltered plains. 'Not the city' he went on. 'Just somewhere different.'

The next day, the two left their homes early in the morning to meet each other. They each took a horse, and rode away together across the plains. Roy and Anya woke later that day, and were worried when Amaia did not come for breakfast. They went to the room she shared with White Feather, only to find him sitting on the bed as if waiting for them.

When they entered, he simply smiled at them.

Over the next few days, Simon and Amaia would meet regularly and get to know each other, in a way they hadn't done before.

One evening, the two had stole away. They rode far from the village that had fallen silent in the early night, lit now only by lanterns dotted here and there. The village sat there, like a beast about to slumber.

Two lovers rode far across the plains, hidden deep within the night. They slipped into the even darker world beneath the trees in a forest nearby, and made love in a clearing under the stars.

Chapter Fifty Nine

Dreams of a Better Life

'I never told you this before' he began sheepishly, talking to Amaia as they sat in the clearing of the forest. 'But what I said the other day….about wanting to go somewhere different…and being tired of work all the time…when he were walking on the open plains…well…'


'I…what I really meant was….oh it's just a silly fantasy….I couldn't possibly have mentioned it back then. I would have frightened you off.'

'Tell me' Amaia scolded, slapping him lightly. 'Don't be shy. And don't tease me either.'

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