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   Chapter 206 No.206

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Simon stepped back, visibly disappointed. He let out a deep sigh. 'I hope we can meet later today when you're free' he said. 'Goodbye.'

He walked away.

'Well' White Feather said loudly once Simon had gone and was out of earshot, 'that was a missed opportunity.' He glanced sideways to Amaia. 'Why did you hesitate?' he asked her. 'What's holding you back?'

Amaia didn't answer, but stood, facing away from him.

'Oh' White Feather said. 'I understand now.'

Amaia turned to him.

'You've never been in love before have you?'

'Well…' Amaia spoke slowly. 'My options were…limited…over the years.'

'I don't doubt.'

White Feather strolled forwards towards the direction Simon had gone, placing his hands on his hips and staring out with a smug expression on his face.

'This is going to be fun' he said with a sly tone.

'Don't' Amaia said. 'Don't make this difficult. And don't tease me.'

'I wouldn't dare to do any such thing' White Feather waved back at her. 'But that doesn't mean to say I'm not allowed some fun. Right?' he winked at her. 'I must be off now.'

'Where are you going?'

'My dear girl' White Feather smiled lovingly to Amaia. 'I know we mean a lot to each other, but I can't be with you all the time. As wonderful as that would be, you have a life of your own.'

Amaia narrowed her eyes with suspicion, frowning with displeasure.

'Ta ta!' he said to her. 'And don't you worry. I'll never stray from your side for too long.'

His wings curled outwards, blending into sight from thin air. The delicate glass-like wings began to quiver. His feet left the ground, and he flew upwards, invisible to all except Amaia.

It was impossible for a fairy to make themselves invisible to any Weather Maker, even if they wanted to. Amaia felt some comfort in the fact that she could see him all the time. He was like a life-line to her. A safety blanket. And without him, the world would seem a much darker and more dangerous place.

No matter what had happened, Amaia felt better that White Feather was by her side.

Elsewhere, White Feather fluttered over the heads of the people and houses of the village below him. From where he flew, he had the best view of what he wanted to see. It was only a short time later when he found what he was looking for. White Feather landed on the roof of one of the thatched homes, standing sideways on the slope of the roof so as not to topple off. He crouched low, not

that it mattered anyway, as he was still invisible. And there he saw him.

'Simon' White Feather gleamed slyly watching him as he worked. 'Let the games begin.'

Over the next few days, White Feather spent most of his time teasing both Amaia and Simon, drawing them closer together. Strange 'coincidences' began to happen; Amaia's possessions somehow began to turn up on Simon's person. Simon's possessions somehow began to turn up on Amaia's person. The two seemed to somehow always run into each other. Amaia injured herself on some machinery one day, and Simon just happened to be there.

He took her inside, to wash the blood away, and to bandage up the wound. Afterwards, Amaia left to continue work. Simon a short time after went to go find her again, having found her comb, a beautiful glass piece shaped like a flower that was in his pocket. It had been a gift from Roy and Anya. They didn't know her birthday, so they decided randomly one day that that day was the day. The comb was very precious to her.

'It's strange how we keep running into each other like this' Simon told her, handing the comb back.

'Thank you' Amaia said graciously, taking it from him. 'I was wondering where I'd put that.'

She pocketed it, smiling up at him.

'Since we're here' Simon began. 'Do you…I mean…do you have…to do any work at the moment. I mean…are you free…with…spare time…?'

Amaia giggled at his awkwardness, spotting suddenly a figure waving to her from a short distance away, over Simon's shoulder.

White Feather Amaia glowered seeing him. You sly dog you.

'I would love to' Amaia said to Simon. 'There is nothing that can't wait until later.

'Are you sure?' Simon asked her, livening up.

'Of course' Amaia grinned to him. 'I've got time to spare.'

'Oh good' Simon breathed a sigh of relief. 'Uh…oh gods…' He scratched the back of his head uncomfortably. 'If we were in the city I'd take you out for a drink or something. Or maybe visit some exciting attraction.'

'We don't have to spend money to enjoy ourselves' Amaia said to him, taking his arm. 'We could have fun, right here.'

'We could?'

Amaia smirked at him in amusement, letting go of him. 'How many other women have you been with?'

'What?' Simon spluttered, waving his arms about. 'I…I mean…why would you ask me something like that?'

'I was just wondering' Amaia said simply, holding her hands before her. 'I've never been with anyone before.'

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