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   Chapter 205 No.205

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He was in his smaller form now, hovering in the air and holding the piece of string that was at the moment, far longer than his body. His little glass-like wings were fluttering furiously with the extra weight of the string.

'Thank you White Feather' Amaia grinned. She took it from him, and continued to work. 'There' she said when she was finished. 'Another job well done.'

'I'll say' White Feather beamed. He landed on her shoulder, placing his hands on his hips and looking down at the now straight fence. 'It will last long enough until another stray cow decides to blunder through it again.'

'Yes I know' Amaia sighed wearily, standing and walking away from the fence. 'Don't remind me. I've got so much to do today, the work is never ending. More fences to fix, cows to move from here to there, fruit to pick, horses to tend…'

'I know!' White Feather cried dramatically, falling back so that he was leaning against the side of her neck. 'So much toil will ruin my beautiful completion!'

'You've hardly done any work at all!' Amaia scolded.

'I carried the string!' White Feather protested.

'I've been meaning to ask you' Amaia frowned down at him. 'Why do you shrink yourself to do that? Isn't it harder that way?'

'Hey' White Feather said defensively. 'That string gets heavy after a while!'

From her shoulder, White Feather smirked. Coming to sit on his knees he grabbed Amaia's earlobe, using it to pull himself up. He blew into her ear teasingly. Amaia squealed in delight as White Feather grabbed onto her hair, so that he did not lose balance and topple over.

'Get off!' she giggled. 'That tickles!'

'It was meant to tickle' White Feather informed her.

He made himself grow even smaller still, slipping into her shirt and crawling under her armpit.

'AHH!' Amaia squeaked. 'Stop it please I'm begging you!'

White Feather ceased his attack, growing larger again and sitting on her shoulder as before. He leant forward and kissed her on the cheek, leaving her shoulder and floating through the air before her. He grew to his regular size, tall as she was now; he turned to her, grinning slyly.

He tensed slightly; then smiled again. 'I see Simon coming' White Feather said. 'I think he wants to talk to you.'

Amaia felt a twinge of nervousness in her stomach.

'I wonder what he wants' Amaia mumbled. 'I hope everything's ok….after yesterday…'

'I'm s

ure everything will be just fine' White Feather spoke happily; 'don't you worry.'

Seconds later, as White Feather had said, Simon came into view.

Amaia waited with trepidation as he slowed to a stop before her.

'Hi' he said to her.

'Hi' she replied. 'Are you….ok…?'

Simon's eyes slid sideways towards the floor, before returning to her.

'I've just had a lot to think about.'

'Do you think of me differently now that you know?' Amaia asked him. 'Now that you know I'm different from other people?'

'I don't know' Simon spoke slowly. 'You're still the same person after all. I just feel that now…I've learnt more about you.'

'I've not told anyone else about what I really am. Not even Roy and Anya.'

'You mean I'm the only one who knows?'

'Besides from White Feather' Amaia said. 'Yes.'

'Then why did you tell me' Simon asked her. 'And why haven't you told anyone else?'

'It's a secret' Amaia said. 'But I've decided that it's time to tell you at least.'


'Because I want to start a life here' she told him.

'You mean you really want to stay here?' Simon asked. 'Forever?'


'But what about your father?'

'He could be anywhere' Amaia said dismissively. 'I doubt that I will ever find him now.'

'Doesn't that make you sad?'

'It does' Amaia said. 'A little…'

She turned her back to him, willing her mind to move away from thoughts of her father.

'I don't want my mind to linger on what I cannot change' Amaia told him. 'It's…too much to bear.'


She felt Simon step closer from behind her. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders, holding her gently.

'I want you to be happy' he said to her. 'I want to be here for you. I don't want you to be sad. Not ever.'

'I don't want to feel regret' Amaia said to him. 'I don't want to live in the past. I feel….like I'm finally letting go, that I'm accepting everything I have here now.'

'That's good isn't it?'

'It is.'

Simon stepped back as Amaia faced him; staring up at him with large eyes. For the longest time neither moved. White Feather, who had made himself invisible before Simon had approached, stood a few steps away, holding his breath and watching closely.

Simon moved closer again, lowering his head to hers.

Amaia turned her head away sharply.

'I have work to do' she said abruptly, not looking at him. 'I mustn't let myself fall behind.'

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