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   Chapter 204 No.204

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'I don't know if things will ever go back to the way I wished they would be.'

Simon gave her a curious look.

'You know Simon, how you've asked in the past…about my hair?'


'Well…there's a reason it's the way it is.'

Amaia tugged lightly at a piece of her hair, glancing down at the light green colour.

'One day' Amaia began, 'I fell into a bush. The colour of the leaves and the ivy turned my hair green.'

Simon frowned. 'That makes no sense.'

'Do you believe in magic?' Amaia said to him, raising her head.

'Magic?' his eyes slid to the floor. 'I don't know what you mean?'

'You know, things happening unnaturally, things that can be controlled.'

'Like what?'

'You mean you don't believe in magic?' Amaia asked him.

'I'm saying' Simon spoke slowly as he thought carefully; 'I've never seen any before.'

Amaia lowered her eyes. 'Would you like to?'

Simon watched her silently. Amaia looked back at him.

'I'm not like other people you know.'

'You shouldn't say things like that.'

'Listen to me' Amaia interrupted. 'I'm not like other people. I'm…different.'

Simon frowned at her unconvincingly. 'Why are you telling me this?'

'I…for a long time, hoped that my father might return to this village, I hoped for a long time…that I might see him again. But it's been nearly a year, and there has been no whisper of him. I feel now that I have lost him forever. How will I find him in this big wide world? Where would I even begin? I would have no chance; I wouldn't even know where to begin.' Amaia took a deep breath, scratching her sweaty palms. 'I am telling you all of this, because I have decided, that I want to stay here, permanently.'

'Really?' Simon asked, perking up. 'Do you mean it? You really want to stay?'

'Yes. I want to start a new life here.'

'What changed your mind?'

'I…' Amaia shrugged. 'I thought that my father….' She shook her head. 'I don't want to keep living in the past. If I do that, then I will never have a future. White Feather is happy here, I am happy here, and…well…' she shrugged again. 'I feel like I have gained another family.'

'I'm so happy' Simon cried jovially, grabbing both of Amaia's hands and holding them tightly in his own. Amaia smiled with him.

'Does that mean….that we could…?'

'I have cared for you for a long time' Amaia told him

, 'but I've been too afraid to show it.'

'Really? You have? I mean…why?'

'I've been scared of something bad happening' Amaia shrugged. 'I just…'

'You don't have to be scared of anything' Simon told her. 'I will look after you.'

He moved closer, lifting her chin up and leaning towards her.

'No' Amaia said sharply, stepping back suddenly. 'I have to tell you something.'

Simon visibly deflated, shoulders sagging. 'I thought you just said…'

'Listen to me; I wanted to tell you something.'

'Go on.'

'If you saw something that you never saw before, would you believe it to be true? Would you believe your eyes?'

'I suppose.'

'In that case…I was talking about magic…earlier…'

'Yes?' Simon shook his head. 'What has come over you today? Where is this all leading?'

'Listen' Amaia pressed. 'I was saying, how I'm not like other people, how I'm…different.'


Amaia lowered her head. 'I can prove it to you. You said that you have never seen magic before, but if you saw something for yourself, that you would believe it. Isn't that right?'


'In that case' Amaia went on, picking a flower growing from a bush nearby, 'I have something to show you.'

As she reached towards him with the flower, the thing began to frost over, its petals turned white.

Simon drew a sharp intake of breath, stepping back in shock.

'What is this?' he exclaimed.

'Magic' Amaia told him simply. 'You said you would believe.' She paused. 'So do you?'

That lunchtime passed in awkward silence between Simon and Amaia, Anya and Roy having invited Simon over as a way to thank him for helping them on the farm, as had become habit since the day White Feather had been injured by the falling shed. White Feather on the other hand was chatting animatedly to Anya and Roy. He acted as if he didn't notice anything had changed, Anya and Roy simply listened to him with silent smiles. They were both very fond of White Feather, and found him both pleasant and amusing.

The next day, Amaia was working in the field at the back of the home she shared with Roy and Anya. Kneeling in the soft dirt that had recently been ploughed, she worked on tying together a picket fence that had come loose.

'Here, don't forget this bit' White Feather offered helpfully, holding up a loose piece of string that Amaia hadn't tied yet.

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