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   Chapter 203 No.203

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That evening as they ate their meal together, Simon sat in silence before his food, though Amaia could not help but notice, his eyes constantly flicking towards her. She ignored him.

'I promise you I'm absolutely fine' White Feather repeated for about the fifth time, addressing Roy and Anya's concerns for him. 'All I need is a good meal and I will be as good as new, like it never happened.'

'Well we are not short on good meals here' Anya said to him. 'I just worry for you that's all.'

'Thank you' White Feather nodded to her. 'I worry for you too.'

'There's something I've been meaning to ask you' Roy said addressing Amaia, changing the subject suddenly. 'You've done so much for us in the short time you've been here. Where did you learn such things?'

'Oh you know' Amaia shrugged shyly, 'books…'

'That's what Anya told me you said' Roy chucked. 'But it couldn't have been all from books. It would have taken you years and years to learn all the things that you know. You're like the village healer now, so many come to you for help. And you can do so many other things. Did your mother teach you what you know?'

'No' Amaia said. 'She didn't.'

'You've never really spoken much of your mother' Anya mentioned to her, moving her attention away from White Feather. 'What was she like? Was she a good person?'

'Oh' Amaia mumbled. 'Yes. My mother loved me so much, she always told me so, every single day, and she used to hug me at every possible opportunity. I remember' Amaia said smiling at her plate, 'how much it used to annoy me sometimes. She used to tickle me, and whisper in my ear. She used to call me, 'my precious treasure'. All the time.'

Simon watched her silently as she spoke, eating his food slowly as he listened.

'That sounds lovely' Anya sighed. 'Oh I remember when Annabel was here. She used to always wake us up early in the mornings playing her violin. We spent ages saving up for that thing, ever since she saw a group of gypsies play as they travelled through our village she's wanted one.'

The table fell into an uneasy silence, as Roy and Anya stared at their plates sadly. Both thinking of their beloved daughter they had lost.

'She may yet be found' Amaia comforted.

Roy looked up from his plate smiling, though there were tears in his eyes. 'As your father might yet be found too' he said. 'We've not lost hope.'

From across the ta

ble, Simon glanced tentatively towards Amaia, then away again.

'More pork?' White Feather offered to Anya.

'No thank you dear' Anya said. 'I've had quite enough.'

Amaia sighed inwardly, thinking of the sadness Roy and Anya must feel to have lost their daughter so recently, and wishing there was something she could do to make things better.

Amaia had lost her mother, she knew she was dead. But Annabel was perhaps still alive, and if she was, then she was out there someone. Out in the world.

Amaia looked to the window. Beyond the sky was dark, and flecks of rain pattered against the glass.

Annabel may be out there somewhere Amaia thought, as my father.

She felt so helpless then.

What good are these powers I own if I cannot help the people I love?

Early the next day, Amaia leant against one of the fences, watching the sun coming up from its horizon.

'This is a good place to be' she said happily to White Feather who stood next to her.

'That is it' he nodded to her.

'I'm glad to see you've fully recovered.'

'Well, recovered enough anyway' he said.

They stood side by side gazing across the farm and towards the sun, watching silently as it climbed higher into the sky.

Later that day, as Amaia went about her daily chores, she bumped into Simon again.

'Hello' he fumbled, as if he hadn't expected to see her. 'How are you?'

Amaia watched him for a moment, and then smiled.

'I wish you didn't care for me so much' Amaia told him.

'Why?' Simon asked.

Amaia turned away from him.

'I know your feelings for me' she said. 'I have done for a long time.'

'I don't want to bother you' he said tentatively. 'Please tell me if I'm bothering you.'

'Tell me Simon' Amaia spoke seriously facing him again, 'have you ever lost anyone before?'


'I've been here for nearly a year now' she said, 'and its beginning to feel like home.'

'That's good. Isn't it?'

'It is' Amaia spoke slowly. 'I think so anyway.'

'You think…?'

'I came here originally' Amaia went on, 'as you know, looking for my father. But…' she trailed off.

'You couldn't find him.'

'I don't think that I ever will' she said. 'Not now.'

'Does that make you sad?'

'I don't know' Amaia confessed. 'I guess it does. But…I haven't seen him in so long……the passage of time…it does things to people, changes them.'

Amaia looked back at Simon.

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