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   Chapter 202 No.202

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'How did this happen?' Simon asked, kneeling beside them.

'One of the horses got spooked by the firecracker' White Feather said, 'and panicked, rearing and falling into the shed as he fled. Luckily the horse is fine' he finished. 'It ran away.'

'Unlucky that you were hurt' Simon spoke firmly.

'Oh don't worry about me' White Feather chuckled. 'Just pretend that I am not here. I don't want to cause a fuss.'

'Do you want me to carry you home?' Simon offered.

'No no' White Feather hastened. 'I can walk by myself. Just…let me rest here a while.'

'I was so frightened for you' Amaia said weakly to him once they returned home a short while later.

They were upstairs in Annabel's old bedroom.

It had begun to grow dark outside. White Feather had refused help to be carried home, instead getting up on his own and walking slowly between Amaia and Simon who escorted him.

'I was so terrified…' Amaia sobbed, 'so upset to see you get hurt.'

'I know' White Feather said. 'I could feel your emotions inside me. I knew how scared you were. I knew exactly how you felt.'

'You just mean so much to me, losing you would be the worst thing that could happen to me now.'

'Don't you worry about me' White Feather gleamed at her with confidence. 'I'll not leave your side.'

Amaia raised her head, looking at him properly now. 'You're a fairy' she said, 'a magical being with abilities that are rare and wonderful. But today…I saw…that you are also just a man. You can age, die, feel pain…I thought for some time that for some reason you might be different…but you are just like me…more human than….than…' she broke off.

'Magic doesn't change who we are' White Feather told her.

'I know that now' Amaia spoke to the floor, 'you feel and same joys and fears as I do. You were scared earlier when you were trapped under that beam, but despite that, you chose to stay strong for me.'

'I wasn't scared' White Feather said.

'Yes you were' Amaia said, meeting his gaze again. 'I could feel your fear inside of me, as you can feel my emotions…today I felt yours.'

White Feather blinked curiously, he opened his mouth to speak, but could think of nothing to say. So he simply smiled.

'I don't know how I knew these feelings were coming from you' Amaia went on, 'but I just knew. They felt different, though…I can't explain how.'

'It feels the same for me too' White Feather added. 'I know which emotions

I feel are mine, and which are yours, call it instinct if you will.'

Amaia smiled weakly at that. 'I didn't know I could feel your emotions' she spoke softly.

'The bond between fairies and their Weather Makers is always strong' White Feather told her. 'But it's different for each individual.'

'I'm just glad you're ok' Amaia said.

'Me too' White Feather winked at her. 'If anything happened to me, who would look after you?'

He ruffled her hair then, making it as messy as possible as Amaia tried to escape from him, squealing and giggling in protest. They stopped suddenly, as they noticed another figure had entered the room.

'I'm sorry' Simon voiced, taking off his hat and holding it awkwardly before him in both hands. 'I didn't mean to interrupt or bother either of you. I just wanted to make sure that you were both ok.'

'I'm absolutely fine now' White Feather sang happily to him, 'thanks to you and your large muscles.'

Simon redden slightly at that.

'Thank you so much for helping him' Amaia said, facing him as she rose to stand. 'I'm so happy you came.'

'Really?' Simon asked hopefully. 'You were?'

Amaia cocked her head curiously at him, but didn't reply.

'I…' Simon began uncertainly. 'You're…I mean….Anya has asked me to sit with you….to join you all for the evening dinner, here…that she cooked. She just sent me up here to tell you it's ready.'

'Thank you Simon' Amaia said. 'We'll both be down in a moment.'

'Right' he said. 'I um…see you.'

He left quickly without another word.

'He loves you, you know that?' White Feather sighed into his palm as he leant on an elbow.

'Can you feel his emotions too?' Amaia asked.

'I can only feel the emotions of other Weather Makers' White Feather replied. 'But I don't need to feel his emotions to know how he feels. It's obvious.'

'Yeah' Amaia mumbled, staring at the closed door. 'It is.'

'Hm?' White Feather straightened. 'If you know how he feels then why do you always ignore and shrug off his affections? He's been madly in love with you for months.'

'It's because I'm afraid' Amaia said. 'I'm afraid of loving, in case I have to leave this wonderful place, and leave behind all that I have grown to care for so deeply.'

'Maybe we can stay here forever' White Feather suggested. 'Maybe we don't ever have to leave.'

'I hope we can stay' Amaia said absently. 'I really do. Nothing would make me happier.'

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