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   Chapter 201 No.201

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Amaia glanced up briefly towards White Feather, who was in the middle of the field, entertaining a small hoard of children. They played games together and laughed and had fun, Amaia pausing for a moment to watch them, feeling content. All the children in the village loved White Feather; they seemed to gravitate towards him, finding his little quirks amusing.

White Feather caught one of the children, tickling her as she made to flee, before lifting her up and putting her on his shoulders. She giggled, grabbing him by his ears as he held her feet to stop her falling off.

'How's the view up there?' White Feather called to her.

'I love it!' the girl giggled back. 'I wish I was always this tall.'

'You will be one day.'

'But I want it now.'

He laughed at that. The other children around him played with the toys he had made for them. Little butterflies made out of painted feathers and attached to wires so that they danced in the breeze, colourful ribbons tied to the ends of sticks, beautiful wheels painted in bright colours that they chased down the hill.

Amaia returned her attention back to the fence, placing the nail over the correct spot, and hammering it in, careful to not hit her fingers.

She continued to work for many minutes without interruption, until something happened. There was a loud bang, a scream from a horse, and the shed near the centre of the field collapsed. The loud bang had sounded like a firecracker. White Feather had none on him, the children weren't allowed them, but some of the older ones in the group were more mischievous.

Amaia dropped what she was doing, rising slowly to her feet and staring at the fallen shed. She suddenly felt a great pain in her legs and waist, though there was nothing around her that caused it. And then she noticed with a jolt to the heart, that White Feather was trapped beneath the fallen shed, lying on his front with his legs trapped.

She ran to him as fast as she could, falling to her knees before him.

'White Feather!' grabbed the beam that trapped him, trying hard to lift it. The children behind her watched silently, none of them had been hurt.

'White Feather!' Amaia cried, her voice shaking. 'White Feather, grow smaller!'

'I can't' he gasped, the dust from the earth around his mouth was blown back as he breathed. 'Not when I'm in pain…'

'I'll get you out' she said, her voice breaking, 'I have to.'

She rose to her feet, trying with all her might to lift the beam off him. White Feathe

r turned his head towards her, cheek resting on the ground, smiling up at her as she struggled.

'It's ok' he said calmly to her. 'Don't panic. Please.'

'I should be the one comforting you' she shot back. 'You dam fool.' She turned to the children behind her, calling out to them. 'Quickly! Go get help!'

They instantly scattered, and Amaia returned her attention back to the beam, shaking with the effort to move it, as she did so, her fingers bled. But despite her best attempts, she could only lift the beam a few inches, before dropping it again.

'Damit I'm not strong enough' she sobbed. 'I can't move it!'

White Feather smiled at her again with gentle eyes, reaching out a hand and grasping her arm lightly.

'Be still' he said to her. 'I'll be alright.'

'White Feather…'

'What are we eating tonight anyway?'


'I'm getting hungry' he said watching her. 'What are we eating?'

'I don't know' she laughed through her tears, unable to stop herself. 'You say the silliest of things…'

'There' he said smiling at her, 'that was all I wanted.'

Amaia realised with shock that she was smiling too. She let out a sigh and sat back on her heels, kneeling on the ground beside White Feather.

'Are you ok?' she whispered to him. 'It doesn't hurt too much does it?'

'We'll…' White Feather began, 'I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been in more comfortable positions.'

Amaia couldn't stop herself from smiling at him and shaking her head in amusement.

She stiffened slightly then, seeing a figure running towards them, followed by the children. The figure was Simon.

'What's happened here?' he asked out of breath, skidding to a stop.

'Silly man' White Feather shot at him before Amaia could speak. 'I would have thought it was obvious.'

'Please help him' Amaia begged. 'Please.'

'And take your time' White Feather added speaking to the dirt as he rested his head on the ground, watching an ant go by. 'Really. I'm not in any particular rush to be anywhere.'

Simon stood over him, bending down and grasping the wooden beams with both hands and heaving, groaning with the effort as he lifted.

White Feather grasped Amaia by the arm and she pulled him forwards, helping him up as Simon held the beam for as long as he could, letting it fall back down when White Feather had crawled out.

'Are you ok?' Amaia breathed, fussing over him.

'Yes' White Feather gasped, resting in his side, propped up on an elbow. 'I just…need to rest here a while.'

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