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   Chapter 200 No.200

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'I never realised you enjoyed helping animals so much.'

'I get the same satisfaction from helping people' Amaia smiled.

'In that case I have a job for you. One of the horses has cut itself on a barbed wire fence and needs some attention before the injury gets any worse. Can you do that?'

'Of course' Amaia nodded eagerly. 'I'll be right there.'

She gathered all the things she might need in a bag, and left the house in a hurry, in her haste bumping into a figure along the way and nearly knocking herself over.

'Simon' she gasped, gathering herself. 'I'm so sorry, please excuse me.'

'Wait a minute!' he shouted after her as she made to leave.

'I'm a bit busy I'm afraid' she called back to him, barely pausing to speak. 'I can't stop.'

'When are you not busy?' he persisted.

'Another time Simon' she waved to him. 'Bye now!'

She didn't see the way his shoulders slumped and the disappointment on his face as she made her way onwards. White Feather did though, as he sat on her shoulder shrunken in size, completely invisible to all but Amaia. The man's sadness really bothered him; he didn't know why at first, but after a few seconds of thought he realised.

It's because it was genuine.

White Feather faced Amaia, wondering if he should say something, but thought better of it. Her mind was elsewhere now, on more immediate tasks.

She came to the field where the injured horse was, seeing a deep gash in its flank.

'Poor thing' Amaia cooed, putting her bag down.

She approached the horse slowly, moving with her arms open to make sure it saw her so that she didn't startle it.

The horse allowed her to approach, and Amaia looked at the wound.

'It shouldn't be too hard to fix' she said out loud. 'I'll have this done in no time.'

She took the horse to the edge of the field and tied it with a rope to the fence so that it could not move around too much. Then she proceeded to clean the wound, applied a paste to dull the pain, and began to sow it up.

White Feather watched her as she worked, growing bored after a time and finding fun in distracting her.

'White Feather!' Amaia scolded, flicking at him as he swung back and forth before her face, hanging onto a section of her hair as he did so. 'Will you behave yourself, you're like a naughty child.'

'I only want you to smile' he said in his defence. 'You were making the most ridiculous

face earlier as you worked with that needle. If the weather changes when you're frowning like that, then you'll be stuck like that forever.'

'That's just and old wives tale' Amaia sighed in amusement.

'It's ok now' White Feather beamed up at her as he stood on her open palms, leaning forward and touching her lips, 'because now you are smiling.'

She lifted her hands closer to her face, nuzzling into him as he giggled back at her.

'I love you, you silly little thing.'

'I love you too' he replied, awash inside with emotion.

'Come on' she said, dropping her hands and letting him float in the air before her, wings fluttering. 'We've got work to do on the farm.'

They returned to the home they now shared with Anya and Roy, dropping off the bag Amaia had brought with her. White Feather returned to his original size, making himself visible again.

'How is the horse?' Anya spoke up.

'He's fine' Amaia replied. 'I've cleaned the wound and sewn it, but it will take time to heal.'

'Thank you' Anya said gratefully.

'I'd remove the barbed wire in that field though' Amaia added. 'Or else the same thing might happen again.

'I'll do it' Roy said, rising from his seat at the table. 'I'll go now.'

He gave her a pat on the shoulder as he went by, smiling kindly at her. Amaia felt warmth in her heart as he did this, feeling a strong bond between them. She was truly happy here, and felt at home.

'What are you doing now?' Anya asked her when Roy had gone.

'The field needs clearing, the fences need fixing' Amaia began, 'eggs from the chickens need to be collected, the apples need picking, the cows need milking….so much to do…so much to do….'

'Well don't stay out too late' Anya told her. 'I'm cooking a lovely meal and I'd hate for you to miss it or have to eat it cold.'

'But Anya' Amaia said, 'your meals are always lovely.'

'Oh stop' Anya waved her away. 'Now hurry and do whatever it is you need to do before it gets dark. We've only got a few more hours of light left now.'

Amaia nodded to her, grinning widely. She hurried back outside towards the shining sun, and went to find her first task.

Sometime later, she was kneeling before the broken fence with her green hair tied up and nails held in her mouth. She worked quickly to get the job done so she could move onto the next and get as much finished as possible before the day's end.

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