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   Chapter 199 No.199

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'Do you want to stay with us?' Anya offered.

Amaia lifted her head. 'I don't want to be a bother.'

'It's nothing really' Anya smiled. 'We need a distraction after losing our daughter.'

'How long can we stay here?' Amaia asked her.

'For as long as you want' Anya said. 'In truth, I would be sad if you left us.'

'Well' White Feather shrugged. 'That's that then, for the meantime, this is where we stay.'

Ten months pass

Chapter Fifty Eight

Early Mornings

'It may take a few days to a few weeks to heal' Amaia was saying to the old man, winding the bandage around his leg to limit any movement that might cause further damage. 'Rest and keep your leg as still as possible, especially in these first few days. Keep your leg raised' she said tying up the bandage, 'and supported on a pillow as much as possible, it will help reduce any swelling.' She rose to her feet. 'How do you feel?'

'Much better thanks to you' the old man chuckled foolishly at her. 'I'm very grateful for your help.'

'Do you need me to help assist you back home?' Amaia asked him.

'No no' the old man waved at her. 'I'll be quite alright.'

'Please take this' Amaia said to him, moving away quickly as she headed to another room, returning moments later with a crutch in her hands.

'Now really' the man hastened, 'there's no need…'

'I know you don't want it' Amaia said offering it to him, but you can't hop all the way home, and I doubt you wish to be carried.'

The man faltered at this.

'Take it' Amaia said, presenting it to him. 'You'll be glad later that you did.'

'Thank you miss' the man bowed his head, taking the crutch reluctantly and holding it in the correct position beneath his arm as he rose gingerly to his feet. 'I feel better already.'

'Remember' she added as the old man made to leave, 'to fully recover as quickly as possible, you should do gentle exercises before trying anything too strenuous, or else you might make the injury worse.'

'I'll be sure to remember that' the old man said, tipping his hat to her. 'Thank you again, and good day.'

Amaia smiled at him, holding the door open as he hobbled awkwardly out of the house.

She watched him go, still holding the grin on her face.

'How does such an old man suffer a hamstring injury' White Feather said from behind her. 'What on earth was he doing? I'd love to know.'

'Work on the farm isn't easy' Amaia said, closing the door. 'Even the very old must do it if they want to eat.'


…' White Feather said in a distant voice, staring hard into the door as if he could still see the old man hobbling away outside through the wood. 'I'd love to know.'

'If you're that curious then why didn't you ask him?'

'Oh?' White Feather gleamed slyly at her. 'That would spoil the mystery…that would spoil the fun.'

'You're ridiculous' she shook her head at him.

'And you're cute!' he squeaked.

He rushed up to her, giving her a quick squeeze, and poking her on the end of the nose.

'How delightful' he giggled.

'Are you two at it again?' Anya asked as she entered the room. 'I know you said before that you were not in love, but you can't keep your hands off each other.'

'No' Amaia hastened, blushing furiously. ''s not like that!'

'I do love her' White Feather told Anya, hugging Amaia again. 'As a sister as a mother as a daughter as a friend…as a….as a….' he smiled. 'Companion…' he finished, leaning into her and closing his eyed contentedly.

'He can't keep his hands off me' Amaia interjected, returning to Anya's point.

'You never complained about it before' White Feather whispered teasingly into her ear, leaning heavily on her shoulders.

'Stand up straight' she told him. 'I can't take your weight.'

He gave her a quick peck on the cheek before straightening up again, smirking happily at her as Anya giggled at the both of them.

'I love your interactions' Anya said to them calming, 'the both of you bring so much joy to our home. We're so happy to have you both here…and for so long.'

'Well it's good to know you haven't grown tired of us' White Feather bowed to her.

'We could never' Anya sighed happily back. 'I just wanted to tell you, you both have done such a huge amount for us in the short time you've been here. How is it that you know so much?' she asked Amaia. 'About healing?'

'I…' Amaia began awkwardly, '…learnt a lot in books.'

'They must have been very good books indeed.'

'Well' Amaia smiled shyly, holding her hand behind her back and hunching her shoulders. 'I had a lot of time to study them.'

'Well we're very grateful' Anya nodded to her. 'It's very good to have such a skilled healer in our little village.'

'I'm glad you think so' Amaia said. 'I'm just grateful to be able to help. I always wanted to care for others, when I was little I used to bring animals home and care for them if they were injured. I brought a baby bird home once that had fallen out of its nest. It was named Yayew.'

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