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   Chapter 198 No.198

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'Well' Amaia said to him. 'Goodnight.'

'Goodnight Amaia' White Feather replied, he reached towards her, brushing her cheek with the back of his hand. 'We're safe here' he told her. 'I don't know why, but I feel sure of it.'

Amaia nodded quietly.

'See you in the morning' White Feather said, hugging her briefly, before turning away and heading to the room he had been given.

Amaia walked in the other direction, heading to her own.

That night, her sleep was restless. She tossed and she turned, eventually waking some unknown time later. Amaia lay in the unfamiliar bed, head turned to the side and staring about in the dark at the unfamiliar environment around her.

After sometime she decided to get up, wandering down the corridor and using the wall to guide her in the dark, she headed to the room where White Feather slept. Opening the door slowly to stop it squeaking, she peered into the room.

He lay there on his side utterly still, his breathing gradual. The moonlight shining through the window above his bed lay over his body, lighting up his features. She stepped towards him, moving carefully across the unfamiliar wooden floors, trying not to make them creak. She stood over him, watching. He looked so peaceful lying there.

Her eyes travelled down his body. She reached forward, pulling back the sheet to expose his chest.

Her heart constricted as she saw clearly the injuries she has only briefly glimpsed before. There were wounds all over his body, cuts, bruises and larger gashes that had been sown back together.

He must have suffered greatly, must have been in pain, and had never once shown it, never once mentioned it or complained. Amaia could only image exactly what had happened, and it was all to save her. She felt suddenly swamped with guilt and shame.

She stepped back suddenly, letting go of the sheet she held and gasping slightly. White Feather's eyes were open. He was watching her.

He sat up slowly, gazing at her calmly.

'Could you not sleep?' he asked her gently.

'No' Amaia breathed. 'I… I couldn't sleep alone. I was worrying about you.'

'I'm only in the next room' he reasoned.

'I know…but…'

'You've gotten used to having me around?'

She glanced up at him with large eyes.

'Come here' White Feather whispered to her, shuffling back on the bed and pulling the sheet back so that she could lie down.

Amaia stepped forward, sitting on the bed, lifting her legs up and lying down. White Feather let the thin sheet fall over the both of them, he lay down with her, holding her close as he had done so before, in the many nights

after a long day of travelling. Amaia instantly felt warmth radiating from him, and a strange light touch against her shoulder that she knew were his delicate wings.

'Maybe I was cold' she said, holding herself tightly.

'Maybe' he replied softly.

'Will we try to look for them again in the morning?'

'Yes' White Feather said. 'In the morning. But now, you must sleep.'

Amaia listened to him. She closed her eyes, feeling instantly at peace, feeling instantly safe. With White Feather by her side.

A short time later, Anya went upstairs to check on them. She began to panic when she saw that Amaia was not in her bed.

'It's alright' Roy said, comforting her when she came to him. 'She's in the other room with White Feather.'

The two stood in the hallway, looking into the room they had given to White Feather. They saw Amaia and White Feather sleeping together, White Feather holding Amaia close to him. The both of them sound asleep.

'What an odd couple they are' Anya said in a distant voice. 'I wonder what their story is.'

The next morning, Amaia woke feeling happy and rested. She turned over, seeing White Feather lying behind her. He was already wide awake, smiling down at her.

They went downstairs, intending to go outside and begin searching for Farrell and Arlen. But they were stopped by Anya, who insisted that they had breakfast before they leave. White Feather happily accepted before Amaia could object. They ate quickly and left the home to begin their search. They again asked everyone they could find about the group that passed through the village and taken Annabel, but as it had been the day before; they did not learn anything that may point them in the right direction of finding them.

They had simply become ghosts.

What they had learnt from the people they spoke to, created more questions than answers, and they were at a dead end.

The entire day they wandered about the village, trying to find out what they could. They finally came to rest hours later, sitting upon a low wall and watching the sun set.

'I feel so lost' Amaia grumbled. 'What do we do now?'

'I don't know' White Feather said. 'I don't know.'

They sat there in silent for a while, until they were interrupted by Anya, who had been watching them.

'Did you find what you were looking for?' she asked them for the second time.

'No' Amaia shook her head. 'We don't know where to go from here. We've lost him. Perhaps for good.'

'Are you going home then?' Anya asked them.

'I have no home to go to' Amaia answered miserably. 'There is nothing there for me anymore.'

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