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   Chapter 197 No.197

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'Not entirely.' Amaia turned to her. 'Only that the people we are looking for travelled with a band of men and that they left swiftly, taking with them a young woman called Annabel.'

Anya's expression saddened at that.

'My daughter' she said.

'What?' Amaia breathed.

'Annabel is my daughter. She…she was taken…'

'Your daughter..?' Amaia mumbled. 'Taken…?'

'Yes' Anya replied quietly.

Amaia bowed her head then, feeling suddenly mixed emotions. 'My father would never do anything bad like that. I'm sure there is a good reason for what happened.'

'Perhaps there is' Anya replied meekly.

'We should be going' Amaia said, rising and moving towards her horse.

'Where?' Anya asked.

'I….I don't know' Amaia admitted. 'But I'm sure we'll work it out, together' she said glancing to White Feather.

'Where was your father heading?'

'I don't know.'

'Which direction did he go?'

'I don't know' Amaia said again.

Anya paused.

'I don't suppose' she spoke slowly, 'you would like to stay with us for a while.'

'I'm sorry?'

'You see' Anya bowed her head, shoulders hunched; 'I've been feeling low lately, as has my husband. Losing our daughter…it's been hard. We don't know what happened to her, where she is or even if she will ever come back. We are both worried sick for her, and our house has become so empty. First our son years ago, and now our daughter, and we have fallen into despair.' Anya raised her head, meeting Amaia's eyes now. 'It would be wonderful to have you stay with us….if you want. If you have nowhere else to go. The thing is…you look a bit like our Annabel, and you are about the same age…and you have the same long dark hair as she….' She broke off then, staring at Amaia hard. 'It's so strange that you came here' she mumbled, 'it's almost like fate.'

'That's awfully kind of you' Amaia said hastily, 'really, but we don't want to be a bother.'

'Oh it's no bother at all' Anya said. 'You have nowhere else to stay as far as I can tell. Well…we have an inn here, it's only small but……I would like it if you two would stay with us. We won't charge you or anything…we will look after you and….' Anya shrugged helplessly. 'My husband and I would appreciate it.' She fell silent for a moment. 'I'm sorry' Anya said in a whisper. 'This must seem a bit strange to both of you, but…I've lost both of my child

ren, my daughter very recently. I just feel…like…I need to take my mind off things. Do you understand?' she asked them with pleading eyes.

'Yes' Amaia nodded. 'We're both very grateful. Thank you, we would both like to stay… long as we're not getting in the way.'

'You won't get in the way' Anya reassured. 'Believe me, our home has been far more chaotic when my children…' she broke off. 'Come with me' she said smiling. 'I will cook for you.'

That evening the four of them had a warm meal together, Roy and Anya, White Feather and Amaia. They talked and laughed and joked and smiled, acting as if they were a true family and had known each other for years. Roy and Anya found the both of them intriguing, especially White Feather, with his stranger mannerisms.

'This food is delicious' Amaia beamed. 'I love it!'

'Roast duck' Anya smiled, resting her elbows on the table. 'Our very own.'

When the meal was finished and cleared away, Anya leant forward, speaking to Amaia and White Feather.

'I don't want to ask any awkward questions' Anya began, 'but are the two of you…together?'

'Oh no' Amaia shook her head quickly. 'We're just….'

'I'm a companion' White Feather finished. He shot Amaia a sly look.

'He's just a friend' Amaia clarified.

'Alright' Anya said uncertainly. 'I just wanted to make sure. Can I show you to your rooms then?'

'Of course' White Feather glowed.

They followed Anya upstairs, and she showed them to two separate rooms.

'This is my daughter's room' Anya said to Amaia. 'You can stay here. And this…' she said walking down the corridor a few steps away, 'is my son's room.' She turned to White Feather. 'This is your room.'

'This is all very kind of you' Amaia said. 'I don't know how to thank…'

'It's ok' Anya smiled kindly. 'Just…tell me if you need anything. At any time, day or night. We won't mind, honestly.'

'We will' Amaia said gratefully.

'Ok' Anya nodded. She hesitated for a moment, glancing to each of them. 'Goodnight' she told them. 'Sleep well.'

She drifted down the corridor and back downstairs.

White Feather spoke to Amaia.

'Are you ok?' he asked her.

'Yes' she said. 'I trust them if that's what you mean.'

'Me too. I'll be glad at least to sleep on a bed inside tonight. I don't mind sleeping outside, but the nights can get chilly sometimes. You know?'

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