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   Chapter 196 No.196

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'I'm sorry' Amaia said quickly. 'We didn't mean up upset you.'

'It's alright' the woman sobbed. 'You didn't know.'

'What's your name?' White Feather asked her, cocking his head and placing his hands upon his hips.

'Anya' she whimpered. She hesitated for a brief moment. 'Where are you two heading from here?'

'We don't know' White Feather told her.

'We came here to look for my father. We were told he would be here, but we don't know where exactly.'

'I don't suppose' Anya spoke slowly, 'you would like to have a meal with us? You must be hungry after travelling so far. My husband and I are both good cooks.'

'That sounds wonderful' White Feather said jovially before Amaia could speak. 'I'm starving. What about you Amaia?'

'Who are these people?' the old man said as White Feather and Amaia entered the kitchen of the modest home.

'They are travellers, from Ketts' Anya replied. 'I've invited them over for a meal.'

The old man smiled kindly at the two. 'Hello. My name is Roy' he said to them. 'Welcome to our home.'

'I'm Amaia' she bowed her head. 'And this is White Feather.'

'White Feather?' Roy repeated. 'That is an unusual name.'

'It is' White Feather agreed. 'A lot of people tell me so.'

'You must have had quite an ordeal to have travelled all this way' Roy said to them. 'What happened to you?' he asked turning to White Feather.

'Oh' White Feather said; touching his face briefly where the bruises and cuts still remained. His split lip hadn't fully healed yet either. 'Just…a little difficulty. Nothing to worry about, really.'

'What happened?'

'I…fell out of a tree' White Feather replied bashfully, scratching the back of his head. 'Silly I know.'

Roy smiled uncertainly at him, clearly unconvinced. 'Would you both like to have a seat?'

He led them through the home and towards the kitchen; Amaia took in the house around her as they made their way. It was a simple home, but cosy, and at a glance Amaia could see the love within it. There were little decoration and ornaments about the place, things that looked as if they had been hand-made as gifts. There were brightly painted wooden carvings of different animals, flowers, some of which were dried and preserved or pressed, pictures painted within heart-shaped frames.

'It's nice here' White Feather commented as they made their way to the next room. 'Cosy.'

'I'm glad you like it' Roy said back to him. 'Here' he said reaching the kitchen and indicating to the table in the centre. 'Please sit down.'

Amaia and White Feather sat side by side at the table, White Feather

reached towards Amaia, grasping her hand briefly beneath the table in reassurance, before letting go again. Amaia smiled gratefully back at him. A short time later, Anya came to them carrying a tray of food she had been preparing nearby. She placed it on the table before the two of them.

'That was quick' White Feather noted.

'I always have food prepared' Anya told them. 'I would always have good food ready for my children.'

'You have children?' White Feather asked.

'We did' Anya replied. She lowered her eyes. 'Eat' she said hurriedly. 'You must be hungry.'

Amaia and White Feather both ate quickly. They had carried enough food with them on their horses (kindly given to them by Danior) that would have lasted them days. But had been so eager to reach their destination, they had eaten very little of it.

Amaia and White Feather shared their food together, this time White Feather did not insist on trying the food before Amaia, as he had done when Danior had served them. Here he felt safe, and Amaia in turn, felt safe also.

When they had eaten their fill, they both thanked Anya and Roy graciously and left the home to begin searching for Farrell and Arlen, their horses they had left tied up outside.

Amaia felt safe here to wander off alone, and White Feather allowed her to do this. Each spent over an hour asking questions of every person they could find, and when Amaia and White Feather met up again by their horses, they were able to piece together what had happened.

Farrell and Arlen had indeed come this way, accompanied by several other men who looked like soldiers. They vanished suddenly and without trace, taking with them a young woman named Annabel, and heading in an unknown direction.

'Why would they kidnap someone?' Amaia said aloud, speaking more to herself than anyone else.

'I'm sure there's a perfectly logical explanation for it' White Feather replied nonchalantly, sitting on the wall beside her.

Amaia furrowed her brow, holding her chin and deep in thought.

'Oh' she said after a time. 'It's no use.' She huffed, leaning back. 'How on earth are we supposed to find them? We have no idea even which direction they went, or where they were going….they left so suddenly.' She gritted her teeth.

Beside her White Feather watched her silently.

Nearby the horses waited patiently, heads low and tails flicking lazily. They were tied to the fence to stop them from wandering.

White Feather looked up suddenly, seeing a figure approaching them. It was Anya.

'Did you find what you were looking for?' the lady asked them politely.

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