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   Chapter 195 No.195

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The next few hours that passed were uneventful as they travelled. They were none the less glad to reach their destination, a town that was large and flourishing and beautiful. It was everything the one they had left wasn't. Dilston, the town that prospered.

Amaia had no will to admire her surroundings. She was exhausted. Having brooded for many years behind stone walls, where the further she had travelled was the next room; the journey of such a great distance was taking its toll on her.

'I know exactly where to go' White Feather was saying. 'That red haired woman at the inn told me where Arlen would be.'

Before she knew it, Amaia was in a strange building, standing before a strange man.

'Well well well' Danior smiled in amusement. 'This is a peculiar predicament.'

'How long ago did he leave here?' Amaia asked.

'It was several days ago. I sent them to a remote village to find you. And suddenly here you are.'

'What village? Please, you must tell us.'

'I will' Danior replied to her. 'But you are looking tired and hungry. I will have some rooms prepared for you, you will rest, and then you will eat. And you will have your wounds looked at' he said to White Feather. 'No point in objecting' he quickly added waving him away. 'I'm not blind.'

'And what do you ask in return for such kindness?' Amaia asked suspiciously, as White Feather beside her slumped his shoulders, biting his lip.



'See it as my good deed for the day' Danior answered. 'I am leaving these shores to travel to lands far from here. War is coming you know, and I don't want to be around when it happens.'

'War?' Amaia echoed fearfully.

'I am leaving later today' Danior went on as if he had not heard her. 'You won't see me again. My servant will take you to your rooms. You can stay as long as you like.'

White Feather glared around suspiciously as they were led away, fearful of a trap.

Amaia slept deeply on one of the soft beds they had been given. White Feather however did not rest. He stayed awake the whole time, watching over her, looking out the window, listening, walking up and down the corridor outside the room before returning again to her side.

The next day Amaia was fully rested, and the both of them had eaten all they could that they were given (White Feather insisted on trying everything first as he still suspected a trick of some kind). When they had finished, another servant led them to a courtyard where their horses waited for

them. They had been fed and rested and now carried full bags on their backs.

'Supplies to last you several days' the servant explained.

Amaia and White Feather exchanged an uncertain look.

'Why would you do so much for us?' Amaia asked the man.

The servant shrugged. 'These are our master's orders. He is a cruel man, but some days he shows his better side. You were simply lucky enough to pick the right day.'

Amaia felt disappointed at the simplicity of all of it. She mounted her horse without another word, and she and White Feather set off, to start the next part of their journey.

Chapter Fifty Seven

A New Family

When they arrived at their destination, a village to the north-east of Dilston named Augsburg, one of the first things they saw was a woman on her knees crying.

'I wonder what's happened here' White Feather said, leaning forward on his horse.

'She looks…' Amaia began, '…heartbroken.'

'We should comfort her' White Feather suggested. 'We may be able to help.'

They dismounted and walked their horses slowly towards her.

'Um…excuse me' Amaia began tentatively.

The woman lifted her head; she held a handkerchief to her red and puffy eyes, blinking several times to clear the tears.

'Who is that?' she asked in a hoarse voice.

'My name is Amaia' she spoke, 'and this is my companion White Feather. We've travelled a long way to get here.'

'White Feather?' the woman repeated huskily. 'That's an odd name.'

'It is rather unusual' White Feather agreed.

'Where have you come from?' the woman asked them weakly, rising to her feet and dabbing at her eyes again.

Amaia hesitated.

'It's…' Amaia began. 'A long way from here…'

The woman brushed her hair back, staring at them. 'A girl…' she said, looking at Amaia more closely now. 'You're so young, barely even twenty. What are you doing travelling such a long way?'

'I was looking for my father. I understand he came through this village.'

'Your father?' the woman repeated. She blinked several times as she thought. 'Why…is he not at home? Why are you looking for him?'

'He's missing' Amaia said.

'And where is your mother? Shouldn't you be staying home with her?'

'She's dead.'

The woman dipped her head. 'I'm sorry' she mumbled. 'I didn't mean to pry. It's none of my business, really.' She raised her head again. 'I have…lost my daughter.'

'Recently?' White Feather interrupted.

The woman's face screwed up, tears began rolling down her cheeks again.

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