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   Chapter 194 No.194

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'Strange, to see a woman on her own' the man remarked. 'Especially in a place like this, it's not safe around here for those who cannot protect themselves.'

'I can protect myself' Amaia said firmly back, sounding braver than she felt.

'Is that right?' the man said with a cruel smile, taking a step towards her.

'Stay away from me!' Amaia ordered, straightening and lifting her head.

'What strange hair you have' the man remarked. 'Green hair. You must be a gypsy. You're certainly not from around here.' He smiled again. 'That means you won't be missed.'

He grabbed her then, pulling her towards him.

Amaia screamed; trying to pull away and grasping the strangers hand with her own, trying to prize his fingers off her arm.

'Let go!'

There was movement suddenly to her right. She didn't at first comprehend what had happened until after it was all over. The man that had grabbed her stumbled back. He straightened suddenly to state at White Feather who had appeared at Amaia's side. Amaia noticed then there was blood gushing from the man's throat. He collapsed, and didn't move again.

'Oh gods…' Amaia breathed, clamping her hands over her mouth and stepping back. She glanced quickly to the side towards White Feather, seeing a flash of a concealed blade in his hand. A tiny knife that was needle thin and sharp.

'You killed him' she gasped in shock and disbelief.

White Feather didn't answer. He quickly tucked away his blade, hiding it again on his person before grabbing Amaia roughly by the hand and pulling her with him as he ran, back to where they left their horses.

'I was afraid of this' he was saying as they darted through the narrow streets. 'We've stayed here too long. This town is not safe.'

'But why…?'

'I heard their whisperings' White Feather glared back. 'They want to sell you. I think I've just made them angry.'

'Sell? Them? You mean there's more?'

'We've been watched for quite some time. Quickly now, get on' White Feather said when they had reached their horses.

Amaia mounted hers.

'I know where your father and Arlen went' White Feather told her hastily. 'He went north to a town called Dilston.'

'I know the one.'

'It's in that direction' White Feather said pointing off into the horizon. 'You must hurry.'

'You're not coming?'

'I have to stay here. Those men will come after you if I don't.'

Amaia hesitated.

'Don't worry' White Feather smiled confidently then. 'I will find you again. Trust me. No

w go!'

Amaia wheeled the horse around and kicked her heels hard into its sides, sending the beast into a gallop.

She ran across the open plains alone, shortly after, disappearing into woodland. She slowed her horse down when the forest began to thicken, eventually dismounting altogether and walking alongside the horse as she led it onwards. Only when she was sure she could not be found by any man, did she stop to rest.

The hours dragged on, and Amaia began to worry. White Feather still had not returned.

The hour began to grow late, and only after the sun had set, did White Feather at last appear.

At first she was frightened by the looming shadow that moved towards her between the trees, but when she saw the silhouette light up by magic, she saw White Feather, and breathed a sigh of relief.

'I thought I'd lost you for good' she told him. And then she gasped, seeing him clearer.

The skin around one of his eyes was heavily bruised, his lip was split and there were several cuts and red marks over his face.

'I'm fine' White Feather said before she could express her worries. 'Just sleep' he told her. 'We've got a long way to go yet.'

That night, Amaia slept on blankets laid out on the forest floor. It was warm enough to not need cover. Everything around her was utterly still and silent. Not even the insects or owls called tonight.

Amaia woke gradually some hours later, her mind fraught with worry for White Feather. When she opened her eyes, the night was in full bloom. Amaia saw that White Feather had made a small fire a short distance away. She lay her on her side watching him as he sat on a tree stump with his back to her. She saw his silhouette as he moved in the firelight. He had lifted his shirt, and was tending to an injury at his side.

Amaia watched him. He had a needle and thread, and appeared to be sowing closed a wound, grimacing with pain.

Amaia let herself relax, and her world began to darken once more.

The next morning, White Feather let her sleep, and when she at last woke, it was midday.

'Why didn't you wake me earlier?' she asked him.

'You needed your rest' he replied simply. 'You were exhausted.' He reached towards her, stroking her green hair back briefly before rising to his feet. 'Come on' he said. 'I've already tended to the horses. They are ready to go.'

Amaia noticed that when he moved, he seemed to do so very stiffly, as if he was in great discomfort, but was trying his best to conceal it.

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