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'She did' White Feather nodded. 'She told me everything I need to know, as I can be very persuasive.'

'Let's hurry then' Amaia said, feeling suddenly anxious. 'I don't want to waste any time.'

'Before we go' White Feather interrupted, 'I need to steal some food.'

'It's not right to steal' Amaia protested. 'The horses are one thing, but just plain stealing…?'

'Well I doubt they'd want it back after we've eaten it' White Feather replied curtly, 'and anyway, it's a long way to Stonegate. We need the food. Trust me; you'll thank me when you get hungry.'

It was a full moon that night as they travelled. They rested little, and travelled swiftly. It was only a short time that it took them to reach their destination, a dingy little town set in an unremarkable location. White Feather advised Amaia that it would be best to wait until dawn before approaching, as the streets of that town were not a safe place to be.

Chapter Fifty Six

Following the Trail

It was midday when the two entered the town the next day. White Feather remained visible, keeping close to Amaia for her safety, thought he kept his wings hidden. It couldn't be denied that many gave the pair strange looks, their eyes lingering longer on Amaia, making her feel uncomfortable.

'I don't like this place' Amaia whispered under her breath to White Feather as they walked.

'I know' White Feather replied quietly. 'It's not safe here' he said glaring suspiciously about him at the people. 'Stay close to me.'

Amaia reached down to hold White Feather's arm. White Feather didn't say anything, but he could feel Amaia's grip was vice-like. He stopped suddenly and observed his surroundings.

'What's wrong?' Amaia asked him.

'I'm thinking' White Feather replied.

'About what?' Amaia glanced behind her to a scary looking man, before turning sharply away again.

'How do we find your father?' White Feather said aloud. 'This town…it's such a large place…when looking for one man.'

'We should ask around' Amaia said, and then immediately regretted it. 'I don't like this place' Amaia said again.

White Feather frowned at her thoughtfully.

'Hey pretty boy!' called an unfriendly voice.

White Feather glanced around to a rough looking man, aged and scared.

'You don't belong around here' the man shouted, hanging around a corner with his beefy arms folded. 'I think you should make yourself scare before you get hurt.'

White Feather snapped then, speaking in a harsh voice Amaia had never heard from him before. 'And who's going to hurt me? You?'

The man's attention then drifted towards Amaia with hungry eyes. He didn't say anything, only smirked.

'Come on' White Feather mumbled, putting an arm around Amaia and leadin

g her away.

They wandered back and forth from place to place, White Feather questioning every shop owner, inn keeper, blacksmiths, armourers and anyone else they could find who might know something. Eventually they came to another inn; the both of them at this point were getting tired. They had not yet met a person who knew or had met either Farrell or Arlen, and at this point their spirits were beginning to dampen, but they carried on regardless.

'Stay here' White Feather whispered again, and Amaia waited outside as she had done several times before.

White Feather walked boldly into the building, striding up to the bar to speak to the inn keeper.

'I'm looking for someone' he said in a robotic voice, repeating the words he had said so many times before. 'Can you help me?'

'Depends if you be more specific' the innkeeper replied in an equally bored tone, not looking up from what he was doing.

'A man called Farrell' White Feather said.

'Never heard of him' the barman droned on.

'There's another man I'm looking for also, named Arlen, have you heard of him?'

The barman paused and glanced up suddenly. 'Yeh' he said sounding surprised. 'In fact there were two people in here several days ago fighting, one of them was called Arlen. I remember because the other one was calling out his name, he kept saying how he didn't want to fight.'

'Do you know where they went?' White Feather asked, now suddenly animated. Hope and excitement filled him inside.

'No' the innkeeper said, 'but I know someone who does.' He turned and called back to the kitchen behind him. 'Karla!'

A second later, a woman entered through the doorway, she had long hair dyed a bright and artificial red, with heavy makeup around her eyes.

'Yes?' she asked curiously.

'This young man wants to know where Arlen went' the innkeeper explained.

'Arlen?' her eyes lit up at the sound of his name.

'You know him?' White Feather asked.

'He and I were lovers' Karla explained, 'but he left me, to find his daughter.'

'I know where his daughter is' White Feather said eagerly. 'Please, you have to tell me where Arlen is so that I may find him.'

'I will tell you' Karla nodded.

White Feather felt suddenly a sharp emotion inside him, one coming from Amaia. She was frightened. But he waited just a moment longer to hear the woman speak, before turning on his heel and running out the building.

Outside Amaia waited nervously, anxious for her guardian to return. She kept her head down, sticking close to the wall behind her and trying her best to keep out of sight and remain unnoticed. But it was not enough. A man approached her, one with a predatory gaze. Amaia began to feel uneasy, even more so than before.

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