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   Chapter 192 No.192

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White Feather gazed mournfully at Amaia, squeezing her shoulder firmly.

He spoke suddenly. 'Someone's coming.'

Amaia wheeled around, seeing a female figure standing before her. Tall and beautiful and mature, she looked only a little older than Amaia.

'What are you doing here?' the woman spoke firmly.

'I…' Amaia glanced uncertainly towards White Feather, but remembered suddenly that he could not be seen by the woman. 'I was looking for…'

'Who?' the woman asked.

'Farrell' White Feather whispered encouragingly to Amaia. 'Just say you're looking for Farrell.'

'I'm looking for Farrell' Amaia told the woman.

'Well he's not here' the woman frowned sternly. 'And you're trespassing.' The woman stared hard at her. 'Why do you have green hair?' she asked suddenly.

'I'm sorry…' Amaia said, holding her hands behind her back and staring at her feet shyly, feeling suddenly self conscious. 'I was just…'

'Where did you come from?' the woman asked. 'And who are you?'

'I…my name is Amaia.'

The woman stiffened suddenly. 'I knew an Amaia once' she said, 'so strange that you would have the same name.'


'The girl in that painting' the woman said. 'The little girl with black hair, her name was Amaia. Something terrible happened to her….gods each time I see this painting, I think of how much she looked like her mother…'

'Gracie…?' Amaia whispered in shock, as she suddenly realised who this was.

'How do you know my name?' the woman replied immediately, eyes snapping back to her.

'I have to go' Amaia said hastily, walking quickly past her.

Amaia ran through the house, heading back towards the front door, stumbling outside and gasping for air.


She glanced around to see White Feather running after her.

'Amaia wait!'

Amaia ran far from the home and down the hill, coming to hide on the edge of the town behind an old bakery. She was gasping and shaking, holding herself tightly, trying to calm herself down.

A moment later, White Feather arrived.

'You can't hide from me' he sighed at her. 'I feel your pain. I feel everything you do.'

'I have to get away from here' Amaia whispered, trembling. 'I can't face her…I can't…she reminds me of all that I lost…of all that I once held dear…'

'I know where to go' White Feather told her. 'I asked Gracie before I came to find you. She told me where your father went.'

'You appeared to her?'

White Feather shrugged uncertainly. 'She was a bit surprised to see me appear so suddenly' he admitted. 'She told me your father left several days ago. We have to hurry if we want to catch him up.'

'Where did he go?' Amaia asked him, straightening and following after him as White Feather began to walk away.

'To find you' White Feather winked, glancing back at her.

He jogged into the open, heading towards an old man who at that precise moment was walking by, leading two horses.

'Excuse me' White Feather said politely to the man skipping up to him. 'What is your name?'

'It's Walter' the old man replied immediately without pause.

'Good' White Feather nodded. 'I'll remember that. May we borrow these?'

The man glanced to the horses White Feather indicated behind him.

'Why but of course' he replied. 'Here, take them both. I know you will look after them.'

'How did you do that?' Amaia asked him in a whisper once they had moved away, White Feather holding the reins of both the horses now.

'I placed a spell upon him' White Feather grinned at her teasingly.

'You shouldn't have done that' Amaia frowned. 'It's dishonest.'

'Oh relax' White Feather waved her away. 'It's like I said, we're only borrowing them. We'll bring them back, definitely, and we'll look after them along the way.'

Amaia stared miserably at the floor.

'Go on then' White Feather encouraged. 'We cannot waste time. Your father is waiting to be found.'

Amaia resigned, mounted the already saddled horse.

'It's convenient that the man handed over these horses so easily' Amaia said to him, 'a trick like that could be useful again in the future.'

'Indeed' White Feather agreed, climbing into the saddle of the other horse. 'If that particular ability was less restricted then it would be very useful, but unfortunately it only works on the impressionable. You know…the very young or very old. That man must have been in his fifties as least.'

Amaia glanced back towards the old man, who was now plodding away happily; completely oblivious to anything out of the ordinary that might have happened.

'So where do we go now?' she asked him.

'Your father was heading to a town in the west to find Arlen. He is planning to ask him for help to look for you. I know the way.'

'Which town?'

'One called Stonegate.'

'And Gracie told you that?'

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