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   Chapter 187 No.187

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'There is a lot to explain' he said. 'I will tell you everything later, but now, I think you should eat.'

He picked up a bundle that had been sitting beside him, a modest amount wrapped in cloth. Inside was food, cheese, salted port, dried fruit and a skein of water.

'Here' he said handing it to her. 'Take it.'

'What about you?'

'I've already eaten.'

She took the bundle from him. 'Were did you get this?'

'I stole it' White Feather said. 'There is a small town nearby called Blackrain. I stole the food from an inn.'

'I hope the innkeeper doesn't mind too much' Amaia said picking up a piece of dried fruit and beginning to eat.

'It's ok' White Feather replied. 'He won't even notice.'

'Maybe we should go to this town' Amaia suggested. 'Maybe someone there knows who I am.'

'I don't think that would be very likely' White Feather said.

'Why not?'

'Because…' he went silent in thought. 'You were born in another town a long way from here; a town called Kett's where you spent your childhood. But you were taken to another place, where you spent the majority of your life behind walls. It would be very unlikely that anyone in Blackrain knows you.'

'Then how do you know me?'

'Because I knew you before you lost your memory.'

'Why have I lost my memory?'

White Feather sighed again. 'I will explain later' he said wearily. 'I am very tired.'

'Why don't we go to this town then? We could rest at the inn.'

'Because' White Feather said. 'The town in a long way away, and it's in the opposite direction to Kett's, which is where we're going.'

'You were able to get there' she argued.

'Yes' White Feather said. 'But I can travel a lot faster than you.'

She hugged her knees to her chest then.

'It will be getting dark soon' White Feather told her. 'In the morning, we will start our journey back to your home. The home where you were born, and you will see your father again.'

'What about my mother?'

'She died…' White Feather said gently. 'A long time ago.'

Amaia's eyes widened.

'When you've finished eating' White Feather went on. 'I will explain everything to you. Then you must rest. We've got a lot of walking to do in the morning.'

That night, Amaia lay on her side, resting with the fairy lying behind her, his body close to hers. He rested his wings across her body, using his magic to keep her warm.

Throughout the night, Amaia slept


The next morning, White Feather was exhausted before the day began. He had spent so much energy keeping Amaia warm during the night, but he did not complain, and refused to tell her what was wrong when she asked. Instead he insisted over and over again that he was fine.

'So we are trying to escape from the prince called Tristan. The one who claims to be my father.'

'Yes' White Feather replied to Amaia. 'But he is nothing but a liar.'

'How do you know?'

'I told you last night' White Feather said. 'I just have a gut feeling. Farrell is your father. I am sure of it.'

'But what if he's not?'

'Farrell is your father' White Feather insisted. 'He raised you and loved you, and now, he is searching for you.'

'Why did it take him so long to start looking for me?'

'His brother was killed a long time ago' White Feather said. 'He was so wrapped up in his grief, that for a moment he lost himself, and when you were taken, he assumed you were dead.'

'How do you know all of this?'

'You told me' White Feather answered simply.

'Oh that's right' Amaia said flatly. 'I lost my memory……when I died…'

'Come on' White Feather ushered her towards him. 'We should get going. I'm going to return you to your father Farrell.'

They walked side by side through the woods. The morning was still young, and the air around them was cool, the chill of the night clung around them before diminishing little by little with every passing minute.

A short time later White Feather spoke.

'I'm not a warrior' White Feather said to her, 'but I will protect you as best I can. I will do everything in my power to keep you safe.'

'I know you will' Amaia replied. 'I don't know why, but I feel that I can trust you.'

'Your kind and my kind share a bond that dates to times long past' White Feather told her. 'I would give my life for you if need be.'

'Thank you' Amaia breathed. 'Thank you for everything. I'm still so confused, but I feel more at ease with you by my side.'

White Feather placed his arm around her shoulders silently, and together they walked.

For hours they travelled, walking slowly onwards, never leaving the woods. Even though their pace was gentle, White Feather was becoming exhausted. The journey was clearly taking its toll on him.

'Maybe we should rest' Amaia suggested, unable to keep quiet any longer, seeing clearly he was in great discomfort.

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