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   Chapter 186 No.186

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A few seconds later, there was a quiet click coming from door that had previously been locked. Amaia rushed forwards, pulling back momentarily. She reached out towards the handle, hesitated, then grabbed it, turning.

White Feather was waiting for her on the other side, having returned to his previous size, as tall as she was now.

'Be careful' he whispered to her. 'There are many guards about.'

White Feather led the way, as they moved through the unfamiliar rooms one after the other. Amaia's body shaking slightly as she followed in White Feather's footsteps, her breath in shallow gasps and body tense.

'There is a door' White Feather whispered back at her as they crept along, 'just around the corner' he pointed. 'It leads to the garden, from there we could…'

'Hey!' came a voice.

Amaia spun around, seeing a heavily armoured guard standing behind her in full sight.

'Stay right where you are' he ordered.

Amaia instantly bolted, tearing down the corridor around the corner and towards the door White Feather said would lead to the garden, but when she reached it, she found it locked.

'No!' she screamed banging on the wood in desperation. 'Gods no!'

White Feather whirled around, seeing the guard coming up behind them. He threw his hand out, sending towards him a blinding white light. When it faded, the guard lay collapsed before him, and Amaia was gone.

'Amaia?!' he called after her, seconds later hearing the sound of another door slamming shut nearby. In her panic, she had run away.

He made after the noise, finding behind the door a spiral staircase that wound its way up a tower. He tore up the stairs Amaia had fled, chasing after her.

Amaia stood on the edge of the balcony. The wind this high up was cold and sharp, though not unpleasant on her skin. She had become flushed, exhausted from her trek running up the spiral stairs of the tower behind her. She had thought that she might escape this way, but her path had led only to this dead end.

But she did not despair. She could still escape.

'Mother…' she breathed. 'I will see you again.'

She took a step forward, standing at the very the edge of the wall-less balcony. She tilted, just as she did so, White Feather appeared behind her. He cried out, running forwards to try to stop her. But he was far too late.

She plummeted, head first towards the ground. The last thing she saw was the wall of the tower she had climbed shooting past.

She hit the ground, and was killed instantly.

Her body was found shortly after, fallen in a bush. The leave

s had concealed her as the twisting green vines wrapped themselves around her body, entangling her.

The soldiers had been the ones to find her. One of them fought through the thick thorns, lifting her lifeless form in his arms and resting her upon the stone ground nearby.

Tristan ran through the garden, slowing to a stop and staring down at Amaia's dead body.

'I'm sorry your majesty' the soldier that had carried her said. 'She jumped. We could not reach her in time.'

Tristan raised his head to the tower, seeing above him a row of soldiers standing at the edge, looking down to the scene below. He searched, but Tristan could see no sign of White Feather. Perhaps he had chosen to remain invisible, or perhaps he had fled altogether.

He glanced behind him towards one of the windows, and saw his wife standing there looking back down at him. Her expression was vacant, and he could not read her emotions from what he saw. Perhaps she felt nothing.

'My lord!' the soldier who had carried Amaia gasped.

Tristan looked back at him.

'Her body' the soldier said. 'It's gone!'

Tristan lifted his eyes to the darkening sky, watching as the thick black clouds rolled above the lands.

'No' he spoke slowly. 'She is still out there somewhere, and I will find her.'

Chapter Fifty Four

The Vision


She sat up gingerly, immediately placing a hand upon her head. Her body was stiff from lying awkwardly on the ground for perhaps a long time, and as she looked about her, she saw that she lay in a forest.

The light from the sun shone between the columns of the trees, and the forest floor was layered with a carpet of long brown needles.

'I'm in a pine forest' she said. She stiffened when she suddenly noticed a male figure sitting cross legged next to her.

'Who are you?'

The male figure smiled at her. But it was a sad smile.

'My name is White Feather' he said to her.

'What's my name?'

'Amaia' he replied.

She furrowed her brow, lowering her head and groaning.

'I can't remember anything' she said. 'Why can't I remember anything?' she looked up again. 'Where is this place?'

White Feather glanced about him then, taking in his surroundings.

'I'm not sure really' he said. 'It's just a wood somewhere.'

'Why is my hair green?' Amaia said, noticing as her long thick hair fell around her shoulders.

'Magic' White Feather replied simply. 'From when you fell in the thorn bush.'

'How did I get here?' Amaia asked him. 'And why don't I remember anything?'

White Feather gave a heavy sigh.

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