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   Chapter 185 No.185

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Behind them, White Feather pursed his lips.

'Just think about it' Tristan said letting go of her hand, 'Please.'


He backed off, walking away and leaving Amaia alone. He knew she needed time to think.

'He's lying' White Feather said angrily the moment he was out of earshot.

'How do you know?' Amaia asked.

'I've just got this gut feeling.' White Feather balled his fists. 'Call it instinct…call it what you want.'

'Then why does he look like me?' Amaia cried desperately. She hugged herself then. 'Gods I'm so confused, have I been living a lie all this time?'

White Feather shrugged helplessly. 'Some people just look like each other' he offered. 'There are enough people in this world for that to happen. And besides' he added, 'he has blonde hair, so does Olithia. Yours is black. Like your mother's. Like Ramana's.'

'But how did he know my name?'

'There could be a thousand ways for him to find that out.'

'But…' Amaia began to plead miserably. 'I look like Olithia too.'

'No' White Feather shot at her, his tone aggressive. 'You're just doubting yourself. Their lies are causing you to see things that are not there. You're being misled. You look like Ramana, your mother.'

'How do you know her name?' Amaia asked him meekly. 'And how do you know what she looked like?'

'There was a painting in your home' White Feather explained. 'The home you grew up in. Your true home. The painting was of you, and your parents. Small writing at the bottom read each of your names. Farrell and Ramana with their daughter Amaia.'

'I don't know what to think anymore' Amaia sobbed, turning away from him.

She gasped then, finding herself standing face to face with Olithia. Her sudden appearance had caught her off guard.

A slow smile spread across Olithia's face. A predatory smile.

'Hello' she said. 'My daughter.'

Her sarcasm was not lost on Amaia.

'Come sit with me' Olithia said, herding Amaia over to a collection of low seats over by one of the windows.

Amaia sat nervously beside Olithia, feeling extremely uncomfortable. White Feather loomed around them, standing over the both of them like a silent ghost, invisible to Olithia.

'You know' Olithia began. 'It's such a terrible thing that's happening to these Weather Makers, them being hunted by the king and all. It would be such a terrible shame if the king found you. Maybe you should go off with Tristan, run away together.' Her eyes crinkled a

t the edges. 'How exciting.'

Amaia's expression was blank as she listened. She was unable to speak.

'I wouldn't want to waste time though' Olithia went on. 'The Weather Makers that are caught by the king…suffer terrible ends…' her voice trailed off. 'He murders them you know' she said causally. 'When they don't give him what he wants. When they fail to bring his wife back from her coma, the disappointment he suffers…the despair…' she smiled. 'They suffer…terribly.'

Amaia's breath began to quicken, and her chest rose and fell sharply.

'The last Weather Maker died in the most horrible way. He ripped her spine from her body, and turned her inside out.' Olithia leant forwards towards Amaia. 'She was tortured for hours...that poor girl. Just think……that could happen to you.'

Amaia burst through the double doors, stumbling into the next room.

'I have to get out of here' she cried. 'There's no way that cruel beast could be my mother. I have to escape. I have to go home to my father…to Farrell.'

She rounded on White Feather, grabbing him by the shoulders and pulling him close.

'You have to help me' she pleaded shaking him. 'You have to help me get out of here.'

White Feather did not pull away from her; instead he gave a firm nod. 'I think there is something I can do to help. Just close your eyes.'


'Trust me.'

Amaia took a deep breath. She let go of White Feather and closed her eyes.

She waited, then opened them again, and White Feather was gone.

'White Feather?' She asked tentatively. 'Where are you?'

'Right here' came a voice.

She felt something touching her shoulder, glancing down she saw that it was White Feather. Now a size small enough to stand in the palm of her hand, he pushed her hair back, smiling up at her.

'What do you think?' he asked.

'You're so tiny.'

He fluttered through the air with his delicate wings. Amaia opened her hands allowing White Feather to land there.

'I can use my small size to open one of the doors from the other side' White Feather said. 'We could escape together.'

'We have to' Amaia urged him. 'I cannot stay here another moment.'

'I couldn't agree more. That door' he said pointing to the one behind her. 'I could unlock it from the other side.'

'Do your magic' she whispered to him.

White Feather took flight, darting through the air and growing even smaller as he did so, he slipped through the keyhole, disappearing from sight.

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