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'Oh' Olithia replied curtly. 'That's….convenient.'

Tristan jerked his head away from her, teeth grinding and brow knitted together in irritation. She knew just how to get to him.

'I'm afraid the truth is a lot simpler' Olithia said speaking to Amaia now. 'I had a stillborn girl. Tristan was so devastated that he began to obsess. He found a woman who had recently given birth to a baby girl, like the one he should have had, and in his mind he adopted her. On the day he saw you use magic, he realised what you were, a Weather Maker like his dear mother. A Weather Maker, just like the many other Weather Makers that were being captured by the king and ended up going missing forever. He began to panic. Why do you think it took so long for help to reach you? He had to ride all the way home, gather his men and ride all the way back. By that time his father the king who is far more resourceful, had already reached the town you grew up in. He was able to save you, but not your mother Ramana. When he saw that she was dead, he adopted you and brought you into this home' she said indicating the building around them. 'But he didn't want to risk visiting you, because for years later since that day, his father the king has been suspicious of him, accusing him of attacking his men that day. But he was unable to prove it. Tristan has often voiced his disagreement in the past over what the king is doing, kidnapping Weather Makers across the land, and so was the first to fall under suspicion. And so he hid you' Olithia concluded. 'Not because you were his daughter, but simply to save a life. Just like the king chooses to believe his wife can be saved even after all these years, my husband chooses to believe that Ramana was the one who had a stillborn child, rather than live with the knowledge that our precious daughter had died before she had a chance to live. It was easier for him to live a fantasy than to face the truth. He is' Olithia glanced at Tristan, 'delusional, and na?ve, thinking he can brush over the past and make the truth what he wants it to be.' She smirked. 'Like his father.'

'Dam you woman' Tristan snarled.

Olithia smirked again, rising from the table she turned to leave. 'Oh' she said pausing and speaking back to Amaia, 'and he's lying about the birthmark as well.'

She swiftly left the room then, followed by her submissive handmaid.

A short time later, Amaia was walking along the corridors through a part of the building she had not been to before. The doors had been opened for her, and she ventured forth. She came to a stop before a large painting se

t high up on the wall. She considered it for a moment, tilting her head at it.

'I never liked that picture' Tristan spoke, coming to stand behind her.

It was a painting of Tristan and Olithia standing together with their arms around each other, both smiling widely.

'This was painted without either of us being present' Tristan told her. 'You have to understand' he said turning to her, 'I married her for political reasons, nothing more. She has been a curse upon me from the very first day I met her.' He paused, glancing towards the painting again. 'It hung in our home for only a few days; then I gave it to one of my soldiers to dispose of. I didn't know he brought it here.'

Amaia couldn't help thinking, as she stared up at the painting before her, how much it reminded her of the one that was painted of Farrell and Ramana and herself, all those years ago. She didn't know if it made her feel better or worse seeing this painting, it just made her feel……strange, like none of this was really happening. She wondered, could it really be true what Tristan had said, and that Farrell and Ramana really were not her true parents?

She stared at the painting. There were no children in this one, only Tristan and Olithia, holding each other smiling.

Amaia let out a slight gasp of surprise as Tristan took her by the hand, walking with her away from the painting. He sighed deeply then, as if feeling a longing in his soul.

'I've missed you so much' he said. 'I was never there for you, and no matter how hard I wish I could change things….' He grasped her hand tighter, pausing and turning to her. 'I'm sorry…'

Behind them White Feather watched silently.

'I wish I had been there to watch you grow' Tristan said. 'My daughter…' he stroked her cheek tenderly.

'Is what you say all true?' Amaia said. 'Are you really my father, despite what Olithia says?'

'She is nothing but a cruel and vicious liar' Tristan spoke with a snarl. 'She seems to take pleasure in seeing others suffer.'

'That's right' White Feather voiced loudly from behind them. 'How can she possibly be Amaia's mother?'

'Children are not always like their parents' Tristan said defensively to him. 'Just take a look at my father. If he finds out I've been hiding a Weather Maker from him…..I wouldn't even feel confident to say that he wouldn't kill me for it. Listen to me Amaia' he said speaking to her again. 'I want us to go away together…and catch up on the time we've lost.'

'But what about my father? I mean…' Amaia faltered.

'Farrell is not your father' Tristan said shaking his head.

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