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   Chapter 183 No.183

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'I have a sibling?' Amaia asked.

'You do' Tristan acknowledged quickly before getting back to topic. 'But my deepest fears were realised, when I saw the birthmark on your body.'

'What birthmark?'

'It fades after only a few hours, but my mother had it when she was born, as did every Weather Maker I have ever spoken to. But' Tristan continued, 'I had prepared for this. My mother was a Weather Maker, so I realised there was a chance of one of my children being so too. I didn't want any harm to come to my children, I have watched so many other Weather Makers go missing after the king has learnt of their existence and taken them from their families. I didn't want the same to happen to you, and so I hid you. Over the months before your birth, I sent out numerous soldiers, only my most trusted men, to watch over several women who were at the same stage of pregnancy as Olithia. And when Ramana began to go into labour, the soldier that was watching her, sent a message by falcon, it was the fastest way. I was in the town within an hour of the baby being born. It was stillborn. Ramana was devastated to say the least. When a mysterious stranger appeared offering her a newborn baby, she was more than willing to accept.'

'But why didn't she every tell me?' Amaia asked.

'Maybe she intended to one day' Tristan replied. 'But you were still very young when she was killed; perhaps she intended to wait until you were mature, when you would fully understand.'

Amaia lowered her head, tears welling up. Before her sitting on the table White Feather remained impassive.

'I miss her so desperately' Amaia whispered. 'I wish there was a way I could see her again.'

Tristan opened his mouth, but before he could speak Olithia interrupted.

'That is a nice little story my dear husband.' He gritted his teeth as she spoke, a vein in his temple pulsing. 'It was so convenient for you to appear at just the right moment to give this woman her new baby.'

'What do you mean?' Amaia asked her tent


'What I'm saying is that I never birthed you. You are not my daughter. My daughter was the one that was stillborn.'

Amaia glanced toward Tristan uncertainly.

'Olithia has never gotten over the loss of her daughter' Tristan explained waving a hand dismissively at his wife, and speaking as if she wasn't there. 'Just like my father chooses to believe my mother can be saved, Olithia chose to believe her daughter was stillborn rather than live with the knowledge that someone else was raising her child. She is' Tristan went on, 'selfish, and possessive.'

Rather than being insulted by these quips, Olithia seemed to relish in them as she smiled even wider.

'It was too risky for us to see you' Tristan said, 'it would only have caused complications and unwanted questions. So we left you there, growing up to believe Farrell and Ramana were your parents. It was the best thing I could do to protect you. But that day you used magic, I realised you were in danger.'

'How do you know about that?' Amaia asked.

'Every single day, there would be someone watching over you on my command, for your safety of course. To protect you. I only regret that I was unable to reach you in time, because on that day there was another who saw you use magic…one of my father's men. I rode to the town as soon as I heard. I was able to save you from my father's men, but I was too late to save Ramana. I'm sorry.'

'It makes sense now' Amaia said. White Feather quickly glanced to her at this. 'Those men who first took me were the king's men. And the men who set the ambush to stop them, those were yours?'

'Yes' Tristan nodded. 'That's right.'

'It's funny how it took you so long to reach the town when Ramana was killed' Olithia said loudly, 'but when Ramana was in labour, you arrived just in the nick of time.'

'I was away the day Amaia was seen using magic' Tristan replied, barely able to suppress his snarl. 'You know that. I arrived as fast as I could when I heard she was in danger.'

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