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   Chapter 181 No.181

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'Meeehh!' Amaia cried.

'What's that?' White Feather sang happily. 'I can't hear you!'

'I can't breathe' Amaia gasped.

'Oh come now' White Feather giggled, rolling off to lie beside her. 'I'm not that heavy.'

'Why do you wake me like this?' Amaia grumbled, sitting up and rubbing her eyes.

'Because the day is alive!' White Feather called jovially. 'It happened many hours ago, but I thought that I should let you rest, you looked very tired; you were even twitching in your sleep. I wondered what you were dreaming.' He gleamed at her. 'You looked ever so cute making faces in your sleep.'

Amaia scowled at White Feather. 'What happened many hours ago?' she asked suspiciously.

White Feather beamed happily. 'The birds sang and the trees danced in the breeze. I saw the most beautiful formation of clouds…the way the morning light worked its magic on the world…it looked like a picture of heaven itself' he sighed.

'I'm sorry I missed it' Amaia said flatly.

'No you're not' White Feather cried indignantly at her. 'You don't even care!'

Amaia swung her legs over the edge of the bed, ignoring the mess of the sheets behind her. The servants would tidy it up, they always did.

Without a shred of modesty, Amaia lowered her nightshirt over her shoulders, letting the garment fall to the floor. She crossed the room completely naked to find which clothes she would wear today. She picked a beautiful dress of vibrant red and deep blue, it sat across her shoulders when she put it on, and fit her perfectly. Just like everything else she ever tried on.

'I like that one' White Feather said to her. 'It's a very pretty dress, in fact it's the most beautiful dress I've seen you wear so far.'

'You say that with every dress I put on' Amaia commented back. 'Even if it's the same one.'

'In that case' White Feather gleamed. 'It must not be the dress that's getting more and more beautiful, it must be you.'

Amaia giggled at him. 'You're very sweet.'

He smiled silently back.

Amaia left her bedroom, which had since been tidied. There was no longer water inches deep, covering the floor, and all the curtains and bed sheets and clothes had since been replaced with new ones. But since that day, Amaia had not been able to escape the stares of the servants. Since that day, they acted differently around her, treated her differently, like she was a freak. Amaia noticed them looking at her, always when they thought she wouldn't notice. White Feather said he had not noticed this when she brought it up with him, but she suspected that he was not being fully truthful.

Amaia wandered through the

many halls, coming to sit at the breakfast table. She waited for her food to appear, as it did so every day, whatever time she decided to wake. As it did since she could remember, since the day she first arrived here.

Her breakfast came and she ate quickly, White Feather picking the bits of food he fancied off her plate as she did so. As soon as she pushed her plate away from her, indicating she had finished, a servant appeared. Amaia found this odd, usually they waited until she was gone, but today…

And then the strangest thing happened. She was just rising to her feet to leave the room, when the servant actually spoke to her.

Amaia faltered for a moment, still comprehending what had happened.

'What?' she blurted out.

The servant repeated herself.

'There is someone here to see you.'

'Me?' Amaia repeated in shock. 'Ok…'

The servant bowed her head submissively. 'He is coming now.'

The double doors leading to a room Amaia had not been allowed to go to before, suddenly opened, and in walked a man. He was striding towards her confidently, his dress suggested he was wealthy, perhaps vastly so.

The man stopped before Amaia, his piercing stare boring into her. Amaia shrank under his gaze.

'Leave us' the man commanded, and the servant swiftly left. Amaia was now alone with this man. Beside her, White Feather stuck close by, grasping her shoulder briefly to remind her that he was there.

The man considered Amaia for a moment, looking her up and down. And then he let out a deep sigh.

'I had no idea that you were going to be so beautiful' he said.

'I know you' Amaia gasped suddenly. 'You're…'

The leader approached, staring intently down at her.

'Gods you look just like your mother' he breathed. 'Amaia…'

'You're that man' Amaia realised. 'I saw you when…that time….'

The man smiled briefly, before becoming sombre.

'That was a tragic day' he said. 'But I'm glad you remember me.'

'No' Amaia shook her head. 'I don't know who you are. I've never seen you before that day.' She faltered then, studying his face closely.

'You look like me' she said.

The man nodded.

'Now where is your companion?' he asked. 'The one you've been speaking to, the fairy.'

White Feather's eyes widened at this, he glanced to Amaia who was staring at him now.

'How do you know of him?' Amaia asked.

The man blinked slowly. 'My mother was a Weather Maker' he explained. 'I spoke to her fairy often. He was a very polite and well mannered, but he disappeared, after…' he broke off. 'Will you reveal yourself fairy' he said. 'So that I might see you and speak to you.'

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