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   Chapter 180 No.180

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The guard on hearing the message wheeled on the spot and marched swiftly away, back through the gardens, he headed to the stables nearby. Relaying the message again to one of the lightly armoured guards who stood outside the stables, this guard on hearing the news quickly grabbed a horse and rode out of the gates that were opened for him.

The mounted guard rode swiftly on his chestnut mare which was bred for its speed; he reached his destination within hours.

By then it was nightfall, and he left his horse in the courtyard without even bothering to unsaddle the beast.

He burst through the doors of the manor, marching past the soldiers and officials and heading to the office at the back of the entrance hall. He entered the room without knocking.

'What is the meaning of this intrusion?' the important figure sitting at the desk demanded with fury. 'You had better have a good reason for this interruption or else I will…'

The lightly armoured soldier interrupted again, speaking over him.

'Your highness, ' the soldier bowed, ignoring the other faces of the less important people in the room that stared at him in surprise. 'It has happened…'

Tristan faltered at hearing the news, all his anger immediately dissipated.

'I see' he answered calmly, absorbing the information. 'Then I suppose…in that case….its time I paid her a visit. Thank you for your troubles' Tristan said, rising to his feet and straightening up. 'I will make sure you are properly rewarded. Now return to whatever business you have.'

'Thank you your highness' the lightly armoured soldier bowed.

'And get my horse ready' Tristan called after the soldier as he made to leave the room.

'Of course your highness' the soldier replied doubling back, before swiftly making his exit.

'Gentlemen' Tristan said to the Dukes around him, 'I have business of my own to attend to now, you must excuse me.'

A female figure stopped him as he crossed the entrance hall of his home, heading to the front door.

'Where are you going?'

Tristan paused, glancing at his wife.

'I must go out' he told her. 'Something important has come up.'

'Something important?'

'Yes' Tristan replied evasively.

His wife sniffed in distain, head held high as she turned to face the windows.

'You know I hate all these soldiers and fancy men coming into my home' she said arrogantly. 'I don't know why you let this place become so public.'

'Business' Tristan replied with anguished patience. 'And anyway, it's our home. In fact…if anything it's more my home.'

'It's dark outside' his wif

e said changing the subject. 'Are you sure you want to go out now?'

'Yes' Tristan replied shortly.

'In the dark?' his wife persisted. 'I'm sure it will rain soon. It would be such a terrible tragedy if your horse were to fall and break a leg. Such a thing would happen easily in the dark.'

Tristan glared at her. He knew full well that behind his back, his wife had men working for her. She could passively control him. Tristan had learnt this before. With minor threats, and unlikely accidents happening here and there when he went against her word.

'Very well' he relented, hating her even more. 'I will leave tomorrow.'

'When the sun is up' his wife clarified. 'And the morning is bright. I will see you off myself.'

'Are you sure?' he asked her. 'Don't you think it's best to let sleeping beasts lie?'

'Hmph' she smirked at him humorously. 'You're a funny one.' She turned from him, gliding up the stairs and beckoning her handmaiden to her as she did so. The poor girl darted immediately to her side at the slightest flick of her mistress's hand. Like a well trained dog. The girl, so misfortunate to have fallen into such a position, was well aware of the punishment of failing to please her mistress, who never hit her. Instead she would be punished in more creative, psychological ways. Tristan often thought of helping the girl, but hadn't worked out a way to do it without making it look suspicious and making himself look guilty. He was sure, that if he did so, the girl would suffer for it.

'My loving wife' Tristan grumbled miserably to himself.

'Your highness' called a voice from the door. One of his soldiers. 'Your horse is ready.'

'Return my horse to the stables' Tristan called back to the man, seeing through the open door his white mare saddled and waiting for him.

'Your highness?'

'I will ride in the morning' Tristan replied, walking away.

Dam you Tristan cursed his wife in his head. I would have been better off had I married a tavern wench, instead of a scheming, manipulative demon.

White Feather opened his eyes the moment the suns first light touched the sky, he waited for a few hours before deciding to wake Amaia. Drawing back the thick curtains and letting the now bright morning sun flood into the room. Amaia immediately frowned in displeasure, rolling over in bed to face the other way and hiding from the sun, holding several pillows over her head.

'Now don't be like that' White Feather protested, gliding towards her. He climbed upon the bed as laboriously as possible and proceeded to sit on top of her.

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