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   Chapter 179 No.179

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Amaia drew a deep breath, tensing further and squeezing her eyes tight shut, increasing her magic further. Snow began to flurry around the room, White Feather first realised what it was at its cold touch upon his cheek. He laughed again, throwing his hands up into the wind.

Amaia opened her eyes to the scene around her, increasing her magic yet again and bringing her powers to their climax, releasing all the powers that her been stored within her body all her life. She released them to their fullest. White Feather stumbled as the wind grew to an almost unbearable level and the snow swirled. He grabbed the side of the bed to stop himself being swept off his feet. It was a snow storm inside the room, but Amaia didn't stop there. Suddenly the room turned damp, and the snow turned to sleet, then rain. The two of them where soaked within mere seconds. There was a sizzling sound, and then a large crack. The room lit up in a flash and White Feather fell to his knees. Amaia gasped, and she stopped her powers instantly. The room became eerily still.

'Oh gods, are you alright?' she cried.

White Feather ran his fingers through his hair, brushing back his fringe from his face. He looked up to her, and smiled.

'I am splendid' he grinned, and Amaia let out a sigh of relief.

'I thought I had hurt you.'

'It would take more than a little bit of lighting to hurt me, my kind are more resistant to the powers of Weather Makers than ordinary folk. We don't easily get hurt by their magic, don't you worry.'

'I'm so glad, for a moment I thought….'

White Feather rose to his feet again, smirking at her, his soaked hair swept back.

'Look at this place' Amaia said glancing about her. 'I've destroyed this room.'

All about the room was strewn clothes, sheets, books and all her little possessions. Torn and broken and completely soaked through. The entire floor was covered in shallow water.

Amaia hugged herself, drawing a shuddering breath; her long black hair clung to her wet skin and in her cold wet clothes, she began to shiver.

'Oh poor dear' White Feather immediately began to fuss, noticing her discomfort. 'Come on; let's find some dry clothes for you.'

He walked with her, opening the double doors to her bedroom and stepping out into the hall outside. Suddenly they both saw a figure standing there. It was one of the servants, the one called Sarah.

She stared at Amaia, who stood there completely soaking wet. Sarah's eyes drifted past Amaia, completely unseeing White Feather, and into the m

essy room behind.

She stood there in shock, holding the tray of tea in her hands. Then after the longest time, without a word, she turned and marched away, taking the tray with her. No doubt running off to gossip of what she had seen to her many friends in the kitchen.

'You tricked me' Amaia told White Feather, hurt in her voice.

'No' White Feather sang. 'This would have happened anyway. I only made it happen sooner. I have set into motion the inevitable.'

Amaia watched the servant hurry away, a strange feeling stirring inside her.

She took a deep breath, wondering what would happen next.

'Don't worry' White Feather spoke with confidence. 'No matter what happens, I will protect you.'

Amaia shared a look with him, White Feather stared boldly back at her. He wasn't afraid, not in the slightest. And Amaia thought then.

What is it that you know?

'I knew there was something wrong with her' Sarah cried, bursting into the kitchen.

'You didn't give the tea to her' one of her friends noticed, seeing the tray still in Sarah's shaking hands. 'Sarah?' What's wrong? You look live you've seen a ghost.'

'It was worse than a ghost' Sarah gasped.

'What is it? What's wrong?' her friends replied, beginning to surround her.

Sarah placed the tray she carried carefully upon one of the counters, all eyes in the kitchen were now upon her, and everyone had paused, wondering what all the commotion was about.

'I saw the strangest thing' Sarah began. 'You wouldn't believe…'

More people within the large kitchen began to drift over to her, abandoning what they were doing to listen.'

'What is it?' her friend pressed. 'Hurry up and tell us, don't keep us waiting.'

'Alright' Sarah spoke slowly, gathering herself. 'This is what I saw…'

The guard stood there, utterly bored. His eyes had glazed over long ago, and he was stuck in a trance of complete disinterest, practically bored to tears. He was snapped back to attention however when a figure entered the room, it was one of the servants. He frowned down at her as she approached him. She stood on her tip toes to whisper in his ear.

He nodded in understanding as she stepped back from him.

'I will let him know' the guard said.

The servant bowed and moved away.

The guard left his post, leaving the building and heading to the garden outside. He found another guard, and whispered in his ear, then that guard found another guard, this one closer to the gate that was the entrance of the place, and whispered the message again.

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