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   Chapter 177 No.177

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'I just miss her so much' Amaia whispered through her falling tears. 'I had wished so desperately to see her again….but…….oh White Feather….'

Amaia felt a hand upon her shoulder, looking up to see her loyal guardian standing before her.

'Don't cry' he said, brushing her tears away. 'Please.'

'I can't believe she's dead' Amaia said in a hushed voice. 'I loved her so much, and she loved me so much in return. She always told me so. Every single day.'

'Remember the good times you had together' White Feather told her. 'Hang onto those memories, and don't forget, your father is still out there.'

'I hope to see him again someday' Amaia mumbled, composing herself.

'You will' White Feather said. 'I am certain of it.'

He leant forwards slowly, wrapping his arms around her and embracing her tightly.

'Never forget' White Feather whispered into her shoulder, 'I am here for you. I will always be here for you. Always.'

'I know' Amaia whispered back. 'I know you will.'

'I love you Amaia' White Feather told her. 'I will always protect you, no matter the cost.'

He leant back from her, holding her face in his hands and brushing the tears away from her cheeks with his thumbs.

'I love you' he said again, leaning forward and kissing her forehead.

He drifted back from her then, taking his seat once more on the sofa.

'Tell me more about your cousin' White Feather said, to take her mind off her sorrows.

'One day Gracie and I found a bird in the woods that had fallen out of its nest. We cared for it, loved it, and shared it between us. I named it Yayew, after a character in a story my mother told me one bedtime….' She broke off. 'I never did find out what happened to that bird.'

'Go on' White Feather said, eager for her to continue before she started to dwell on sad thoughts. 'Tell me more.'

'I loved that little green bird' Amaia smiled. 'I loved all animals. I remember saying to my mother that when I was older, I was going to save animals. That I was going to heal them and make them better. That was my dream. But there was one animal I did not like. Alastor.'

'Who's that?' White Feather sang curiously.

'My father's horse, a great black stallion. The same one in the field before my father's home. I used to be so terrified of Alastor. I loved animals, but I hated that horse. He was so big and scary I was frightened that he might trample and kill me. He was the size of a mountain.'

'That sounds awful!' White Feather declared dramatically.

'I'm sure if I met him now that I wouldn't find him anywhere near as scary.' She broke off suddenly, noticin

g that one of the servants was standing by the door, holding a tray of food.

Amaia and White Feather had talked for so long, that Amaia had forgotten what time it was. She had even forgotten to feel hungry. She had not come to her meal, and so the meal had come to her.

The servant entered, silent as always. She placed the tray on the table before Amaia and swiftly left.

'How come the servants can't see you?' Amaia asked White Feather once they were alone again.

'I can choose to be invisible if I wish' White Feather smirked knowingly. 'But my kind are unable to make themselves invisible to a Weather Maker.'


'They can't even hear me when I speak.'

'Oh' Amaia said again. 'Good' she finished.

'I've just thought of something' White Feather said brightly. 'When we get out of here together, you not only have meeting your father again to look forward too, but meeting Gracie as well.'

'I'm sure she has changed a lot' Amaia said, pondering the thought. 'I'm sure I won't even be able to recognise her it's been so long. She was just a child last I knew her…gods…she'd be a woman now…'

'She probably wouldn't recognise you either' White Feather realised, speaking his thoughts aloud.

'Oh no….what if my father doesn't recognise me?' Amaia worried.

White Feather sighed smiling, leaning forward and stroking her black hair lovingly. 'Eat your food' he told her. 'You must be hungry.'

'What about you?'

'I will have what's left' White Feather told her, 'and if there isn't enough, then I can steal something from the kitchen.' He winked at her. 'It's not like they would notice me.'

The servant Sarah, having placed the tray before Amaia and scurried around the corner, dashed back to the kitchen as fast as she could, back where the other servants worked.

'I'm telling you she must be going crazy' she spoke in a hurried whisper to them. 'She's talking to herself!'

'Surely not' another scoffed doubtfully.

'If you don't believe me, see for yourself.'

From then on, Amaia would be closely watched by all the servants.

The others quickly saw that Sarah was telling the truth.

The next day, Amaia spoke of her past again.

'I was so spoilt. I got everything I wanted. All the toys, all the attention, everything, and I never appreciated it. I suppose I didn't know any different. I loved both my parents, but I never realised how truly good they were to me until I grew up, until recently. I was an obnoxious little brat.' She blinked slowly. 'Those were the good days, when I was happy. But then one of my uncles died suddenly, and my father changed.'

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