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   Chapter 175 No.175

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'That's it!' she said in surprise, speaking with certainty, brow creased. 'I really think….' She stared at it intently, 'I think that's it...'

'You see' White Feather gleamed at her. 'There is hope.' He turned to her, hugging her briefly before stepping back, still grasping Amaia by the shoulders firmly. 'I will get you out of this place' he told her, 'I will help you escape, and return you to your parents.'

'If my mother is still alive' Amaia said to him, 'could you…' she broke off.

'Don't worry' White Feather reassured her. 'I will make things right. Once I visit your father, he will realise you are still alive, and he will start looking for you.'

'Do you mean it?' Amaia asked hopefully. 'My father is a powerful and respected man; maybe he can…..maybe…'

'It's ok' White Feather said. 'I will travel to this town to find your parents; then I will come back for you.'

'Do you promise?' Amaia asked White Feather anxiously. 'Do you promise to come back for me? Not to forget me. Not to leave me.'

'Amaia' White Feather said kindly, cupping her face in his hands. 'There is no one in the world you can trust more than me.'

Amaia walked with White Feather, heading to one of the windows.

'Are you sure you'll be alright?' she asked him.

'I was going to ask the same of you' he winked. 'Don't worry' he said with confidence, flashing her a grin. 'I'll be quite alright.'

The sun was setting at this time, and outside the confines of her home, the world was growing dark.

'His house is large' Amaia told him. 'One of the biggest in the town…there should be a black stallion in the field nearby, if he still has it.'

'I will find it' White Feather reassured her. 'Don't you worry.'

'Please be back soon' Amaia begged of him, watching as he climbed upon the windowsill.

'I must be back soon' he bobbed his head at her. 'I have news to bring.' And with that, before she could say another word, he shot off, kicking himself off the wall and bringing forth his wings as he did so.

Amaia watched White Feather flutter away on his delicate looking glassy wings, swiftly diminishing to the size of a dot, before disappearing altogether.

Amaia sighed deeply, feeling nervous for news of her parents, and regret at seeing White Feather go. She had known him for only the briefest time, but already she felt a strong bond between them, and a desire for him to be by her side. She didn't know why, and she couldn't even begin to explain why she felt the way she did.

'I've only just met him' she murmured, 'yet I trust him more than anything.'


maia gave a sigh of longing, turning her back to the tempting world beyond her window.

'How wonderful it must be to have wings to fly' Amaia said wearily to herself. 'I wish I could be so lucky.'

That night she spent alone again. Having company with her and losing it so quickly made her feel sad and lonelier than ever.

Tonight, there was a great display outside her window, as the sky was lit up in fireworks. The bright lights shone in the world above the land; she could even hear now the servants celebrating in the kitchen, even through several rooms. Their loud voices were muffled through the walls. It sounded like they were all having a great time.

Amaia realised at that moment what the celebration was, it was one that happened, only once every eighty years. It was a religious holiday that celebrated the first rays of sunlight that shone in the sky after an eighty year long winter. The holy stories tell of the god Ezla imprisoning the goddess Micro for eighty years beneath the rocky earth in a great cavern. He did this because he was madly in love with her, and wanted her for himself. Without the warm in the world that Micro created, everything grew cold. When at last she was freed eighty years later, a great party was held to celebrate her return. And this was the holiday the people rejoiced in. The celebration would begin in the night, and continued for the entire next day. It would stop only when night fell again.

This was a very precious celebration, and one that most would see only once in their lifetime.

And Amaia had missed it. She had hoped to spend it with her family. With her mother and father. The ones she loved.

But it was not to be.

Amaia felt more depressed now than she ever had before. She longed more than ever to have White Feather by her side. She had known him only briefly, and yet she missed him terribly.

'White Feather' she sobbed, brushing back tears. 'Come back soon…'

Night fell, and it was many hours that White Feather travelled, flying without rest. He thought of the map as he travelled, always keeping it in mind as he moved over the landscape; flying in a straight line heading south. He found the small town, and the large manor on the hill. As he flew overhead, he saw there in the field below him, was a single black horse.

'This must be the right place' White Feather said to himself with a smile.

He landed upon the roof of the manor, treading lightly on foot. He slipped over the edge of the roof, fluttering before one of the windows; he landed carefully on the narrow ledge before it.

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