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   Chapter 174 No.174

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'There really is no way to get out of here?' White Feather asked her.

Amaia held her hands behind her back as she surveyed him, tilting her head to the side, letting her jet black hair fall over her shoulder. 'I believe not' she told him.

'I can leave however' White Feather told her. 'I could do so whenever I want.'

'I do not have wings like you do' Amaia replied sorrowfully. 'How jealous of you I am right now.'

'I could find your parents' White Feather told her. 'You only need to tell me where to go.'

Amaia hesitated at this thought. And for the briefest of moments, hope flickered within her, before being quickly extinguished.

'But…' she began, 'I don't know where they are.'

'What do you mean?'

'I was very young when I was taken' Amaia explained. 'I know it sounds silly, but I didn't know where exactly I lived.'

'I'm sure there must be a map somewhere in this place' he told her confidently. 'We can work it out together.' He winked at her. 'Is there a map?'

'There is. But I don't know if I could find it, even on a map. I've tried before, and failed.'

'Well' White Feather grinned slyly moving closer to her, 'before you didn't have me.'

Amaia smirked. 'That's true.'

'So' White Feather began thoughtfully, 'was it a city in which you lived? Or a town? Or perhaps a small village?'

'It was a town' Amaia replied, 'a small town.'

'Ok' White Feather nodded encouragingly. 'See? We're getting somewhere.' He fell silent in thought. 'Were you by the sea?'

'No' Amaia spoke slowly. 'Not immediately. If you rode a short distance though you would reach it.'

'Any mountains?'

'Not for miles away' Amaia shook her head, 'but you could see them from my home. Our house was built above the others in the town, upon a hill.'

'What about lakes, where there any lakes nearby, or rivers?'

'I don't think' Amaia said slowly. 'There was just a sort of wooded area, a large forest near my home…' she furrowed her brow as she spoke, finally shaking her head. 'I can't remember anything else that would be of any use…gods…it was so long ago…I don't even

remember what the inside of my home looked like…'

'It's ok. We've got something to go on at least' White Feather said, not at all discouraged. 'A small town within riding distance of the sea, within view of mountains and near a forest.' He placed his hands on his hips. 'Is that right?'

Amaia gave White Feather a strange look. 'Yes' she said uncertainly. 'It is.'

'Come on' White Feather said taking her by the hand. 'Let's go find a map.'

Amaia led White Feather through the rooms. There were many large halls within this place, but so many were filled with only paintings and nothing else, they felt empty, and cold. It took several minutes to walk from one end of the building to the other, and it was sooner than that, when White Feather began to complain.

'I'm not used to so much walking' he groaned.

'We've been walking for only a few minutes' Amaia chuckled. 'You can fly if you want.'

'I would' White Feather answered simply. 'But I would only make you jealous.'

Amaia stopped as they reached the far wall within one of the halls. She craned her head back, gazing up at the colossal painting that filled the entire wall before her.

'Here' she said. 'It's the map of this kingdom.'

White Feather gasped in awe at it, so beautifully it was painted, so detailed.

'I thought you would give me a map drawn on paper' he confessed. 'Or at least something a little smaller.

'If it's not suitable, there is another map in one of the other rooms, one of the whole known world.'

'No no' White Feather hastened. 'This is perfectly adequate. Now, let me see.' He frowned in thought. 'A small town you say….not too far from the sea...within sight of the mountains….and near a forest…' White Feather pondered to himself, tapping his chin with a finger. 'A small town…' he said again, speaking slowly, 'like…' he said, raising a finger and pointing. 'This?'

White Feather moved across the hall and touched a point on the map, a small town in the bottom right-hand corner.

Amaia unfolded her arms, straightening up as she stared at the place White Feather indicated.

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